socket mobile 600 Series Scanner and Phone Holder


How To Use

Follow these instructions to attach your mobile phone to the scanner.

Step 1: Stretch the rubber belt around the scanner, over the power buttonsocket-mobile-600-Series-Scanner-and-Phone-Holder-fig-1
Step 2: Tuck the bar under the hooksocket-mobile-600-Series-Scanner-and-Phone-Holder-fig-2.1
Step 3: Stretch the phone holder and slide the phone in placesocket-mobile-600-Series-Scanner-and-Phone-Holder-fig-2
Step 4: Twist the scanner to adjust the power button in the desired placementsocket-mobile-600-Series-Scanner-and-Phone-Holder-fig-3

Watch how to assemble the Scanner & Phone holder:

Documents / Resources

socket mobile 600 Series Scanner and Phone Holder [pdf] User Guide
7 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series, Scanner and Phone Holder, 600 Series Scanner and Phone Holder

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