SKYRC SK-600147 BD350 Battery Discharger and Analyzer



Thanks for choosing SkyRC BD350 discharger.
BD350 discharger supports most RC batteries and works with SkyRC T1000* charger with a discharge current of up to 40A and discharge power of 350W.
There should be more models to work with, and we will update the website!


DischargeSKYRC-SK-600147-BD350-Battery-Discharger-and-Analyzer-fig- (1)

  1. Upon connecting the power supply, T1000 automatically powers on and enters the main menu;
  2. Connect BD350 discharger to T1000;
  3. Discharge the battery by connecting to T1000 on Port A;
  4. Select Discharge: set the cut-off voltage, the discharge current, and the number of cells;
  5. Start the program.

Analyze via Charge Master PC Software

BD350 is more than a simple battery discharger. It is a powerful test instrument that measures, graphs, and compares the parameters of various batteries. It allows for the precise measuring of battery capacity and performance.
No more guesswork anymore when choosing the best battery for RC racing!SKYRC-SK-600147-BD350-Battery-Discharger-and-Analyzer-fig- (2)

As of the time of releasing, the BD350 discharger only works with T1000.


LED Status
Stays Green Standby
Stays Red Discharging
Flashes Red Error


  • Working Voltage:  DC 5V
  • Discharge Power: 350W
  • Discharge Current:  0.1-40A
  • Over Temp. Protection: o >95 C
  • Working Temp.:  o o 0 C~40 C
  • Working Humidity: 0%~75%
  • Size:  157*105*93mm
  • Net Weight:  1224g


Battery Type No. of Cell Min. Cut-off Voltage  


Min. Discharge Current (A) Discharging power: 350W Max. Discharge Current (A) Discharging power: 350W
LiPo 2S 6.0 8.40 40.00 40.00
3S 9.0 12.60 27.77 38.88
4S 12.0 16.80 20.83 29.16
5S 15.0 21.00 16.66 23.33
6S 18.0 25.20 13.88 19.44
7S 21.0 29.40 11.90 16.66
8S 24.0 33.60 10.41 14.58
LiHV 2S 6.2 8.70 40.00 40.00
3S 9.3 13.05 26.81 37.63
4S 12.4 17.40 20.11 28.22
5S 15.5 21.75 16.09 22.58
6S 18.6 26.10 13.40 18.81
7S 21.7 30.45 11.49 16.12
8S 24.8 34.80 10.05 14.11
NiMH 6S 5.4 9.00 38.88 40.00
7S 6.3 10.50 33.33 40.00
8S 7.2 12.00 29.16 40.00
9S 8.1 13.50 25.92 40.00
10S 9.0 15.00 23.33 38.88
11S 9.9 16.50 21.21 35.35
12S 10.8 18.00 19.44 32.40
13S 11.7 19.50 17.94 29.91
14S 12.6 21.00 16.66 27.77
15S 13.5 22.50 15.55 25.92
16S 14.4 24.00 14.58 24.30
17S 15.3 25.50 13.72 22.87
18S 16.2 27.00 12.96 21.60
19S 17.1 28.50 12.28 20.46
20S 18.0 30.00 11.66 19.44


This charger is designed and approved exclusively for use with the types of the battery stated in this Instruction Manual. SkyRC accepts no liability of any kind if the charger is used for any purpose other than that stated. We are unable to ensure that you follow the instructions supplied with the charger, and we have no control over the methods you employ for using, operating, and maintaining the device. For this reason, we are obliged to deny all liability for loss, damage, or costs that are incurred due to the incompetent or incorrect use and operation of our products, or which are connected with such operation in any way. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, our obligation to pay compensation, regardless of the legal argument employed, is limited to the invoice value of those SkyRC products which were immediately and directly involved in the event in which the damage occurred.


We guarantee this product to be free of manufacturing and assembly defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase. The warranty only applies to material or operational defects, which are present at the time of purchase. During that period, we will repair or replace free of service charge for products deemed defective due to those causes.
This warranty is not valid for any damage or subsequent damage arising as a result of misuse, modification or as a result of failure to observe the procedures outlined in this manual.


  1. The warranty service is valid in China only.
  2. If you need warranty service overseas, please contact your dealer in the first instance, who is responsible for processing guarantee claims overseas. Due to high shipping cost, complicated custom clearance procedures to send back to China. Please understand SkyRC can’t provide warranty service to overseas end user directly.
  3. If you have any questions which are not mentioned in the manual, please feel free to send email to


Improper usage may lead to fire, property damage and physical injury.

  • Never discharge a battery below its recommended cutoff voltage. Over-discharge may damage battery and cause FIRE or EXPLOSION.
  • Never discharge a battery at a higher discharge rate than it is designed for.
  • Never leave the discharger unattended when it is connected to battery. If any malfunction is found, TERMINATE THE PROCESS AT ONCE.
  • Place the discharger and battery on a non-flammable surface, and keep away from inflammables.
  • Never discharge swollen, leaky, or damaged batteries.
  • Batteries shall be discharged within a room temperature range of 10-40 C.
  • Disconnect the battery and discharger once discharging has finished.
  • Recharge batteries immediately with an appropriate battery charger after discharge process is completed. Some battery types do not like to remain discharged for extended periods of time.

The manual is subject to change without notice; please refer to our website for the latest version!
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SKYRC SK-600147 BD350 Battery Discharger and Analyzer [pdf] Instruction Manual
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