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can replace 8 remote controls at the same time • to operate TV sets, VCRs, satellite decoders, DVD players, HIFl-s, cable TV decoders • controls the basic functions of several thousand devices of several hundred brands. • pre-programmed • to bridge mefllOly and battery replacement

Using a pre-programmed universal remote control is a quick and simple solution for replacing lost, broken or malfunctioning original remote controls. Can replace more remote controls at the same time, there will be a new opportunity to control for example TV, DVD etc. at the same time, without using more remote controls.
Due to its nature, its primary purpose is to operate the most indispensable basic functions, which means that in some cases you may not be able to access some extra functions offered by outstandingly sophisticated devices.


If you can find the brand and the type of the device (TV, VCR, satellite receiver, etc.) in the enclosed list, you can enter the operating code DirectTV.

  • Find the brand of your device and the corresponding four–0igit code (e.g. Sony TV set: 0028)
  • Tum on the TV set or other device manually. If you are using a VCR then also insert a cassette.
  • . Press and hold down the SET button and the button that corresponds to the device you wish to control: TV: televisionNCR: video recorder, CBUSAT: satellite indoor unit AUX: CD player, amplifier, Hi-Fi, DVD: DVD player
  •  When the LED display under the LIGHT button starts to light, you should not push the button any longer.
  •  In 30 seconds press the 4 digit code number which you have chosen before. If the code exists, the display light disappears. If the code is incorrect (for example 9999), the LED display still lights. Then push the correct code.
  •  Direct the remote control toward the device you have previously turned on, and try if it operates the device.
  •  If the remote control operates the device but there are other codes associated wi1h the chosen brand, try these other codes as well. The best choice is the code that operates the most functions properly (that is, most buttons perform the functions written above them). In some cases, codes associated with other brands may also be used. The easiest way to find out whether that is the case is to use the quick search function.


If you cannot find the brand name of the device you want to operate in the detailed list, or if you can find the code but it fails to provide optimal performance•, you may still be able to use the remote control. In such cases use the quick search function to deterrnine what other codes may be used to operate the device. You can move through all entered codes one by one.

  1.  Tum on the TV set or other device manually. If you are using a VCR then also insert a cassette.
  2.  Press and hold the SET button then press the button corresponding to the type of device you want to control: TV: televisionNCR: video cassette recorder/AUX: stereo system/SAT: satellite receiver, CBUSAT: satellite indoor unit, AUX: CD player, amplifier, Hi-Fi.
  3.  When the LED display under the LIGHT button starts to ligh you should not push the button any longer.
  4.  Press the SET button again and then release it The LED will start flashing, which shows that the remote control unit is in quick search mode.
  5.  Direct the remote control toward the device you want to operate and press the POWER button (if you are using a VCR, press PLAY). Watch the reaction, whether the TV is turned off or the VCR starts playing the cassette.” If you succeed, you can stop the quick search with any button of the remote control (TV, VCR, SAT, CBL, AUX). If the device reacts, test the other buttons as well. If nothing happens, press the POWER aga n and again until the device switches off. The remote control sends a signal corresponding to the next brand code each time you press the button.

note: Due to the versatility of the product and the constantly increasing number of telecommunication devices in the world market, it is impossible to prepare an up-t0–0ate list of all manufacturers, brands, and product types compatible with the remote control. As manufacturers often lake over technologies from one another, and, in addition, the same manufacturer may use different codes in its various product lines, there may be several overlaps in operating codes. In some cases, several codes may operate the device (even codes assigned to other manufacturers), the only difference being that one code provides access to more functions than the others, or sometimes the functions of the buttons may get mixed up. Therefore, it is advisable to try all codes that operate the device and then choose the one that provides the highest functionality.
note: some devices react to signals slower, so make sure you wait for enough time between pressing the POWER button again and again. All buttons function properly in code search mode, so they you can test them before moving on to the next code. Pressing the SET button changes the search direction. You can exit the quick search mode by pressing any device selection button (e.g. TV) or by not pressing any button for 30 seconds.


This function automatically runs through all codes. You may as well put the remote control on your coffee table and wait for your device to react.

  1. Tum on manually the device you want to operate.
  2. Press the appropriate device selection button (e.g. TV)
  3.  Press and hold the SET button and, while doing so, press the POWER button. The LED will go on after 3 seconds
  4.  Direct the remote control toward the device and release all buttons. The remote control will slart running through the codes automatically.
  5.  If the device reacts to any of the codes, you can stop the automatic process by pressing any of the buttons. Alter having run through an the codes, the LED will go off and the remote control will switch off. This may take a few minutes.


If you find the proper code with the quick search function, it is advisable to note it down to make its reselection easier. You can check the selected value using the buttons on the remote control and reading its display. The number of flashes the LED makes is equal to the first, second, third and fourth digits of the four–0igit number respectively. Press the button of the device whose code you wish to check. (TV, VCR, SAT, CBL, AUX, DVD). Press and hold the SET button and, while doing so, press a number button (1-2-3-4) to find out the values of the various digits. Then release both buttons and count the flashes. For examnle, If the selected code is 0261:

  1.  SET+ ‘9″: 0flash
  2. SET +”2″: 2flashes
  3.  SET+ “3”: 6 flashes
  4.  SET+ “4”: 1 flash
    note: no flash means zero.


If the or the efficient range reduces, you should change the batteries. Open the cover of battery holder. Mer that set in 2 pcs AAA, 1,5 Volt batteries according to polarity.
Codes selected earlier are retained in the memory while batteries are being replaced. Pressing any of the buttons while replacing the batteries may result in data loss!


Do not expose the remote control to direct heat sunlight, dust, steam or shock

  1. Remove dust regularly using a soft cloth.
  2. Make sure that no liquid substance is spilt on the keypad.
  3. Take care of the correct polarity during setting of batteries.
  4. If you do not use the device for long time, take out the batteries.
  5. Never try to disassemble the device, take it to professional!


  1. system: pre-programmed, infrared
  2. range: 5-?m
  3. power: 2 x AAA(1,5V)(not included)
  4. size: 55 x 23 x 180 mm


Waste equipment must not be collected separately or disposed of with household waste because may contain components hazardous to the environment or health. Used or waste equipment may be dropped off free of charge at the point of sale, or at any distributor which sells equipment of identical nature and function. Dispose of product at a facility specializing in the collection of electronic waste. By doing so, you will protect the environment as well as the health of others and yourself. If you have any questions, contact the local waste management organization. We shall undertake the tasks pertinent to the manufacturer as prescribed in the relevant regulations and shall bear any associated costs arising.

DISPOSING OF ALKALINE AND RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES• Batteries, whether alkaline or rechargeable, must not be handled together with regular household waste. It is the legal obligation of the product’s user to dispose of batteries at a nearby collection center or at a retail shop. This ensures that the batteries are ultimately neutralized in an environment-friendly way.somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 11somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 12somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 13somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 14somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 16somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote 15

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somogyi URC 21 Universal Remote [pdf] Instruction Manual
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