Quick Start:- Sommer Telecody keypad to CarTeck drive 600 opener

I struggled setting the keypad up, ending up at one stage with the doors opening without any access code, due to wrong sequencing. This may offer a quick simple step start guide, and is not meant to replace the CarTech or Sommer volumes on ‘how to’

Outside keypad programming to door carriage receiver

It is important to know the access code you want to use before you start!
And to NOTE: the first number must be different for each door if more than one door is to be programmed!
The examples I use Door one; I use 3579 and Door two 2468 (any combination of numbers up to nine can be used, so long as the first numbers are different).

  1. Have easy access to drive motor carriage (steps!) as you will need two hands, pressing buttons and holding the keypad!
  2. Have the keypad ready, [not screwed to the wall] (if just opened ‘new’ press ‘M’ on the keypad until it lights up, don’t worry if lights go out, unit will still be activated!)
  3. Remove cover of drive motor carriage and know where the ’radio’ button is on the carriage, it’s the red one marked ‘radio’ Now we start on the first door (on the steps with the keypad in hand). On the carriage Press, the ‘radio’ button and a red LED will come on
  4. Keypad
    Press ‘P’ starts the program sequence
    Press ‘3’ first number of the chosen access code
    Press ‘P’ this choses the position of the code
    Press ‘3’ first number of the chosen access code
    Press ‘5’ second number of the chosen access code
    Press ‘7’ third number of the chosen access code
    Press ‘9’ forth number of the chosen access code
    Press ‘P’ Programmed but not complete
  5. Keypad
    Press ‘3’
    Press ‘5’
    Press ‘7’
    Press ‘9’

Red LED will flash and go out unit is programmed
Keypad: Key in the access code again and the door will operate.
Door two is a repeat of door one with the new access code, ensuring of course that the first number is different (it is only the first number that has to be different)
Repeat steps 1 to 4 above
Step 5
P – 2 – P – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – P
Step 6
2 – 4 – 6 – 8
Key the access code and door two will operate.
I assume any number of doors could be controlled at least up to nine

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Documents / Resources

SOMMER WS303 Telecody+ Wireless Keypad [pdf] Instructions
WS303, Telecody Wireless Keypad


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