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 Instructions for use of the Solight 1L45 wireless doorbell

Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them to serve you safely and to your full satisfaction. This will prevent misuse or damage. Avoid unprofessional handling of this appliance and always observe the electrical appliance usage guidelines. Keep the instruction manual carefully.

Description of the doorbell

  1.  Selecting the receiver tune (36)
  2.  Volume selection (4 steps)
  3.  LED
  4.  Speaker (50dB – 90dB)
  5.  Battery tray (3x AAA)
  6.  Transmitter button
  7.  Name badge cover
  8.  Hole to open the battery cover

The doorbell operates at a frequency of 433MHz. The range is a maximum of 200m in an open area. The batteries for the receiver are alkaline 1.5V (LR03, AAA). The battery for the transmitter is alkaline 12V (LR23A).

Installing batteries
Receiver: open the battery tray cover, insert 3x AAA alkaline batteries according to the marked polarity and close the cover. Transmitter: use a flat-head screwdriver to push the hole in the bottom of the cover and open it. Insert the LR23A alkaline battery according to the marked polarity and close the cover again. If the battery is already pre-installed, remove the insulating tape. Pay particular attention to the seal in the cover, it must not be damaged by the installation. If after a period of use you find that the instrument does not work properly, please replace the batteries.

Transmitter and receiver installation
The transmitter can be mounted or used as a portable transmitter. Before attaching the transmitter, make sure the doorbell is working properly. You can attach it with self-adhesive pads or mounting holes. To attach through the mounting holes, open the transmitter battery cover, screw it into the chosen location and close it back up. Important: do not lose or damage the gasket. The transmitter is waterproof and can be placed outdoors if required. However, prefer a location that protects the transmitter from water and excessive heat. A nameplate can be attached to the transmitter. The receiver can also be used as a portable or mounted receiver. For mounting with the hanging holes on the back cover, use two screws and dowels of the appropriate size. If you glue the transmitter with a self-adhesive pad, do not accidentally glue the speaker.

Doorbell control
Select the melody using button 1. Press to change the individual melodies. The selection is automatically saved when playback is finished. The volume is selected using button 2. Four volume levels 50dB – 90 dB.

The “Learning code” function
allows you to pair several bells or buttons into one group, or restore the connection between them. This allows several buttons to ring one bell or one button to ring several bells. A maximum of 6 buttons can be paired to one bell. One button can be paired with up to 15 bells. Assign a new button to a bell or a new bell to a button:

  1.  Press and hold the volume button on the receiver for 5 seconds. The LED will flash rapidly and a melody will sound. Release the volume button and allow the LED to flash.
  2.  Press the transmitter button one or more times. The selected melody is played again, the transmitter is assigned. The transmitter must be at least 50 cm away from the receiver when pairing. All previously paired transmitters are also assigned to the receiver.
  3.  Repeat the same process when adding a new receiver to one transmitter. All previously paired receivers are also assigned to a transmitter.

Unpairing the buttons from the doorbell, and resetting the connection
you have multiple transmitters paired to your receiver, you may need to unpair one of the transmitters. It may also happen that the wireless connection stops working.

  1.  Press and hold the volume button for 10 seconds.
  2.  Even if the receiver sounds after 3 seconds, ignore it and hold the button until the receiver sounds again. Then release the button. All drivers are now cleared from memory.
  3.  Reassign the necessary transmitters according to the above procedure.

Solight Holding s.r.o., declares that the product complies with the requirements and provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU. The equipment can be freely operated in the EU. The Declaration of Conformity can be found at The product may be operated under general authorization No.VO-R/10/05.2014-3 Producer: Solight Holding, s.r.o.,

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