SOMOGYI ELEKTRONICS BT 201 2.1 Multimedia Sound System




Before using the product for the first time please read the instructions for use below and retain them for later reference. The original instructions were written in Hungarian language. This appliance may only be used by persons with impaired physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lacking in experience or knowledge, as well as chidren from the age of 8, if they are under supervision or have been given instruction conceming use of the appliance and they have understood the hazards associated with use. Children should not be allowed to play with the unit. Children may only clean or perfom user maintenance on the appliance under supervision. After unpacking, make sure the appliance has not been damaged in transit! Keep chidren away from the packaging material, if it contains poly bag or another hazardous component!

  • 2.1 stereo+ subwoofer sound system
  • Adjustable, dynamic bass sound
  • Ideal for correcting the TVs sound
  • Wireless BT connection Listening to music from mobile phone, computer
  • MP3 playback from USB device Playback repeat, playback in random order
  • EQ settings, 5+1 type
  • FM radio with automatic tuning
  • Wire AUX stereo audio input (3,5 mm)
  • LED display with adjustable brightness in 5 stages
  • Material: MDF wood and plastic
  • Accessories: remofe control (2 x 1,5V AAA without battery), 3,5 mm-3,5 mm
  • AUX cable (1.2 m), antenna wire (1.5 m), speaker wire (2 x 1,2 m)


The active subwoofer with controls includes the central unit. You have to connect the two broadband Sound boxes to this. Use the supplied speaker wire to connect the left and right channel’s passive sound boxes (OUTPUT L+R) in power-off state. Besides this, plug the FM antenna’s plug into its slot (FM ANT). Only then connect to the mains and switch on the product. Do not connect other speakers except the passive sound boxes supplied with together With it! Pay attention to the stable, short-circuit and proper connection! White/Red color signal: left/right stereo sound channel output Besides the white (left) and red (right) speaker output socket, the following Connection options are available: FM radio antenna wire (yellow RCA), stereo audio input (3,5 mm socket), USB socket for USB mass storage. In case of ideal placement, the two little sound boxes are 1,5-2 meters apart from each other, opposite the audience. For example, on both sides of the television. The position of the subwoofer does not significantly affect the sound. Recommended to place on iloor.

The tilt switch on the back of the subwoofer is the main switch. Switch it off after you have finished using it. If you do not use it for a long time, unplug it from the mains too. During operation, you can switch it back on or off for a short time using the red POWER button on the remote control or the ST.BY button on the front side of the subwoofer. If you switch it off like this, the device is not powered-off, a red light is visible on the display and a blue LED ring around the volume control. When switching back on, the last heard signal sounds at the last set volume. This is true even if you power it off with the main switch.

There are several ways to adjust the desired volume. The volume control knob VOL+/VOL-) on the front of the subwoofer controls all the three speakers. The BASS knob on the backside of the subwoofer controls only the volume of the subwoofer. To achieve good sound quality, it is imperative for controllers to be properly adjusted, always adjusted to fit the given signal source. The settings of the remote control and the front panel’s VOL controls are not independent from each other


All speakers must be used before the intended use. The first 30-50 hours of operation can only be operated at 50% load! During this time, do not hang up near maximum load capacity! At higher volume levels – in some cases there may be distorted, low-quality sound. This can be caused by the too large input signal. If you hear distorted sound, immediately lower it, Switch the device off if it is necessary! Connecting the wrong signal-level devices can easily cause over- Control. The maximum volume of the system is that which can be heard in g0od quaint without distorton. :By further increasing the volume, there is no increase in output power, or even the distortion of the system increases! This is harmful to the loudspeaker and may cause malfunction. INSTALLATION, SELECTING THE FUNCTIONS Set a low volume with the front control panel’s volume control. Then turm ON the POWER switch on the backside. The unit switches on, on the LED display two flashing red lines are visible and the blue LED ring is lighting around the volume


In addition to the wired input, external devices can be connected via wireless BT Connection. For example, a mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart IV ith BI protocol. Use the INPUT button on the remote control or the control panel to select BT mode (on the display a flashing BT sign is visIble accompanied by a short beep). In the instruction manual of the device to be paired, find the BI devices nearby, including this box. Connect the two devices together.

  • In case of SUccess, the BT mark is lighting continuously and a short, accepting sound is heard.
  • You can listen to the desired program through the loudspeakers. in case of older BT2.0 devices, you may need to enter a password when Connecting: “0000” Before starting the process, disconnect any other BT devices that may have been connected to your mobile device.
  • One loudspeaker can be paired with one BT device simuitaneously, wirelessly After switching on, it wil automatically re-connect to the previously paired and properly connected device f it is SWitched on nearby. lf the wireless connection is interupted, if necessary, switch to another signal SOurce, then back or sWitch it off and back, to activate the pairnng mode.
  • When a phone call is received on the connected mobile phone while listening to music, muSIC playback pauses.
  • After the conversation, start the continuation of playing on the phone.
  • The actual range depends on the other device and the ambient conditions. (e.g. walls, human bodies, other electrical devices, movement.
  • Abnomal operation, noise can be caused by the electrical appliances nearby, this does not indicate a malfunction of the device
  • Abnomal operation may be caused by the specific features of the extemal device, which does not indicate a malfunction of the device! Occasionally, the BT function may operate limited due to the speciic features of the extemal device.


If you have a device which is supplied with a 3,5 mm diameter headphone SOcket, then you can listen to it on the extemal loudspeaker in good quality. Plug one of the plugs of the supplied audio cable to the sound box (3.5 mm socket on the ight side), the other one to a stereo audio device or a mobile phone. lun on the signal source and start playback if necessary. The available sound quality depends on the quality of the audio signal provided by the extemal device, as well as its volume and sound settings. t is recommended switch off the equalizer on the player and use it only on the SOund box. The small signal (volume) entering the sound box may cause excessive noise and too much signal my cause distortion. It is recommended to maintain the SIgnal level at medium level. f the audio output does not accept a 3.5 mm stereo plug, you may need to obtain an external adapter or a Connection cable.

Select the radio mode and the actual reception frequency appears on the display. Connect the supplied antenna to the FM ANT socket on the backside. Position the thin antenna wire in a long, high positon. To start automatic tuning and storing, press the AUTO/> II button under the rotary knob or the SCAN button on the remote control for 2 seconds. After recording the transmitters (max. b0), use the CH-/CH+buttons to scroll them. Auto search stops, i it detects variable signal level-this does not always mean finding a radio program. The reception of the radio depends to a great extent on the location of use and the current reception conditions. Do not twist the antenna’s wire, place it long and high. Do not have larger metal objects or electrical equipment near it.


When inserting the USB device (USB socket on the right side) the unit switches to USB playback mode and playback starts. The display shows the number of the current song, and then the elapsed time from it. Available functions I play and pausel K4 M Scroll soundtrack, by pressing it protractedly quick search Within the soundtrack. It is possible to repeat the song or all songs and play them in random order. Some extra functions can only be activated when the MP3 player is operated. With REPEAT button: ONE-RND-ALL: order, repeat all songs; and with the EQ button: EQ1..EQ2.EQ3…EQ4.. EQ5…EQ OFF:5 type EQ modes and the switched off EQ. eat the current song, play in random

  • EQ OFF setting is recommended, especially when the equalizer is active on the player
  • Do not remove the USB device during playback, as this may cause data Coruption
  • Recommended fle system: FAT32. Donot use a NTFS formatted memory unit!
  • When the memory unit is inserted, playback starts from the first song.
  • If you have already listened to it, the playback of the last selected track will resume even when you switched off the device and removed the device.
  • Abnormal operation may be caused by the unique features of the mass storage device, which does not indicate a malfunction of the device!


Insert 2 xAAA size (1,5 V) alkaline batteries into the remote control, according to the polarity indicated in the battery compartment. Replace the batteries again if you experience uncertain operation or reduced range. When using the remote control, point it in the direction of the control panel and be within 2-3 meters irom the unit. Do not use diferent kinds of batteries and/or used and new batteries together! Battery replacement can only be performed by an adult! Immediately renmove the depleted battery from the device! lf there is some liquid fiown out from the battery take a protective glove, and clean the battery holder with a dry cloth! It is forbidden to open, bum and _short-circuit the batteries! Non-rechargeable batteries must not be chargedring-Floodlight-Cam-fig-3

Before cleaning, power off the device, by unplugging it from the mainş! Use a dry cloth for cleaning the appliance’s coverage. Do not use aggressive cleaners! Do not allow any liquids inside the appliance and the connectors or the loudspeakers!


Upon noticing any malfunction, switch off the device! Later try switching it back on. If the problem persists, look through the following notes. This guide can help in identitying the problem, if the device is connected correctly beside it. lf necessary, contact a specialist!

  • Device doesn’t work, the LED display doesn’t light.
  • Amplifier is not switched on.
  • Check the position of the POWER switch on the back side.
  • Power cable is not connected properily
  • Check the correct plugging of the cable to the electric outlet.
  • The selected signal source cannot be heard.
  • The setting of the volume control is not correct
  • Check if none of the built-in volume controls are set to the minimum, neither the extenal device’s control.
  • Not the corect input is selected.
  • Check on the digital display, if the desired signal source is selected to be listened to.
  • The connection of the audio cable is incorrect
  • Check the audio cable’s correct connection.
  • No wireless connection was established.
  • Start over the wireless BT connection.


Waste equipment must be collected and disposed separately from household waste because it may contain components hazardous to the environment or health. Used or waste equipment may be dropped off free of charge at the point of sale, or at any distributor which sells equipment of identical nature and function, Dispose of the product at a facility specializing in the collection of electronic waste. By doing so, you ill protect the environment as well as the health of others and yourself. If you have any questions, contact the local waste management organization. We shall undertake the tasks pertinent to the manutacturer as prescribed in the relevant regulations and shall bear any associated costs arising. DISPOSINGOF ALKALINE AND RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES Batteries, whether alkaline or rechargeable, must not be handled together With regular household waste. ItIs the legal obigation oT the products user to dispose of batteries at a nearby collection centre or at a retail shop. ThiS ensures that the batteies are ultimately neutralized in an environment-iriendly way.

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