SilverCloud UF41

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
SilverCloud UF41
for body and ambient

General description:

  • SilverCloud UF41 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is specially designed to measure body or ambient temperature.

Safety cautions:

  • This device must only be used for the purposes described in this instruction manual.
  • This device must only be used in an ambient temperature range of 5℃~40℃, the best temperature is 25℃.
  • Do not expose this thermometer to extreme temperature environment of >40℃ or <5℃
  • Do not expose this device to electric shocks.
  • Do not use this device in relative humidity higher than 80%RH.
  • Do not use the device near strong electromagnetic fields such as found with cordless or cell phones.
  • Keep the device away from water, heater and direct sunlight.
  • Do not drop or knock the device and do not use if it is damaged.
  • Do not attempt by yourself to disassemble ,repair or re design the device.

Mode setting:

  • Press “SCAN” button to activate the device and at the same time the device will start measuring the temperature. If the mode is “BODY” last time you used, the LCD maybe display “Lo”; if the mode is “SURFACE TEMP” last time you used, the LCD will show the measured result.


  • Press HOME button to switch between BODY and SURFACE TEMP (ambient) measuring mode.
  • Press SET button to switch between°C si °F
  • Hold pressing SET button till the screen displays “On” and you hear a confirmation beep. Release the SET button. Press again SET to disable the alarm.
  • Press LIGHT button to switch to below functions: back light on, laser on, back light off, laser off”
  • Press MEMORY button to consult memories of to consult saved data of the measured results. The memory capacity is 32 results.

Precaution before use:

  • In order to obtain reliable and stable results, when changing the environment to a room with a significant temperature difference, it is recommended to leave the non-contact infrared thermometer to this ambient temperature for 15~20 minutes before using it.
  • Depending various skin types, thickness and body position there may be different measured result. This is normal.
  • Allow 1 minute interval between two measurements.


  • Alarm function once temperature is too high. The default threshold alarm value is 37.8℃ (100.04°F)
  • Automatically save data
  • Automatically power off in 5 seconds if no operation

Display symbols:

Display symbols:

Taking a measurement:

Taking a measurement:
  • Install battery (the batteries are not included)
  • For the first use or when inserting new batteries, wait 10 minutes for the warming-up of the device.
  • Aim towards the forehead as the picture shows, from a distance of 5~10cm, press the scan button and measured data will be immediately displayed on the LCD. Make sure there is no air perspiration, cosmetic or cap covered on forehead. When there is sweat on forehead you can measure behind the ear lobe making sure no hair, sweater or other things cover the ear.
  • Memory recall: Press “M” button to consult measured result
  • Battery replacement: When LCD shows low battery symbol LO it means you must install new batteries. Remove the battery compartment cover and put 2AA (1.5 volt) batteries (alkaline batteries) paying attention to the polarity.
Battery replacement

Trouble shooting:

If you happen to meet one of the following problems while using the device please refer to this breakdown service guide. If the problem persists please contact our customer service. The screen display “HI” when using, which means the temperature you got is over 42℃/107.6°F on “Body” Mode.
The screen display “Lo” when using, which means the temperature you got is under 32°C/90°F on “Body” Mode.
Note: If the default measuring mode is BODY mode, when you turn on the device and measure ambient temperature you will probably see HI or Lo. In this situation, change on “SURFACE TEMP” mode. Possible causes:

  1. The forehead is covered with hair or perspiration.
  2. You are in an area where air currents interfere with the IR flow .
  3. Temperature readings are too close together to make the body temperature have chance to boot itself.
  4. The measuring distance if too far.

Icons description:

Icons description



Normal temperatures according to age:

Normal temperatures according to age:

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