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RTS001 Tire Sander

Thank you for your purchase of SkyRC RTS001 tire sander. The RTS001 tire sander is equipped with a high-precision adapter. And its portable design makes it easy for players to sand with one hand. Additionally, it offers drivers a choice of input power supplies between 7.2-13V. With SkyRC RTS001 tire sander, you can easily and quickly remove the seam in the middle of a new tire.

SkyRC RTS001 Tire Sander


  • Lightweight Aluminum Enclosure
  • Special for remote control touring cars
  • Easy to handle with simple operation
  • Equipped with a high-precision adapter
  • Equipped with high torque DC motor for fast sanding
  • Multi-selection for DC input between 7.2-13V


  1. Remove the thumb screwSkyRC RTS001 Tire Sander - Fig
  2. Install the rubber tire onto the tire sander and fix the thumb screwSkyRC RTS001 Tire Sander - Fig 1
  3. Connect the power supply with an input voltage of 7.2-12VSkyRC RTS001 Tire Sander - Fig 2
  4. Power on the tire sanderSkyRC RTS001 Tire Sander - Fig 3
  5. Tire sanding completes and ready to go


  • Input power: DC 7.2-12V
  • Size: 138x73x70mm
  • Working current: max 0.8A (without load)
  • Weight: 581g
  • Case: Aluminum


  • 1″SkyRC RTS001 tire sander
  • 1-User manual

Warranty and Service

Liability Exclusion
SkyRC accepts no liability of any kind if the tire sander is used for any purpose other than sanding the tires. We are unable to ensure that you follow the instructions supplied with the charger, and we have no control over the methods you employ for using, operating, and maintaining the device. For this reason, we are obliged to deny all liability for loss, damage, or costs that are incurred due to the incompetent or incorrect use and operation of our products, or which are connected with such operation in any way. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, our obligation to pay compensation, regardless of the legal argument employed, is limited to the invoice value of those SkyRC products which were immediately and directly involved in the event in which the damage occurred.
Warranty and Service
We guarantee this product to be free of manufacturing and assembly defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase. The warranty only applies to material or operational defects, which are present at the time of purchase. During that period, we will repair or replace free of service charge for products deemed defective due to those causes. This warranty is not valid for any damage or subsequent damage arising as a result of misuse, modification, or as a result of failure to observe the procedures outlined in this manual.
Note: The warranty service is valid in China only. If you need warranty service overseas, please contact your dealer in first instance, who is responsible for processing guarantee claims overseas. Due to high shipping costs, and complicated custom clearance procedures to send back to China, please understand that SkyRC can’t provide warranty service to overseas end users directly. If you have any questions which are not mentioned in the manual, please feel free to send an email to
Manufactured by SKYRC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
The manual is subject to change without notice;
Please refer to our website for the latest version!

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