SOMOGYI ELEKTRONICS MRPX Series Water Resistant Speaker Pair

SOMOGYI ELEKTRONICS MRPX Series Water Resistant Speaker Pair


Before using the product for the first time, please read the instructions for use below and retain them for later reference. The original instructions were written in the Hungarian language. After unpacking the unit, confirm that it has not been damaged during transit. Keep the packaging away from children if it contains plastic bags or other potentially hazardous components.
This appliance may only be used by persons with impaired physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lacking in experience or knowledge, as well as children from the age of 8, if they are under supervision or have been given instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety and they have understood the hazards associated with use. Children should not be allowed to play with the unit. Children may only clean or perform user maintenance on the appliance under supervision.

The MRPX speaker series is designed in such a way, as to greatly resist moisture and humidity. The product is not designed to withstand extreme strains, it can withstand effects, which can occur normally in the immediate vicinity of people. The product is typically protected from splashing water, it is recommended for use n ships, caravans, bathrooms, open terraces, or installed by baths or pools. During installation make sure that the speaker is exposed as little as possible to extreme humidity and/or heat.
Protect from direct sunlight and other heat sources! Ask an expert for help when installing!

The amplifier that operates the speaker needs to be chosen in such a way, that the nominal load of the speaker is always higher than the nominal output of the amplifier
Depending on the setup of the equalizers even an amplifier with a smaller output can be dangerous to the speaker. Turn off the equalizers, especially the bass boost circuits! In a well-built system, their usage is not needed and is harmful. Be mindful to install it according to the given policy. Always follow the wiring diagram given to the amplifier. This operation needs to be done while the system is depowered! Usually, the contact with the positive polarity is bigger in size or is color-marked red. In the case, if this speaker the mark is added to the wider contact. Before powering up the system for the first time, check if the connections are done correctly. The connections need to be stable and short-circuit-free, and the volume control should be in the minimum position.

Every speaker needs to be eased into operation before proper usage can begin. In the first 30-50 hours it is operational, use it only with a 50% load! At greater volumes, there can be distorted, or poor sound. This can be caused by an amplifier with too low output, which causes the distortion grows with higher volume. On the other hand, an amplifier with higher output can overload a poorly chosen speaker with a small load capacity. The system’s maximum volume is where the sound can still be heard in good quality without distortions.
The outgoing output does not grow with further heightening the volume, on the contrary, the distortion of the system will grow! This is harmful to the speaker and can cause malfunctions!


  • Installing an audio system requires important professional knowledge and experience, which we cannot detail in this instruction manual. If necessary contact an expert in order to not damage the
  • product. Professional installation is required for reliable operation.
  • Malfunctions caused by careless installation or usage invalidate the warranty!
  • Do not connect cables while operational! Never start the system with the volume control turned up! The cracking sound that can happen that time, or other noise gusts can immediately ruin the speaker.
  • In order to protect the system from outside noises, lead the audio cables far from the main cables!
  • Using thin wires can lead to the deterioration of sound quality.
  • At the slightest warning sign (strange smell, distorted sound…) immediately turn off the amplifier! With this, the malfunctioning of the speaker can usually be avoided.
  • Protect from dust and shock, as well as direct heat and sunshine! Do not immerse in water!
  • Do not place objects filled with water on the device!
  • Open flame source, like a burning candle, cannot be placed on the device!
  • The device is not for public use, it is intended for domestic use.
  • The speakers contain magnets, so do not place objects which are sensitive to it (e.g.: credit cards, cassettes, compasses…)
  • Cleaning can be done with a soft, slightly moist cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaners!
  • Due to the constant improvements, design and specifications may change without prior notice.
  • We do not take responsibility for the OCcasional printing errors, and we apologize for them.

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Waste equipment must be collected separately or disposed of ot with household waste because it may contain components hazardous to the environment or health. Used or waste equipment may be dropped ot free ot charge at the point of sale, or at any distributor which Sells equipment or identical nature and function. Dispose of products at a facility specializing in the collection or electronic waste. 5y doing so, you will protect the environment as well as the health of others and yourself. If you have any questions, Contact the local waste management organization. We shall undertake the tasks pertinent to the manufacturer as prescribed in the relevant regulations and shall bear and associated costs arising.

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To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.

Caution: Risk of electric shock! Do not attempt to disassemble of modify the unit or ts accessories. In case any part is damaged, immediately power off the unit and seek the assistance of a specialist.

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