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Vibration Massage Ball User Manual

Vibration Massage Ball, 207333, Sharper Image

Thank you for purchasing the Sharper Image Vibration Massage Ball. Please take a moment to read this guide and store it for future reference.


• 360-degree massage rollers
• Cordless design
• One hand operation
• 2 vibration intensities (soft or strong vibrations)
• For use on back, shoulders neck and more
• Includes 2 vibration balls
• Runs on 3 AAA batteries

• Open the massage ball by twisting it in opposite directions
with your hands
• Insert 3 AAA batteries into the battery compartment
• Close the two halves of the ball back together and twist them
again until the two halves click into place (the two imprinted
arrows on the ball should now be at the same level again)
• Press the button once to turn on
• Cycle through intensity level 1 (strong) and intensity level 2
(soft) by pressing the on button
• Press the button for the third time to turn the device off
Note: Use while standing, lying down or sitting.


• Keep away from children and pets
• This device is for personal use only and is not intended for medical
or commercial purposes
• The device is not waterproof; do not expose it to rain or moisture
• Do not use on areas with swelling, burns, inflammation, open
wounds, fresh wounds, hematomas, bleeding or other injuries
• Do not use the product if it is not working properly, dropped or
• Never use underneath a blanket, pillow, or other bedding
• Keep this device away from sharp objects
• The massage should always feel relaxing. If you experience
discomfort change your position or the contact pressure. If that
doesn’t relieve discomfort discontinue use

• Turn the device off after each use and before cleaning
• Clean the device with a slightly damp cloth only
• Clean the device using only the methods specified. Under no
circumstances should liquid enter the device
• Do not use the device until it is completely dry after cleaning
• Do not clean the device in a dishwasher
• Do not use abrasive cleaning products or hard brushes
• If you don’t plan to use the device for a long period of time store it
in the original packaging in a dry environment

• Batteries shouldn’t be disposed of
in your household waste. They may
contain poisonous heavy metals and are subject to special refuse
• The codes below are printed on batteries containing harmful
Pb = Battery contains lead
Cd = Battery contains cadmium
Hg = Battery contains mercury
• Dispose of the device at a suitable local collection or recycling point
in your country

Sharper Image branded items purchased from include
a 1-year limited replacement warranty. If you have any questions not
covered in this guide, please call our Customer Service department at 1
(877) 210-3449. Customer Service agents are available Monday through
Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.

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