When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including:
  1. NEVER IMMERSE the Main Unit Housing, which contains electrical components and healing elements, in Do not rinse Beneatha faucet.
  2.  TO AVOID ELECTRICAL SHOCK. DO NOT put liquid of any kind into the Main Unit Housing which contains electrical components.
  3. To REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, this plug should only be plugged into o polarized If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If ii still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT ATTEMPT to modify the plug in any way.
  4. MAKE SURE the appliance is plugged into a dedicated wall Kicked. Always make sure that the plug is inserted into the wall socket properly and without any other appliances on the same outlet.
  5. DO NOT OVERFILL the Basket with food or ingredients.
  6. DO NOT COVER the Air Intake Vent or Air Outlet Vent while the Air Fryer Oven is operating. Doing so will prevent even cooking and may damage the Unit or cause it to overheat.
  7. NEVER Pure oil into the Basket. Fire or personal injury could result.
  8. While cooking, the internal temperature of the Unit reaches several hundred degrees Celsius TO AVOID PERSONAL INJURY, never place hands inside the Unit unless it is thoroughly cooled.
  9. This appliance is NOT INTENDED FOR USE by persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or o lock of experience and knowledge unless they are UNDER THE SUPERVISION of a responsible person or hove been given proper instruction in using the appliance. This appliance is NOT INTENDED FOR USE by children.
  10. When cooking, DO NOT PLACE the appliance against a wall or against other appliances. leave at least 12cm of free space an the back and sides and above the apply Do not place anything on tap of the appliance.
  11. DO NOT USE this Unit if the plug, the power cord, or the appliance itself is damaged in any way.
  12. Do NOT PLACE the Unit on top of o stove top surface.
  13. If the power cord is damaged, YOU MUST HAVE IT REPLACED by the manufacturer, or a similarly qualified person in order lo ovoid hazard.
  14. Keep the appliance and its power cord OUT OF THE REACH of children when it is in operation or in the cooling process.
  15. KEEP THE POWERCORD AWAY from hot DO NOT PLUG in the power cord or operate the Unit controls with wet hands.
  16. NEVER CONNECT this appliance lo on external timer switch or separate remote-control system.
  17. NEVER USE this appliance with on extension cord of any kids.
  18. DO NOT OPERATE the appliance on or near combustible materials, such as tablecloths curtains.
  19. DO NOT USE the Air Fryer Oven for any purpose other than described in this manual.
  20. NEVER OPERATE the appliance unattended.
  21. When in operation, air is released through the Air Outlet KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FACE al a safe distance from the Air Outlet Vent. Also avoid the air while removing the Round Basket from the appliance.
  22. The Unit’s outer surfaces may become hot during The round basket will be hot. Wear oven mitts or use the fetch tool when handing hot components. Wear oven milts when handling hot surfaces.
  23. Should the unit emit black smoke, UNPLUG IMMEDIATELY and wait for smoking to stop before removing the oven’s contents.
  24. When time hos run out, cooking will stop but the fan will continue running for 20 secs to cool down the unit.
  25. Always operate the appliance on a horizontal surface that is level, stable, and noncombustible.
  26. This appliance is intended for normal household use II is not intended for use in commercial or retail environments.
  27. If the air fryer oven is used improperly or for professional or semiprofessional purposes or if ii is not used according to the instructions in the user manual, the warranty becomes invalid and the manufacturer will not be held liable for damages.
  28. Always unplug the appliance after use.
  29. Let the appliance cool down for approximately 30 mins before handing, cleaning, or storing.
  30. Make sure the ingredients prepared in this unit come out cooked lo a golden-yellow color rather than dark or brown. Remove burnt remnants.


  1. Before initial use and often subsequent use, hand wash the round basket and other cooking accessories. Then, wipe the outside and inside of the unit with a warm moist doth and mild detergent. finally, preheat the unit for a few minutes to burn off any residue.
  2. The top may smoke the first time ii is used. This is normal.

Should the inner temperature control system fail, the overheating protection system will be activated, and the Unit will slap operating. Should this happen, unplug the power cord. Allow time for the Unit to cool completely before restarting or storing.


The appliance has a built-in shut-off device, that will automatically shut down the Unit when the Timer LED reaches zero. You can manually switch off the appliance by selecting the Power Button. The Ion will continue running for about 20 secs to cooldown the unit.


If the electrical circuit is overloaded with other appliances, your new Unit may not operate properly. It should be operated on a dedicated electrical circuit.


This appliance complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic fields. If handled properly and according to the instructions in this user manual, the appliance is safe to use.

  • Size of product itself: 32.5×35.8×37.6cm
  • Net weight of product itself: 6.2kg
  • Single package size: 372*372 *420mm (color box),3 90*390*450mm (brown carton box]
  • Net weight of product including package: 8.3kg (color box), 8.9kg (brown carton box)
  • Materials: PP+ stainless steel
  • Supply Power: 120V 60Hz Rotted power: 1700W
  • Capacity: 12L Temperature: 150-400°F
  • Display: LED Touch Screen



  1. Main Unit with Control Panel
    Allows you to control the functions of the Unit.
  2. Air Intake Vents
    DO NOT COVER the Air Intake Vents while the unit is operating.
  3. Hot Air Outlet Vents
    DO NOT COVER the Air Outlet Vents while the unit is operating.
  4. Crisper Trays
    Can be used not only far dehydration, but also ta cook crispy snacks or reheat items like pizza.
  5. Drip Tray
    Cook with the Drip Pan in place for easy clean-up.
  6. Rotisserie Spit Assembly & Insertion
    Great for all your Rotisserie needs.
  7. Rotisserie Fetch Tool
    Use to remove cooked roosts and chickens that have been prepared using the rotisserie or skewer methods. place under the Rotisserie Shaft, lift, and then gently extract the food.
  8. Fry Basket
    Allows you to air fry your favorite foods.

NOTE: Please remove any clear or blue protective film on the components prior lo using.

WARNING: Forks, Skewers, and other metal ports with this unit are sharp and will get extremely hot during use. Great care should be taken lo ovoid personal injury. Wear protective oven mills or gloves.


Placing Drip Tray into Unit

  1. Insert Drip Tray into the bottom of the Unit
  2. Cook with the Drip Pan in place for easy clean-up

Placing Crisper Trays into Unit

  1. Place crisper trays into unit by sliding through the side grooves and onto the back lip
  2. Place crisper trays closer to the top heating element for faster cooking and added crisp
  3. Always use oven mitts when oven is hot when inserting crisper trays

Rotisserie Spit Assembly & Insertion

  1. Force the Rotisserie spit through the center of the food lengthwise, then Slide the forks onto each side of the spit and secure them in tightening the two set screws.
  2. Insert the left side of the assembled Rotisserie Spit into the Rotisserie connection inside the Unit.
  3. With 1he left side securely in place, lower the right side of the spit into the Rotisserie connection on 1he right side of the Unit.

Removing Rotisserie Spit from Unit

  1. Open the door of the unit to pause cooking cycle or turn unit off by pressing the power button.
  2. Insert rotisserie fetch tool beneath the rotisserie shalt.
  3. lift the right side al the Rotisserie fetch tool at a slight angle lo clear the bracket, then shift to the right until the left side of the shaft slides out of the rotisserie shaft socket.
  4. Carefully remove the rotisserie spit from the unit.

Using the Fry Basket

  1. With the latch off the Bosket Handle compress the Handle, place it bet-ween the slots on the Fry Bosket, and release the Handle.
  2. Close the latch on the Bosket Handle over the top of the Handle, pressing down on the latch to ensure that it is completely secure.
  3. The door cannot close with the Basket Handle still on the Fry Remove Handle before closing.

NOTE: The Fry Basket con be inserted into the Unit by hand. But the Basket Handle should ALWAYS be used ta remove the Basket from the Unit



  1. Power/Start-Stop Button
    Once the Unit is plugged in, the Power Button will light up. Selecting the Power Button once will cause the full panel to be illuminated. Selecting the Power Button a second time will activate the cooking process at the default temperature of 370DF and time of 15 mins. Selecting the Power Button at any lime during the cooking process will shut down the Unit, causing the display to go dork immediately the running light to go dork within 20 secs. The fan will continue running for 20 secs to cool down the Unit.
  2. Internal Light
    Selecting this button will help you check cooking progress while Unit is in operation.
    NOTE: Opening the door during the cooking process will pause the Unit. Internal light will illuminate if doors open.
  3. Rotation Button
    Select this button when cooking anything using the Rotisserie Mode. Function can be used with any preset. The icon will blink while in use.
  4. Temperature Control Buttons
    These buttons enable you to raise or lower cooking temperature by 5°F intervals ranging from 150″F to 400″F. Dehydration ranges from 90″F to170° F.
  5. Time Control Buttons
    These buttons enable you to select exact cooking time lo the minute, from l min to 90 mins in all modes except when dehydrating, which uses 30-min intervals and an operating time al 2-24 hrs.
  6. LED Digital Display
    The Digital Numeric Display will switch between Temperature and Time Remaining during the cooking process.

Cooking Presets
Selecting any Preset Button sets the Time and Temperature to the Preset’s default value. The cooking process starts automatically five seconds after the preset hos been selected, or the Power Button con be pressed after the Preset Button to start the Oven immediately. You may override these presets with name and Temperature Buttons.

Heating icon
This icon will blink in sequence while cooking is in progress and continue blinking up to 20 secs once you shut Unit down



Preset Button Temperature Time
7 French Fry 400 °F 15min
8 Roost 350°F 25 min
9 Fish 325″F 15min
10 shrimp 320°F 12 min
11 Pizza 360°F 15min
12 Chicken 370°F 40min
13 Baking 320°F 30 min
14 Rotisserie 375°F 30 min/ plus spit rotates
15 Dehydrator 90°F 2 hours {*2-24 hours)
16 Reheat 240°F 12 min

NOTE: Cooking time for whole roasted chicken will vary with weight. Use meat thermometer to check internal temperature as per chart below

Once you are familiar with the Air Fryer Oven, you may want to experiment with your own cooking times and temperatures.

WARNING: Never use a cooking vessel filled with cooking oil or any other liquid with this unit. Fire hazard or personal injury could result


Before using the Air Fryer Oven far the fi t time

  1. Read all malarial, warning stickers and labels.
  2. Remove all packing materials, labels, and slickers.
  3. Wash all parts and accessories used in the cooking process with warm soapy NOTE: Only the accessories are dishwasher safe.
  4. Wipe the inside and outside of the cooking Unit with a clean, moist,

NOTE: Never wash or submerge the cooking Unit in water. When using this Unit, never fill any cooking vessel with oil or liquid of any kind. This Unit cooks with hot air only.


  1. Place the appliance on a stable, level, horizontal, and heat-resistant surface.
  2. Select the cooking accessory for your recipe.

NOTE: Before initial use and after subsequent use, hand wash the Round Basket and other cooking accessories. Then, wipe the outside and inside of the Unit with a worm moist doth and mild detergent. Finally, preheat the Unit for o few minutes to burn off any residue.


  1. NEVER put anything on top of the appliance.
  2. NEVER cover the air vents on the lop and bock of the cooking Unit.
  3. NEVER fill any cooking vessel with oil or liquid of any This Unit cooks with hot air only.
  4. NEVER use the Oven Door as a place to rest a hot Fry Bosket filled with The Hot Fry Basket could damage the Oven Door or cause the Unit to tip. Personal injury could result.
  5. ALWAYS use oven milts when removing hat Crisper Trays.
  1. Place the ingredients on a Crisper Tray, or in the Basket.
  2. Put the Crisper Tray, Basket, or Rotisserie Spit into the unit and shut the oven Plug the power cord into a dedicated outlet.
  3. ‘Main Basket or Rotisserie and food is in Press the Power Bullen.
  4. Select a preset function or manually set the Temperature and then the Refer to the detailed Control Panel instructions.
  5. The Unit will automatically start the cooking cycle a few seconds after a preset function is selected or the Time and/or Temperature ore adjusted manually. Alternatively, you con press the Power Button to begin the cooking cycle immediately once the desired cooking lime and temperature hove been selected

NOTE: You may open the oven door lo view the rotisserie at any time during the process to check the progress. NOTE: Consul! the Charts in this manual or the Recipe Books to determine the correct settings


Foods that are smaller in size usually require a slightly shorter cooking time than larger ones.

  1. Large quantities of food only require a slightly longer cooking lime than smaller quantities.
  2. Flipping or turning smaller sized foods halfway through the cooking process ensures that all the pieces are evenly
  3. Misting o bit of vegetable oil on fresh potatoes is suggested for a crispier When adding o little ail, do so just before cooking.
  4. Snacks normally cooked in on oven can also be cooked in the Air Fryer Oven
  5. Use premade dough lo prepare filled snacks quk:kly and easily. Pre-mode dough also requires a shorter cooking time than homemade

Place a baking tin or oven dish in the Power Air Fryer Oven Elite when baking a coke or quiche. A tin or dish is also suggested when cooking fragile or filled foods


When removing cooked or hot food, use the Rotisserie Fetch Tool or oven mitts. The Fetch Tool con also be used with Rotisserie Spit.


  1. During the cooking process, the accessories will become very hot. When you remove ii to check on the progress, make sure you hove a trivet or a heat-resistant surface nearby ta set ii down on. NEVER place accessories directly an a countertop or Table.
  2. Cooking accessories will get hot during the air frying process. Wear oven mitts and handle with core to AVOID Injury.

Clean the Air Fryer Oven after each use. The accessories ore mode of durable stainless steel and are dishwasher sole. Never use abrasive dealing materials or utensils on these surfaces. Caked-on food should be soaked for easy removal in worm, soapy water.
Remove the power cord from the wall socket and be certain the appliance is thoroughly cooled before cleaning.

  1. Wipe the outside of the appliance with a warm, moist cloth and mild detergent.
  2. Cleon the inside of the appliance with hot water, o mild detergent, and a nonabrasive sponge.
  3. If necessary, remove unwanted food residue from the upper screen with a cleaning
  1. Unplug the appliance and let ii cool thoroughly.
  2. Make sure all components are clean and dry.
  3. Place the appliance in the clean, dry place.


Problem Possible Cause Solution
The power of the Air Fryer Oven does not work.
  1. The appliance is not plugged in.
  2. You have not turned the Unit on by setting the preparation time temperature.
  1. Plug power cord into wall socket
  2. Set the temperature and lime. Check that the door is closed.
Food not cooked.
  1. The Round Basket Is overloaded.
  2. The temperature Is set too low.
  1. Use smaller batches far more even frying.
  2. Raise temperature and continue cooking
Food is not heed evenly. Some foods need to be turned during the cooking process. See General operations section in this manual.
White smoke coming from Unit.
  1.  Oil is being used
  2. Accessories hove excess grease residue from previous cooking.
  1.  Wipe down to remove excess ail.
  2. Clean the Round Bosket after each use.
French fries ore not fried evenly.
  1.  Wrong type of potato being used.
  2. Potatoes not blanched properly during preparation.
  1. Use fresh, firm potatoes
  2. Use cut sticks and pot dry to remove excess starch.
Fries ore not crispy. Raw fries have too much water.
  1. Dry potato sticks properly before misting oil. Cut sticks smaller. Add a bit more oil.

Blanch cut potatoes.


Display shown Possible Cause Solution
E1 Broken circuit of the thermal sensor Coll Customer Service
E2 Short circuit the thermal sensor Coll Customer Service


  1. Can I prepare foods other than fried with with my Air Fryer Oven?
    You con prepare a variety of dishes, including sleeks, chops, burgers, and baked goods.
  2. Is the Air Fryer Oven good for making or reheating soups and sauces?
    Never cook or reheat liquids in the Air Fryer
  3. What do I do if the Unit shuts down while operating?
    As a safety feature, the Air Fryer Oven hos on Auto Shut-Off feature that prevents it from overheating. Unplug and allow the Unit lo cool down. Plug back in and restart with the Power Button.
  4. Does the Unit need time to heat up?
    Preheating is needed when you are cooking from a cold start, add 3 mins to the cook lime ta compensate.
  5. Is ii possible lo shut off the Unit at any time?
    Press the Power Button once or open the
  6. Can I check the food during the cooking process?
    You can remove the Round Basket at any time while cooking is in progress. During this time, you con Aid the contents on the Crisper Trays if needed to ensure even cooking. Time and temperature will resume where you left off.
  7. Is the Power Air Fryer Oven dishwasher safe?
    Only the accessories ore dishwasher safe. The Unit itself containing the heating coil and electronics should never be submersed in liquid of any kind or cleaned with anything more than a hot, moist cloth or nonabrasive sponge with a small amount of mild detergent.
  8. What happens if the Unit still does not work after I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions?
    Never attempt a home Contact the manufacturer and follow the procedures set forth by the warranty. Failure to do so could render your warranty null and void.
  9. Can the door be removed for cleaning?
    Yes, the door of the Air Fryer Oven can be removed by opening the door, pushing the buttons on the bottom of the door, and take out the door from underneath. This allows you to clean the door more easily. To place the door back, simply put the connection back into the slot in the door


Your SHAQ product is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For a period of one year following dote of purchase, SHAQ will repair or replace your product should ii fail due to a manufacturer’s defect (subject ta certain limitations such as, but not limited to, use of the product as directed or performing the intended function during which the product may become damaged).

This one-year limited warranty does not cover any damage that results from unauthorized or improper use, ser.-ice, or repair.

Further, it does not cover damage caused by accident, negligence, purposeful harm, or normal wear and tear. Should you discover your SHAQ product is not functioning properly, please send your product to our repair center for evaluation, al the address listed below. II your product cannot be repaired or serviced, we reserve the right to exchange it for a similar or newer model.

Please note that a flat processing fee of $52.00 will be charged lo cover the service evaluation and return shipping of your product. All limited warranty claims must be accompanied by a copy of your proof al purchase from on authorized retailer. Please send your product, proof of purchase, and a check or money order in the amount of $52.00 made out lo SHAQ to:

SHAQ Services
3069 Taft Street
Hollywood, FL 33021

[email protected]

By purchasing this product and/or utilizing this limited warranty, you expressly waive the right to be o member of or the lead plaintiff in any class action or any group civil action against the manufacturer and agree that any dispute involving SHAQ shall be resolved in Broward County, Florida as the exclusive jurisdiction in any court case and/or proceeding.

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SHAQ AIR FRYER OVEN 12QT [pdf] User Manual

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