SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds User Manual

SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds User Manual

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Appearance & illustration

SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds - Appearance

Press button illustration

  2. LED
  3. MIC
  4. VOL+
  5. Multi-function button(MFB)
  6. VOL-

LED Indications

SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds - LED Indications

Operate instructions

SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds - Operate instructions

Basic parameter

SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds - Basic parameter

Common problems and solutions

The GEE cannot connect with my smartphone

According to a small number of customers, especially some I0S 10.2 users, their phones cannot find the Bluetooth signal of GEE, even though it’s powered-on for several minutes. Maybe this is caused by the low Bluetooth version of the phones or a bug in the smartphone system version.


  1. Turn off both the earbuds and your smartphone’s Bluetooth.
  2. Long press the Main Button of one earbud until the blue and red light flash alternately, hold on the press.
  3. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, wait for some seconds, you may find “SMARTOMI GEE” appears on the “Devices” list.(That means your smartphone find the Bluetooth signal of GEE successfully)
  4. Stop pressing the Main Button, connect the earbud with you smartphone.
  5. Short press the Main Button of the other earbud to turn it on, then it can connect with your smartphone automatically.
The connection is unstable and the earbuds cut in & cut out.

This issue is due to the complexity of the Bluetooth environment, which is still a universal issue of true wireless Bluetooth headphone by now. And there is block between the Bluetooth earbuds and your mobile phone or it beyond the signal distance.


  1. Please turn off unnecessary Bluetooth signals and wireless network, in order not to cover the connected Bluetooth device. Changing the using environment may help improve the sound quality.
  2. Please do not cover the Bluetooth earbuds by your hand.
  3. To keep signal stable, please keep your phone and the earbuds in the same direction.
  1. When playing music, the relative function of both earbuds will be adjusted when you operate the left or right unit.
  2. When making/answering a c,;1II only one earbud has sound and can be operated
  3. TWS units have already been paired; it’s no need to do TWS pairing operation without special case.
  4. Separate mode: each earbud enjoys 5 hours playtime; TWS mode: the host earbud enjoys 4 hours, the guest enjoys 5 hours.


The suggested charging time is 2 hours. High input voltage and overcharging may damage the earbuds and shorten the battery life.


SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds User Manual – Optimized PDF
SMARTOMI GEE TWS Earbuds User Manual – Original PDF

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