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solis Installer Monitoring Account Setup Instructions

solis Installer Monitoring Account Setup



  • Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome)
  • In the address bar type, and Enter.
  • You will be redirected to the login page for end-customers as shown.
  • To move to the installer login page, select ‘Switch to Professional
  • Click on the ‘Free Application’ button (as shown) which will take you to the installer registration page.
  • Follow the registration steps and click Complete, the account will be verified within 3 business days

Logging In

  • Apart from the website, the installers and distributors can use a professional app called ‘Solis Pro’.
  • It is available on both android and iOS platforms

Creating a Plant

  • After you Login, you will be redirected to the home page as shown.
  • Go to ‘Plant Centre’ and then select ‘Create New Plant
  • Complete the form with the relevant details of the plant as shown.
  • Give the plant a name in the ‘Plant Name’ section.
  • Select the plant type.
  • If the system is ‘Grid connected type’ for PV inverters, select ‘Distributed All Power on Grid’.
  • If the system is ‘Hybrid inverter’, select ‘Storage System

Associate End-customer to the plant

  • In this stage you will need to add Associations i.e., end customers that will be able to see the plant.
  • The following three approaches can be considered based on different scenarios while associating

Option 1: The Simplest

  • Select ‘Create a PV Monitoring ID for Owner’ option from the drop-down menu of Owner.
  • This will create an end-user account for the customer with their email address and a default password (123456). Option 2: If you do not have customers details
  • If you do not want to associate the end-customer at this stage just select ‘I am Owner’ (from the drop-down menu) and you will be the only one that will be able to see this plant, until you add an end-customer.
  • You can add an end-customer at a later stage by clicking on the ‘Association Relations’ (as shown) option on the plant overview screen (Accessed by clicking ‘Plant Centre’ on the top left).

Option 3: End-Customer already made an account

  • If the end-customer already has an account (example: they have multiple plants), you can select ‘Correlate Owner’s PV Monitoring ID (recommended)’ (from the drop-down menu) and put in their ID to associate them to the plant.
  • The end-customer can find their ID by logging into their account. They can verify by checking their ID on the top right end as shown

NOTE: If you select Option 3, the devices registered on the customer’s account would not be transferred into the installer’s account. You would manually have to delete the device from customer’s account and add those from your account to the customer’s plant.

Adding device to the plant

  • After the creation of the plant, you can add devices
  • For adding the device, you need to have the serial number (S/N) of the datalogger (not the inverter).
  • You can add multiple data loggers to a single plant.
  • If you get a warning message ‘The SN number has already been registered to the other plants’, that means someone has already assigned this datalogger to their plant. In this case contact the Solis support team

Testing the System

  • If the datalogger has an internet connection and you have added it correctly, you should be able to see a ‘blue tick on the browser’ or a ‘green tick on the Solis Pro app’.
  • The generation data of the inverter will be uploaded after 20 x minutes of the first install.
  • It is also a good idea to login with the PV owner’s account and check if they can see the plant too

Editing the plants

  • If you log back into your installer account on the ‘Professional’ login page, you will now see all the plants you have ever created

Monitoring the plants

  • In the ‘Project Overview’ you will be able to see the total energy of all your plants
  • If you want to monitor the data of an individual plant, just click on the plant and you will be able to see the data only for that plant.
  • You can click on ‘Select Parameters’ dropdown box to select what parameters you want to see. This is extremely useful for troubleshooting inverters


Ph: 03 8555 9516

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solis Installer Monitoring Account Setup [pdf] Instructions
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