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* Screws and, if necessary, dowels are not included.

Important safety instructions

  • Read and follow the safety and mounting instructions, keep these instructions easily accessible and always include them when passing the product on to third parties.
  • When mounting, follow the local, national and international regula-tions and standards.

Intended use

The AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) is a bracket for wall mounting the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Plus (model: SB02M). For the proper mounting of the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) together with the Soundbar, you require additional mounting elements (not included) for wall mounting. The AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) must not be used for other purposes or in other environments. In case of any damage or any deviation from the safety and mounting instructions, you must immediately dismount the Soundbar and the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM).

Required qualifications

The AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) must be mounted to the wall by a specialist. Due to his/her technical training, knowhow and experience as well as  nowledge of relevant provisions, regulations and standards, the specialist must be able to assess assigned tasks, recognize potential hazards and ensure appropriate safety measures.

Safety instructions for mounting

  • Since the Soundbar has a heavy weight, perform the work in pairs and meanwhile place the Soundbar on a stable and flat surface that provides enough weight-bearing capacity.
  • Place the Soundbar on a soft surface to avoid scratching the surface during the work.
  • Always use the enclosed original accessories.
  • During mounting, ensure that the Soundbar is adequately secured against dropping.
  • The flat, non-slip wall must be able to support the weight of the Soundbar and all accessories used, so that no parts can fall down even if the power or audio cables are pulled strongly. Calculate the weight and, if necessary, take into account additional leverage.
  • When mounting the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) to the wall, use adequately sized mounting hardware (not included) that will provide secure support for the entire weight.
  • Do not use the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) in environ-ments where it is exposed to external vibrations.
  • Check every 3 months that all screws are properly tightened and that the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM), the Soundbar and the wall to which the AMBEO Soundbar wall mount (SB02-WM) is mounted are in proper condition.

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Publ. 06/22, 591157/A01

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SENNHEISER SB02-WM Wall Mount [pdf] Instruction Manual
SB02-WM Wall Mount, SB02-WM, Wall Mount

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