Skmei Smart Watch 1503 Instructin Manual

Skmei Smart Watch



  • 13 Digits, Display Hour, Minute, Year(2000-2049), Day, Month and Week
  • Multifunctional Alarm and Hourly Chime
  • Countdown
  • Snooze
  • 12 / 24H, Full Calendar
  • 1/ 100 second
  • Dual Time
  • EL backlight

Operation Manual

  • In any Mode , press D key for EL backlight ON 3s
  • Press B key to convert MODE as following : Modes

Real Time

Time setting
a).ln normal time C/E key for 3s ,enter into time setting mode and “second” A key adjust “Second” to Zero;Press B Key to select item in turn as follows:

Hour – Minute – Year – Month – Day – Second

b).Press A key to adjust the flashing item

c).Setting second value,if original seconds display 30-59,the minutes value will plus 1 when the seconds return 00;if original seconds display 00-29,the minutes display remain.

d).l2/24 H:in the normal time mode,press A key to select 12/24h


  • This watch with feature of multifunctional alarm.which can set for hours, minutes, months, days. the alarm will sound for 10 seconds when preset time is reached; it will send out “drip” alarm on the hour every hour when the hourly alarm function is turned on.
    a). Daily alarm:
    Set hour and minute ,month and day set to ”
    b).Date alarm:
    Set month ,day,hour,minute.
    c). l-month alarm:
    Set month,hour,minute,and day set to ”
    d).Monthly alarm
    Set day,hour,minute,and month set to
  • Setting alarm
    a).ln the alarm mode,press C/E key for 3s and “hour” flashing,press B Key to select item in turn as follows: Hour – Minute – Month- Day
    b).Press A key to adjust the flashing item
    c).Press C key to finish setting
  • Turn Off Alarm:press any key can stop the alarm when it is ringing
  • Turn On/Off Hour Chime and Snooze :
    a).ln the alarm mode, press C/E key to turn on/off Alarm  and Snooze ( SNZ )
    b).Press A key ,on the “AL :00” C key to turn on /off Hour Chime
    c).Alarm Symbol will still appear in any other mode, if turn on Alarm function before.


  • The measurement range of the stopwatch is 23 hours,59 minutes, 59.99 seconds
  • It keep on measure time until be stopped ,When the time limit is reached, the stopwatch will restart the measurement from 0 again
  • If you exit the stopwatch mode while displaying on the screen during the halfway time, it will automatically return to the elapsed time measurement operation
  • Measure time: Chronograph

Dual Time

  • In dual time press, C/E key for 3 seconds and “hour” flashing
  • Press A key set hour, and hen press B key and “minute” flashing press A again to set the minute.
  • Keep pressing A key can increase value quickly.
  • Press C/E key to exit


  • Countdown can be set within a range of 1 minute to 24 hours, when countdown is 00:00, watch will alarm for 15 seconds, press any key to turn off alarm.
  • Countdown setting:
    a).ln countdown C/E key for 3s to enter setting mode and “hour” flashing
    b). Press B key to choose item in turn as follows:
    Hour to minute
    c). Press A key to increase the value, keep pressing A key can increase value quickly
    Press C/E key to exit and return to countdown mode
    e). Just need set 00:00 to start 24-hour countdown
  • Countdown operation:
    Press A key start or suspend countdown, in suspend state, press C/E key return original start time

Skmei Smart Watch 1503 Instructin Manual – Optimized PDF
Skmei Smart Watch 1503 Instructin Manual – Original PDF

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