SOAR NCAA Texas A&M Aggies ShockBox XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



  • CONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGY: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
  • CONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGY: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
  • BLUETOOTH: 5. 0
  • TALKTIME: 5 Hours
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 9.88 x 6.81 x 3.94 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.34 pounds
  • BATTERIES: 1 Lithium-Ion battery


The lightweight (just 27 ounces!) speaker is designed for use at home or on the move and has a top handle for maximum portability. You get quick access to 5 listening modes, as well as track and volume options. Show your team spirit by tuning in to the game on the included FM radio or by pairing two speakers for a full surround-sound experience. Utilize a wired connection with the built-in AUX, USB, and TF Card inputs or connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. This is more than just a speaker; it has a built-in microphone that can be used to make and take phone calls.


Since Bluetooth speakers are wire-free, all you need to do is pair the speaker with your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth to start listening to your favorite music! Similar to a car radio, a wireless Bluetooth speaker makes use of this technology. It does not require cables because it is connected directly to the sound source.


  • From the top of the screen, swipe downward.
  • Touch Bluetooth and hold it.
  • To pair a new device, tap. If Pair new device isn’t there, go under “Available devices” or hit More. Refresh.
  • Select the Bluetooth device you want to associate with your device by tapping its name.
  • Observe any directions displayed on the screen.


simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume “-” buttons for at least six seconds. Your speaker should then switch off once you hear a tone indicating that the reset was successful. Your speaker will return to its default settings after this reset. Use the Power button to restart your speaker.


  • Check to see if your speaker has enough power.
  • Make sure the USB AC adapter is firmly (not loosely) attached to the speaker and the wall outlet.
  • Hold down the power button while waiting for the speaker to start up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell when the battery in my Bluetooth speaker is full?

A row of LED lights on the front of your speaker will turn on once it is plugged in and remain on until charging is finished.

Why does my wireless speaker not function?

Both devices’ volumes should be turned up. Ensure that the music is playing on your source device. Move the Bluetooth speaker as far away from metal objects and other potential interference-causing gadgets as you can. Make sure nothing is plugged into the wireless speaker’s AUDIO IN port.

Why can’t Bluetooth locate devices?

Go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-fi, mobile, & Bluetooth on Android devices. For iOS and iPadOS devices, you’ll need to unpair every device first, then restart your phone or tablet by going to Settings > Bluetooth, selecting the info icon, then selecting Forget This Device for each device.

Could a Bluetooth speaker be overcharged?

No, as soon as the charger and battery reach balance, the device will cut off the charging circuit. The battery will switch from float (not charging) to charge, however, if you keep the speaker plugged in to charge continually, as soon as the battery level falls just below the float voltage.

My Bluetooth speaker is charging, but can I use it?

Yes. Without endangering the battery, you can use your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging. When using the speaker for the first time, you should fully charge it while it is off so that you may check the battery life.

How long should a Bluetooth speaker be charged?

The Bluetooth® speaker’s internal battery needs three (3) hours to fully recharge from a dead battery.

Without WiFi, can wireless speakers’ function?

Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth does function without Wi-Fi. In fact, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi perform comparable tasks since they both wirelessly link nearby devices.

Can Bluetooth speakers be used without internet?

Instead of an internet connection, short-range radio waves are how Bluetooth operates. This means you don’t need a data plan or even a cellular connection for Bluetooth to function anywhere you have two compatible devices.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker’s blue light flashing?

A strong connection may be indicated by a blue light that blinks continuously. The headphones may be in pairing mode if they have a slow blue light that pulses. Blinking red and blue lights are the most typical pairing mode light pattern.

What happens if a Bluetooth speaker is overcharged?

Modern batteries have sophisticated sensors that prevent overcharging, but this does not guarantee that leaving the battery hooked into the charger won’t harm it. One charging cycle is finished when a battery is fully charged; a battery can only be fully charged a certain number of times before it is irreparably harmed.


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