The SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 is a versatile and reliable GPS tracking device that can be used for a variety of purposes including vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and personal tracking. To ensure that you get the most out of your device, it is important to read and understand the user manual. This manual provides detailed instructions on how to install, operate, and troubleshoot the device. It also includes information on the LED status indicators, default password and mode, and functions such as setting control numbers, working modes, changing passwords, and getting location with Google link. The manual also provides information on other features such as Geo-Fence, Over-speed Alarm, Mileage, Shock Alarm, Low battery alarm, Call mode, and setting APN and IP and Port. Additionally, the manual includes a FAQ section that answers common questions about the device. By following the instructions in this manual, you can ensure that your SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 operates smoothly and effectively.

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SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 User Manual

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 2

LED Status

 Blue LED— GPS Status

Status Meaning
Flashing No GPS Signal or GPS starting

 Orange LED—GSM Status

Status Meaning
Flashing No SIM card or GSM starting

The default password is: 0000
The default mode is normal working (ACC Mode).
GPS Status: A is get location, V is an invalid location.
The alarm mode is on.
The alarm will send to the 3 control number.
Battery 5 is 100%, 1 is 20%; the battery is from 1 to 5.


1. The GPS antenna side should towards to clear sky.
(Can’t put under Metal, but Glass and Plastic is ok)
SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901- 12. Connect the wires:

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901- Connect the wires


1. Set control number:
Command: Number+pass+blank+serial
Sample: 139504434650000 1
13950443465 is a mobile number, 0000 is the password, 1 is serial means the first number.
When the tracker reply “SET OK” means the setting is ok.
You can set the second and third control number also.

2. Working mode:
ST-901 has both SMS and GPRS working mode.
1. If you want to control it by mobile and use SMS only, you can get Google location from your mobile, then you
can choose SMS mode.
2. If you want to monitor the tracker online in real-time, and you want to install the tracker data for years, you should
choose the GPRS mode.
You can send an SMS to choose the mode.
SMS Mode: (Default)
Command: 700+Password
Sample: 7000000
Reply: SET OK
When ST-901 receives the command, it will change to SMS mode.
GPRS Mode:
Command: 710+Password
Sample: 7100000
Reply: SET OK
When ST-901 receives the command, it will change to GPRS mode.
3. Change Password
Command: 777+New Password+Old password
Sample: 77712340000
1234 is the new password, and the 0000 is the old password.
When ST-901 received the command, it will reply SET OK
4. Get location with Google link
Command: 669+password
Sample: 6690000
When ST-901 receives the command, it will read the GPS data, and send back the location with a Google link; you can open the link to check the tracker location on maps.SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

5. Get location by phone call.
You can use any mobile to call the SIM Card in the tracker, it will reply the location with a Google link; you can open the link to check the tracker location on maps.
SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

When you call the tracker when it is in an invalid location, it will reply the last valid location to you, after it gets the new location again, it will send the seconds SMS to you with a new location.

6. Change Time Zone
Command: 896+password+Blank+E/W+HH
Sample: 8960000E00 (default)
E means East, W means west, 00 meantime zone.
Reply: SET OK
0-time zone is 8960000 00

7. Send location in defined time every day.
It will send to the first control number.
Command: 665+password+HHMM
HH means the hour, it from 00 to 23,
MM means minutes, it from 00 to 59.
Sample: 66500001219
Reply: SET OK
Close the function command: 665+password+OFF (default)
Sample: 6650000OFF
Reply: SET OK

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

8. Geo-Fence (send an alarm to the first number only)
Open Geo-Fence: 211+password
Sample: 2110000
Reply: SET OK
Close Geo-Fence: 210+password
Sample: 2100000
Reply: SET OK
Set the Geo-Fence
Sample: 0050000 1000 (the Geo-Fence is 1000 meters)
Reply SET OK
We suggest the Geo-Fence more than 1000 meters.

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

9. Over-speed Alarm (send Alarm to control numbers)
Command: 122+Blank+XXX
Sample: 1220000 120
Reply: SET OK
The XXX is the speed, from 0 to 999, the unit is KM/H.
If the XXX is 0, it means close the over-speed alarm.

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email
10. Mileage
Set the initial Mileage
Command: 142+Password<+M+X>
X is the initial Mileage, the unit is meter.
Sample: 1420000
Sample: 1420000M1000
Reply: SET OK, CURRENT: 1000
Red the current Mileage
Command: 143+password
Sample: 1430000
XX is the mileage, the unit is meter.

11. Shock Alarm (send SMS alarm to the first number)
Open Shock Alarm: 181+password+T
Sample: 1810000T10
Reply: SET OK
The T meaning shocking time, the unit is second,
It is from 0 to 120 seconds.
Close Shock Alarm: 180+password
Sample: 1800000
Reply: SET OK

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

12. Low battery alarm (send SMS to first number)
When the battery is low, the tracker will send the Low Power Alarm SMS to the first numberSinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901-email

When the battery is Full, Bat:5, means 100%; Bat:4 means 80%, Bat:3 means 60%, Bat:2 means 40%, Bat:1 means
20%. When the Bat is 1, it will send low battery alarm.

13. Call mode
Call mode on:
Command: 150+password
Sample: 1500000
Reply: SET OK

Call mode off
Command: 151+password
Sample: 1510000
Reply: SET OK
When the call mode on, the alarms will call and send SMS to the control number,
When the call mode off, only send SMS.

14. Set APN
Command 1: 803+password+Blank+APN
Sample: 8030000 CMNET
Reply: SET OK

If your APN need user and pass:
Command 2: 803+password+Blank+ APN+Blank+ APN user+Blank+ APN pass
Sample: 8030000 CMNET CMNET CMNET
Reply: SET OK
15. Set the IP and Port
Command: 804+password+Blank+IP+Blank+Port
Sample: 8040000 8090
Reply: SET OK

16. Set the time interval
ACC on time interval (default is 20 seconds)
Command: 805+password+Blank+T
Sample: 8050000 20
Reply: SET OK
T means the time interval, the unit is second,
It from 0 to 18000 seconds,
When T=0 means close GPRS.

ACC off time interval (default is 300 seconds)
Command: 809+password+Blank+T
Sample: 8090000 300
Reply: SET OK
T means the time interval, the unit is second,
It from 0 to 18000 seconds,
When T=0 means close GPRS.

The minimum time interval is 5 seconds.

Online Track:

Please login from or

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901- Online Track

You can also download our APPS on the website to track on your mobile:

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901- Online Track 1

Other Functions:

The tracker will restart.
Read the configure of the tracker
The tracker will reply:
AU08,ID: 8160528336,UP:0000,U1:,U2:,U3:,MODE:GPRS
AU08: software version
ID: 8160528336 (Tracker ID)
UP:0000 (password, default is 0000)
U1:the first control number,
U2:the second control number,
U3:the third control number.
MODE: GPRS (working mode, default is GPRS)
DAILY: OFF (Daily time to report, default off)
GEO FENCE: OFF (Geo Fence, default off)
OVER SPEED: OFF (over speed, default off)
VOICE: ON (Call mode, default on)
SHAKE ALARM: OFF (Shock Alarm, default off)
SLEEP MODE: OFF (sleep mode, default off)
APN:CMNET,,, (APN, default is CMNET)
IP: (The IP and Port)
GPRS UPLOAD TIME:20 (time interval)
TIME ZONE: E00 (Time zone, default is +0)


How much is it a month?

Our tracking platform for free to use life time. But you need to buy a local SIM card with 3G network. If you live in America, we recommand Speed Talk SIM card, monthly $5.
the tracker use 30MB data per month.

Will the device work w/o connecting the acc or orange wire? giving it constant power…

The device will work perfectly fine without the ORANGE/ACC wire.

Is it possible to switch kph to mph?

Sorry, can’t change.

Will it work with AT&T?

Yes, it work with AT&T.

Does anyone know if you can use boostmobile?

Yes, you can use any sim card even boost . Get the 2GB data plan chepest or normal line still gona work

Sending command “8040000 5013” returns setting the port to 149. command wont change the ip address from sinotrack default. help!?

Please charge it about 2 hours,then take it to the outside which signal good place to get GPRS signal. Then send sms RESET to the tracker, when you get reply,you can setting your tracker again.

Does anyone know if you can use boost mobile?

Yes, you can use any sim card even boost . Get the 2GB data plan chepest or normal line still gona work

Map app stock in last location any suggestion or help?

Please send sms RCONF to the tracker and tell us the reply, so that we can help you check if something set wrong.
Our support:

What is does the orange wire connect to in a vehicle? i looked up acc and it is automatic cruise control. on old vehicle what should it connect to?

It’s connect to ACC.
If your car no this ACC port, then you don’t need to connect, tracker still can work.

Which side has the antenna? Does the angled side face up or down?

It’s ID number side.

It work with 12v?

Yes,it can work with 9-80V.

How to get the battery level?

Send an SMS with “BAT”, for example “BAT 5”.

How to get the location?

You can get the location by SMS or GPRS.

why the sinotrack app reports my user id as not active? the tracker is activated and responds to the sms commands accordingly.

Maybe something set wrong. Please send sms RCONF to the tracker and tell us the reply by screenshot. We will help you check it.
Our service:, will reply you within 24 hours.

Is st-901w 3g vehicle car gps tracker can use at north marianas island(saipan)?

This tracker support 2G and 3G network, if your SIM card support these network,then can work at your place.

Reference: SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 User Manual (1)



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  1. I bought gps tracker st-901 on the supplied manual c and wrote (st-901 w 3g / 4g) i inserted 4g card and it doesn’t work.
    Ho comprato gps tracker st-901 sul manuale in dotazione c e scritto ( st-901 w 3g/4g ) ho inserito scheda 4g e non funziona.

  2. Can we use the Sinotrack St-901 Pro GPS Tracker for our own app to track vehicle by multiple user to only one device, how can this be possible

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