SENNHEISER Control Cockpit EW-DX Control Monitoring and Firmware Updates


Sennheiser Control Cockpit: EW-DX control, monitoring and firmware updates
To control, monitor and perform firmware updates for EW-DX you will need our Sennheiser Control Cockpit software. This document outlines how to install and configure Control Cockpit and update your EW-DX products.
Installing Control Cockpit
The installation file of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software can be downloaded from the Sennheiser Control Cockpit product page: Control Cockpit audio software | Sennheiser
Follow these simple steps to have the software installed:

  • Save the downloaded installation file SennheiserControlCockpitInstaller.exe on the host PC
  • Start the installation process
  • Click on Options if you want to change to the standard settings of the installationSENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig1
  • Adjust the settings as desired and click on OKSENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig2
  • Please note to include http:// for the proxy URL
  • The installation window will be displayed again
  • Agree to the license terms and conditions
  • Click on InstallSENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig3
  • The Sennheiser Control Cockpit will be installed. Afterwards, the following dialog is displayed:SENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig4
  • Restart the host PC to start using Control Cockpit
  • Before using Control Cockpit for the first time you need to enter your Activation Key
  • Click on Get your activation key to open the following address:
  • Click on Activate after you have received your activation key

For further instructions on how to use Sennheiser Control Cockpit, please refer to the following manual: Sennheiser Control Cockpit – Software Manual

Updating EW-DX

Once Sennheiser Control Cockpit software is installed and activated, you can proceed to update EWDX devices.

Please follow these simple steps:

  • Connect EW-DX to the same network as your PCSENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig6
  • EW-DX will be automatically discovered by Control Cockpit
  • Go to the device page and select the latest available firmware (firmware 1.1.3 as of November 2022), accept the license agreement, and update your receiverSENNHEISER-Control-Cockpit-EW-DX-Control-Monitoring-and-Firmware-Updates-fig7
  • Your EW-DX has been successfully updated

For conformity, consistency and compatibility reasons, we strongly recommend always upgrading the system to the new release.

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SENNHEISER Control Cockpit EW-DX Control Monitoring and Firmware Updates [pdf] User Guide
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