SloanLED 60S1D 24 VDC Power Supply


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Installation Steps

Tips for Using the Suction Cup 

  1. Do not adhere the suction cup to curved surfaces, plush fabric or uneven surfaces. It will not be secure attached.
  2. It is not recommended to attach the suction cup to the surface of leather, wall or glass film, because the suction cup with strong viscosity and attractiveness, which may cause surface damage.
  3. If the suction cup is frequently used in high temperature, low temperature or humid conditions, the suction force will not stick as firm (Please avoid direct exposure to the sun).
  4. After using for a period of time, if the suction is not sticky enough, please take down the suction cup and wash it with warm water. It will be sticky again after drying.
  5. Please protect the suction cup with plastic wrap after it is removed.

Tips for Placing the Sticky Pad
Before installing the mount on uneven or textured surfaces, please firstly stick the sticky pad on the dashboard (Once removed, it cannot be used again). Just stick the pad on the dashboard and press it hardly for 1 min then let it rest for 1 to 3 days to have stronger stickiness.  SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig3

Please wait for 24 hours to use the sticky pad after stuck.  SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig4

  1. Unscrew the fixed nut from the car mount and remove SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig5
  2. Pass the ball joint through the fixed nut from the smaller opening side. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig6
  3. Push the ball joint firmly into the groove on the back of the car mount. then tighten the fixed nut. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig7
  4. Clean the windshield or dashboard where you want to install the car mount with a wet cloth, wait for it to dry. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig8
  5. If the installation position is not smooth enough, it is  recommended to use the sticky pad in advance (Remove the red protective sticker of the sticky pad, sticking and pressing it hard for more than 1 minute then let it rest for 1 to 3 days to have high stickiness. Remove the transparent film on the other side of the sticky pad, then install the suction cup on the pad, it would be more stable. (If no need to use sticky pad, please go to step 6 directly). SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig9
  6. Push the suction cup lock up to fully open it. Then attach the suction cup to the cleaning dashboard and press down the suction cup lock to secure the car mount. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig10
  7. Find the best view by adjusting the length and angle of the car mount to adapt to the driving environment. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig11

Using Steps

  1. Press the quick release button and the clamps automatically open. Then put your phone into the holder and pull the adjustable legs according to the size of your phone. to ensure that your phone is clamped securely. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig12
  2. Place your phone into the holder and press the clamp arms towards each other. Then press the clamp arms with a little force again until you hear the •click. Your phone will be secured by the arm clamps. SloanLED-60S1D-24-VDC-Power-Supply-fig13


  • Avoid dropping.
  • Do not disassemble.
  • Please install the car mount on a suitable place before driving, do not operate or adjust the car mount during driving.
  • Do not install the car mount in places where it might interfere with airbag or driving.
  • Keep the car mount away from children.


Product Name Easy Clip Car Mount
Model CTVK51
Applicable Places Windshield, Dashboard


Package list

CarMountxl. Suction Cup ,c1, Dashboard Pad xl, Welcome Guide xl 

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