SOAR NCAA Indiana Hoosiers Shockbox LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SOAR-NCAA- Indiana-Hoosiers-Shockbox-LED-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker

Specifications Introduction

  • SPEAKER TYPE: Bluetooth
  • MODEL NAME: Shockbox LED Bluetooth Speaker
  • BLUETOOTH: 5.0
  • TOTAL PLAYTIME: 5+ Hours
  • ITEM PACKAGE DIMENSIONS L X W X H: ‎8.07 x 7.8 x 3.07 inches
  • PACKAGE WEIGHT: 0.29 Kilograms
  • PART NUMBER: ‎NCAA-BTX2-INSTYLE: ‎Shockbox LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: ‎Speaker, Micro-USB charging cable, Manual
  • SIZE: One Size

For your upcoming tailgate or camping vacation, the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker is the ideal speaker. Lightweight for simple storage and transportation. Convenient top handle. Built to last, with materials that are impervious to water and shock. 30 feet of wireless range with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Two can be easily synced for stereo sound. Micro-USB cord included; battery life of more than 5 hours. An excellent method to display your team pride whenever and wherever you want is with an official NCAA product.


  • From the top of the screen, swipe downward.
  • Touch Bluetooth and hold it.
  • To pair a new device, tap. If Pair new device isn’t there, go under “Available devices” or hit More. Refresh.
  • Select the Bluetooth device you want to associate with your device by tapping its name.
  • Observe any directions displayed on the screen.


  • Tap Settings, then select Apps.
  • After selecting Show system apps, hit the Sort icon (the downward-pointing arrow with three vertical bars).
  • All of the system apps will show up in the list after you click OK.
  • To clear data, select Bluetooth > Storage.
  • To confirm, press OK.


  • The Bluetooth passcode for the device can be found on the back of your speakerphone or headset.
  • To locate your phone’s passcode, go to the Bluetooth menu on your device.
  • To locate the Bluetooth passcode for your computer, go to the Settings menu.


  • Check to see if your speaker has enough power.
  • Make sure the USB AC adapter is firmly (not loosely) attached to the speaker and the wall outlet.
  • Hold down the power button while waiting for the speaker to start up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Bluetooth pair?

Go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-fi, mobile, & Bluetooth on Android devices. For iOS and iPadOS devices, you’ll need to unpair every device first, then restart your phone or tablet by going to Settings > Bluetooth, selecting the info icon, then selecting Forget This Device for each device.

How can my Bluetooth speaker be reset?

You should only need to do this briefly with most Bluetooth speakers. The power and Bluetooth buttons must be pressed and held simultaneously in order for almost every Bluetooth speaker to be reset.

What is the Bluetooth pairing passcode?

When partnering with another Bluetooth® device, use the code 0000. Depending on the Bluetooth device being used, the passcode may display as Pass key, PIN code, PIN number, or Password.

How does discoverable mode work?

Therefore, a Bluetooth device that you haven’t yet associated with is unable to view your phone. Open the primary Bluetooth settings to make it visible to other devices. As long as you are on that screen, Android phones continue to be discoverable. When Bluetooth is enabled on an iPhone, your phone will be discoverable.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker’s blue light flashing?

A strong connection may be indicated by a blue light that blinks continuously. The headphones may be in pairing mode if they have a slow blue light that pulses. Blinking red and blue lights are the most typical pairing mode light pattern.

The reason why my Bluetooth speaker won’t charge

There are two potential causes for your Bluetooth speaker to stop charging: software or hardware problems. While hardware problems include a defective micro USB cable, an undervolted lithium-ion battery, and a broken solder joint on the USB charging socket, software problems are caused by faults in software.

How do I enable this gadget to be found?

on with a click (to turn on the Bluetooth and to check if the button is working) Click to turn off (to turn off the Bluetooth and to check if the button is working) on with a click (turn on the Bluetooth again) Discoverable Click to enable Bluetooth for the gadget.

What makes a device capable of being found?

To be found or linked to, a device needs to be put into listening mode by the programme. Discoverable mode, also known as inquiry scanning, is the listening mode that makes it possible to locate a device. Connectable mode, also known as page scanning, is the listening mode that enables a device to be connected.

How can I tell if the battery in my Bluetooth speaker is charging?

If the battery is fully charged, the CHARGE indicator won’t turn on. Depending on the model, the speaker’s CHARGE indication could not turn on while it is being charged. The CHARGE indicator will turn on if the battery is charging while the speaker is off.

Why do I continue having to turn off my Bluetooth speaker?

The most frequent cause of Bluetooth abruptly shutting off is the effect it has on your battery. There are “idle” or “timeout” modes on a lot of contemporary cellphones. This basically implies that the system will automatically disconnect your Bluetooth if you haven’t used it in a while in order to save you energy.


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