VOYAGER HOVER4040HB GRN ST K1 Hover Beats Hoverboard
VOYAGER HOVER4040HB GRN ST K1 Hover Beats Hoverboard1


As with any motorized vehicle, whenever you ride your Hover Beats E-Scooter you may risk death or serious injury from loss of control, collision or falls. All riders should read, understand and take heed of the instructions in this user’s manual when riding.


  1. Prior to use, perform a quick visual check to verify that your e-scooter is in good shape and that your equipment is not damaged.
  2. Make sure the battery is fully charged before your first use. The battery will take approximately 5 hours to charge to full from empty.
  3. Make sure to wear a helmet and any other protective gear necessary to ride an e-scooter, making sure to comply with the laws of your local municipality.
  4. Find a safe environment to use the Hover Beats e-scooter. When you are starting out, we recommend a flat or mostly flat surface to get acquainted with the device and its controls. We do not recommend using your e-scooter in the rain or other wet conditions as it is unsafe and may cause damage to the e-scooter.

Faamolemole manatua

  1. Do not allow riders under 14 years of age to use your e-scooter without adult supervision.
  2. Do not allow anyone weighing over 185 pounds to ride your e-scooter.
  3. Improper operation may cause overheating or serious injury.
  4. Aua le tamper with the battery or any of the wiring or attempt to modify the board.
  5. Please only use official Voyager parts on your vehicle. Other parts are not guaranteed to work and will void your warranty.
  6. Do not use the e-scooter if it is damaged, has been soaked with water or liquid, or if the battery pack has been damaged.
  7. Do not charge the e-scooter in abnormally hot, cold or wet conditions, like rain or direct sunlight. Charge in a shaded and dry location outside and away from any kind of combustible fuels.
  8. When riding your e-scooter, make sure to always follow all traffic and safety rules based on the laws of your local municipality.
  9. Do not ride your e-scooter while under the influence of any medication which can cause impairment, or when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  10. Do not attempt to do any tricks while riding your e-scooter. Furthermore, do not ride your e-scooter over rough terrain or uneven surfaces.
  11. Do not allow your e-scooter to be dragged by cars or bikes. Do not use your e-scooter on escalators or in crowded areas.
  12. Do not use your e-scooter at night or in areas of low visibility.
  13. Always power off your e-scooter when it is not in use.


Thank you for purchasing your new Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter and welcome to the Voyager family. We hope that you’ll do plenty of exploring on your new balance e-scooter. The Hover Beats is compact, portable, and packs plenty of power to get you where you’re going. It also has great convenience features like LED lights. Please enjoy your new balance e-scooter responsibly and be sure to read the entire instruction manual before your first use. Have a blast, be safe, and Get Moving!


  • Taulaga Sili: 6 mph
  • Motor Power: 400W Dual Hub
  • Battery Range: 5 Miles Max Distance
  • Weight mamafa: 18 lbs
  • Max Rider Capacity: 185 lbs
  • Wheels: 6.5 Inch Tires
  • Charge Time: -5 Hours
  • Battery: 36V, 2Ah (10 Cells) Lithium-Ion
  • Tulaga: 25.4 ″ x 7.48 ″ x 7.09 ″
  • Suavai Tetee: IPX4
  • Max Climbing Ability: 10°
  • Moli: Uila

I totonu o le pusa

  • Voyager Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter
  • Molia Adapter
  • Tusi Lesona a le Fa'aoga ma Fa'amatalaga Fa'amaonia

LE MESINOVOYAGER HOVER4040HB GRN ST K1 Fa'asa'o Pa'u Pa'u Laupapa - Ata Fa'aalia


Your Hover Beals Balance E-Scooter has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Before using your e.scooter for the first lime. you need to fully charge the battery. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure the charging port on the book of the device Is clean and dry.
  2. Mg, the included charger into o grounded wet outlet.
  3. Connect the power supply to the Hover Beats via the charging port.
  4. An LEO in(FCO?o( It On yOur Hover Beals will nosh red to indicate that the battery is charging.
  5. Charging typically takes approximately 5 hours to complete.
  6. The LED indicator It wit stay red and stop flashing to indicate that the battery is fully charged.
  7. Unplug your Hover Beats as soon as it is done charging. NOTES: Do not leave your Hover Peals unattended while charging a let your device Charge in excessively hot Or Cad ternteraureS.

–An LED light on your charging adapter will km red while charging and then turn green when charging is complete.


When using your Hover Flow Balance E-5COOter, the battery indicator tells you to know how much power remains in your battery.

  • When the LED light is green. the battery has enough power to continue riling.
  • When the LED light flashes red, the battery needs to be charged as soon as possible. h addition. the scooter wit slows down and makes an o buzzing sound.

FAAMANATU: When coming to go fa a ride on your e-scooter. note that the battery life we are shorter when king In colder temperatures. Plan accordingly.


The Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter should be calibrated out of the box, but if you find that it is not properly responding to your inputs, you can re-calibrate.

  • First, start by placing the e-scooter on a flat. even surface with both footpads level.
  • Press and hold the power button until the e-scooter begins beeping continuously (approximately 8 seconds).
  •  Power off and then turn the power back on. The e-scooter is now calibrated.


In order to use your E-Scooter’s built-in Bluetooth speaker, follow the steps below:

  1.  Power on the Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter by pressing the power button located on the rear of the device.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your phone. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Connect to the device listed as “Hover Beats.”VOYAGER HOVER4040HB GRN ST K1 Hover Beats Hoverboard - light1
  3. Once connected your scooter will emit a beeping sound.


  • First, power on the Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter by pressing the power button located on the rear of the device.
  • Start by standing behind the Hover Beats with your feet lined up behind the two footpads.
  • Place one foot on the e-scooter, but keep your weight on your other foot until you are ready to get on.
  • Once you are ready to mount the Hover Beats, bring your other foot onto the other footpad quickly and evenly.
  • You will likely be most successful stepping onto the Hover Beats quickly and confidently. The process is a lot like climbing stairs, where you step on with one foot and then the other.
  • Once you are on the e-scooter, you must find your center of gravity and balance yourself. The board is sensitive to motion so keep your feet flat as if you were standing on the ground.
  • First-time users should likely have a spotter available to help steady them as they step on the e-scooter.

VOYAGER HOVER4040HB GRN ST K1 Hover Beats Hoverboard - light3


  • Be sure the Hover Beats Balance E-Scooter is powered on.
  • Once you have become comfortable mounting the e-scooter and standing on it comfortably and confidently, it’s time to get moving.
  • To control your movement on the Hover Beats, you only need to shift your center of gravity forward or backward.
  • To move forward, just lean your body forward slightly and the e-scooter will follow.
  • To reverse, lean your body slightly backward and the e-scooter will begin moving backward.
  • To turn right, slightly tilt your left foot forward. To turn left, slightly tilt your right foot forward.
  • If you need to go over bumps or rough surfaces, be sure to bend your knees slightly to absorb some of the impacts.
  • To get off of the Hover Beats, take one foot off first and put it behind the e-scooter. Then follow with your other foot. The e-scooter should be sitting in front of your feet, just like when you first stepped on board.

Your e-scooter will make buzzing sounds and its LED light will flash red when battery power is low. However, it may also do this when there are performance issues, hardware issues or if your scooter is upside down. Safely get off your scooter as quickly as possible if this occurs.


Lenei tusi faʻamaonia aofia ai le uluaʻi tagata faʻatau tagata faʻatau ma e le mafai ona faʻaliliu atu.
O lenei tusi faʻamaonia e ufiufi ai oloa e le mafai ona faʻagaioiga lelei I LALO O LE FAʻATUPEGA MONI, ona o faʻaletonu i mea poʻo galuega. O au oloa o le a toe faʻaleleia pe suia e aunoa ma se totogi mo ni vaega poʻo le galue mo se vaitaimi o le tasi le tausaga.
What Is Not Covered by Warranty Damages or malfunctions not resulting from defects in material or workmanship and damages or malfunctions from other than normal use, including but limited to, repair by unauthorized parties, tampsese, suiga poʻo se faʻalavelave.
To Obtain Warranty Service and Troubleshooting Information: Call (877)-444-0345 in the U.S. or visit our website at
To receive a Warranty service along with the name and address of an authorized product service center, the original consumer purchaser must contact us for problem determination and service procedures. Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, evidencing that the product is within the applicable warranty period(s), MUST be presented in order to obtain the requested service. It is your responsibility to properly package and send any defective products along with a dated copy of proof of purchase, a written explanation of the problem, and a valid return address to the authorized service center at your expense. Do not include any other items or accessories with the defective product. Any products received by the authorized service center that is not covered by warranty will be returned unrepaired.


Prior to purchasing any motorized vehicle, we highly recommend that you research your local regulations and country-specific laws. Ultimately, you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Voyager waives all liability relating to your use of Voyager products.

Lapataiga a le FCC

O lenei masini e usitaia le vaega 15 o tulafono a le FCC. O le faʻagaioiga e noatia i tuutuuga ia e lua: (1) e le mafai e lenei masini ona faʻalavelave faʻalavelave, ma le (2) e tatau ona talia e lenei masini soʻo se faʻalavelave na maua, e aofia ai ma le faʻalavelave e ono mafua ai le faʻagaioia o le manaʻoga.
Suiga poʻo suiga e leʻo faʻamaonia e le pati e nafa ma le tausisia e mafai ona faʻaleaogaina le pule a le tagata faʻaoga e faʻagaioia ai masini.
FAAMANATU: O nei masini ua uma ona faʻataʻitaʻia ma ua maua e o gatasi ma tapulaʻa mo le vasega B numera numera, e tusa ai ma le vaega 15 o le FCC Tulafono. O nei tapulaʻa ua fuafuaina e maua ai puipuiga talafeagai mai faʻalavelave faʻalavelave i se nofoaga e faʻapipiʻi ai. O nei masini e faʻaaogaina ai ma mafai ona faʻasusulu mai le leitio i luga o le leitio malosiaga ma, pe a le faʻapipiʻiina ma faʻaaogaina e tusa ai ma faʻatonuga, ono ono afaina ai le fesoʻotaʻi o leitio. Peitai, e leai se mautinoa o le faʻalavelave e le tupu i se faʻapitoa faʻapipiʻiina. Afai o lenei mea faigaluega mafua ai faʻalavelave faʻalavelave i leitio poʻo le televise taliaina, lea e mafai ona fuafuaina e ala i le tapeina o meafaigaluega tape ma luga, e faʻaosofia le tagata faʻaaoga e taumafai e faʻasaʻo le faʻalavelave i se tasi po o le sili atu o laʻasaga nei:

  •  Reorient pe toe siitia le mauaina antenna.
  • Faateleina le tuueseesega i le va o meafaigaluega ma tagata e taliaina.
  • Faʻafesoʻotaʻi masini i se outlet i luga o se matagaluega ese mai lena e fesoʻotaʻi ai le tagata faʻataʻitaʻi.
  • Faʻatalanoa le faʻatau poʻo se poto masani i le leitio / TV mo se fesoasoani.
    Faʻamatalaga e faʻaalia ai le susulu atu
    O nei mea faigaluega e o gatasi ma FCC radiation radiation faʻatapulaʻaina faʻatulagaina mo se le pulea le siʻosiʻomaga. O nei mea faigaluega e tatau ona faʻapipiʻi ma faʻatautaia ma le laʻititi 20cm i le va o le radiator ma lou tino.

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  1. How do we keep your hoverboard from exploding?
    How can I avoid exploding hoverboards? One of the best things you can do is avoid charging your hoverboard overnight as it can cause excessive heat buildup which can contribute to battery malfunctions. Also, avoid leaving it idle for too long when fully charged.
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