HCX STORAGE 88130 Storage Wardrobe Folding Cloth


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Assembly & Disassembly Instuctions

  1. (step 1): according to the assembly diagram 3 first net mesh cloth, respectively Into 6 root tube 1, reoccupy 4 root tube 1 and 4 t, 4 cross connect. At the bottom of the tube at the top with eight no. 1,HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-4
  2. (step 2): the bottom bracket is installed, in cloth at the bottom of the opening on the no.HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-5
  3. (step 3): refer to step one assembly good net interlayer, again will be installed The mesh of interlayer load holder, And then inserted on it On 8 root tube 1, in the middle of the four 1 good tube position Two pieces of mesh (as shown in figure)HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-6
  4. step 4), installed after the third step, take out four straight root tube 1,4 On the left and right sides together as shown in figure (circle), however After four tee, 8 1 tube assembly in the middle interlayer small circles.HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-7
  5. STEP 5HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-8
  6. (step 6): fixed hanger after check whether installed!HCX-STORAGE-88130-Storage-Wardrobe-Folding-Cloth-FIG-9

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