Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N
Sirius User's Manual

Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N Sirius User's Manual

Safety Instructions

This product has been designed with the utmost safety in mind. However, incorrect use may lead to electric shock or fire. This 1s why users should observe the following 1nstruct1ons when using this device.

This device uses a semiconductor unit and contains no user serviceable parts. Do not disassemble this device, otherwise you
are exposed to the risk of electric shock. If any damage to this product occurs, please have this product repaired b~ a qualified service technician.

Power source
Power supply of this unit must be match the serial plate data.

Heal source
Keep this unit out of heal sources like stove or direct sunlight.

Prior to cleaning, please disconnect power first. For cleaning, don’t use liquid detergents or caustic liquids – just clean the unit with a soft cloth.

Heavy objects
Do not place heavy objects on the unit, otherwise damage might occur.

Connecting other devices
Before connecting other devices to this unit, please make sure to disconnect power. Otherwise damage to the unit or personal injury might occur.

Faults to be repaired
If any of the following problems occurs, please disconnect power to the unit and contact a qualified service technician.

  1. Power cord or plug is damaged.
  2. Liquids or other foreign objects have penetrated inside the product.
  3. If the unit does not work even if it’s being operated according to the instructions, don’t press an~ buttons other than those described in these instructions. Otherwise, damage to this unit may occur along with a more demanding repair.
  4. This unit has fallen on the ground from a big height.
  5. Burns can be smelled from the product inside.

If you don’t have enough technical knowledge necessary to maintain this unit, don’t attempt to repair it by yourself. By removing cover, you are exposed to a risk of electric shock. If needed, please contact a qualified service technician.

Replacement of parts
If you need to replace any part of this unit, ask your service technician to make a replacement for equal spare part models.
If other spare part models are used for replacement, serious damage, electric shock or shortening the unit’s lifetime may occur .

Safety check
When done with the maintenance, ask your service technician to perform an on-site safety check to make sure that the unit’s operation is safe.

Before using this product, read these instructions carefully and keep it well for future use.

Supply content

Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N Sirius - Box Content

A. BT speaker
B. 3.5mm audio Jack
C. Micro USB charging cable
D. User’s manual

Description of the BT speaker

Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N Sirius - Description of the BT speaker

  1. LED indicator
  2. NFC chip
  3. AUX IN mini jack (3.5 mm) socket
  4. Charging socket (micro USB)
  5. Volume increase button/next track
  6. “Play/Pause” button, call answering/rejecting, change sound made
  7. Volume decrease button/previous track
  8. Power On button

Putting into operation

Before first use, be sure to read the safety instructions contained in this user’s manual carefully. Before first use, please charge the BT speaker to a maximum level. Hold down the power On button to turn on the BT speaker. Turning on/off is indicated by a sound signal. To turn the BT speaker oil, hold down the power On button .

electric shock Warning Icon

Alter a longer period of inactivity, the appliance will turns itself oil.

LED indicator

The LED indicator shows the following states of the BT speaker:

  • Blinking blue – the unit is ready to be paired via Bluetooth and the source of the audio signal is not connected
  • Solid blue – the BT speaker is paired with another device via Bluetooth
  • Solid green – audio jack is connected to the device
  • Blinking red accompanied b~ acoustic signal – the unit is discharged
  • Solid red – the device is being charged

Pairing devices via Bluetooth

Turn on the BT speaker and search for its Bluetooth name ‘SSS 6400N’ in the device to which you wish to pair and start
the pairing process. If you are requested to enter a pairing code while your device and the BT speaker are pairing, use the code: ‘DODO’.

To disconnect the paired unit, press buttons ‘+” (volume increase) and “-” (volume decrease), until blinking blue LED indicator appears. The BT speaker remembers the last 8 paired units to which it will connect upon powering up.

To ensure a stable Bluetooth connection, make sure that the distance between the BT speaker and your connected device is kept within 10m.

electric shock Warning Icon

Some connected devices support common volume setting. If some of the connected devices do not support this feature, the volume setting will operate separately on each device.

TWS function

If you buy another Bluetooth speaker (,,SSS 64OON”), you can pair both speakers together for optimum stereo sound. First, make sure your device is not connected to any BT speaker. Turn both speakers on. If using the TWS feature for the first time, press the Power button twice on one speaker.
The speakers will be paired automatically. If you have paired the speakers before, just turn both BT speakers on and wait
until they pair automatically. Blue LED indicator will stop blinking and when the BT speakers are paired, it will be lit on
both devices.
Changing the volume level using the volume control buttons will take effect automatically on both paired BT speakers. Pressing and holding the power On button on one of the speakers will turn both paired speakers off.

If the BT speakers fail to be paired successfully to transfer stereo sound, turn all engaged units off and then on again.

NFC feature

Enable your device’s NFC feature, if equipped, and place your device near the NFC chip on the BT speaker. Follow the instructions on your device. If the connection is established successfully, your device and the BT speaker will be connected automatically.

Audio AUX IN

The BT speaker is equipped with a 3.5mm jack. Your device can be connected to the BT speaker via the supplied audio cable. First connect the audio plug to your device and then to the BT speaker’s jack.

Notice: Before connecting your device to the BT speaker, ensure that the output signal from your device is at its minimum level (minimum output volume). This will prevent the BR speaker from damage. When the BT audio cable is connected, the speaker does not meet the IPX6 protection class and in not water-resistant.

In this made, not all functions of the BT speaker are available. The Bluetooth function is not active if the audio jack is connected to the BT speaker.

Play/Pause button

  • Press the Play/Pause button to start or stop music playback during a Bluetooth connection.
  • The incoming call to a Bluetooth connected paired device will be accompanied by an acoustic signal which will
    interrupt the music being played back. To answer/hang up an incoming call, press the Play/Pause button briefly. To reject incoming call, long press and hold the button.
  • Double click the play/pause button to change the sound mode. The LED indicator slowly flash blue in outdoor mode, and the LED indicator keep solid blue in indoor mode.

This speaker’s default mode is indoor.

Mode Change Button : Outdoor/Indoor

The reception of the BT speaker’s microphone may be attenuated due to the device’s water resistance. To improve the reception, please speak loud and in the vicinity of the BT speaker.

Volume and track playback control

To control the BT speaker’s volume(+/- buttons), use the buttons on the BT speaker. During music playback, you can press and hold the “+” button to jump to the next track playback. To select the previous track, press and hold the”-” button.


A charged battery provides power for several hours of operation at normal volume levels. A high volume consumes more battery power; therefore, we recommend listening at normal volume levels. To charge the BT speaker, please connect the charging adapter to the mains and then to the BT speaker. Attention: For charging, use only the original accessories supplied with the appliance. To achieve the maximum battery lifetime, it is best to start charging the battery after the low battery power notification by the LED indicator. Charge continuously until fully charged. When the battery operating time becomes very short, the battery lifetime has been used up; we recommend that you have the battery replaced at your authorized center.

If the unit is not to be used for an extended period of time, we recommend to fully charge the battery once every two to three months. We recommend lo store the unit with a the battery charged to prevent irreparable damage to the battery (loss of capacity).

Ingression protection (IPXS)

The unit has an increased protection class. The IPX6 protection ensures that the unit is protected against splash water.

electric shock Warning Icon

Remember to always seal the BT speaker’s inputs with original blind plugs (No.3-4 in figure “description of the BT speaker”) and make sure the plugs are not damaged. Never charge the unit during possible contact with fluids. The unit is designed for contact with clean water only without any additives. Avoid exposing the unit to contaminated or industrially treated fluids (such as lemonade, sea/salt water, oils, etc.).

Technical specifications


Water-resistant speaker with IPX6 protection
The speaker cover is made of superior fibres
Easy connection via NFC
TWS function (True Wireless Stereo)
Status LED indicator


Maximum speaker output 30W (Impedance: 40)
Total power output (RMS) 25W
2 speakers+ 2 passive radiators
DSP digital sound processor
Frequency response: 80 Hz – 16kHz
Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 1%


Bluetooth Audio 4.2
Connection distance: up to 15m
External audio input (AUX) (3.5mn stereo connector)


Textile Strap for Easy Handle
Handsfree feature
Built-in rechargeable batter~: 4,000 mAh Li-Ion
Playback time: approx. 7 hours
Micro USB charging
Max. charging time: 3 hours
Accessories: USB charging cable, 3.5 mm external cable (AUX), user’s manual
Dimensions: 187 x 78 x 78mm
Weight: 620g


Return the packaging to a collection center for disposal.


Do Not Waste Icon

This symbol placed on the product, accessories or package notifies that the product must not be treated as household waste. Please dispose of this product in a collection center designed for recycling electric and electronic equipment. In same EU or European countries, you can return your products to your local dealer when buying a new equivalent product. Proper disposal of this product helps save valuable natural resources and prevents possible adverse impacts on the environment and human health that might be caused by improper waste disposal. For further information, please contact your local authorities or the nearest waste disposal collection center. Wrong disposal of this type of waste ma~ be subject lo a legal penalty.

Far EU companies
If you need to dispose of an electric or electronic device, ask your dealer or supplier for necessary information.

Disposal in countries outside the European Union
To dispose of this product, please ask the ministry or your dealer for the necessary information on correct disposal.

CE Logo

The product meets the respective EU requirements.

FAST CR, a.s. hereby declares that the radio equipment type SSS 6400N SIRIUS conforms to the 2014/53/EU Directive. For full version of the EU declaration of conformity, please refer to website.

Changes in the text, design and technical specifications may be made without prior notice and we reserve the right to make such changes.

The original version is in Czech.
Address of the manufacturer: FAST CR, a.s., Cernokostelecka 1621, Ricany CZ-251 01

Warranty conditions

A warranty card is not included with this product.

This product is warranted for the period of 24 months from the date of purchase to the end-user. Warranty is limited to the following conditions. Warranty is referred only to the customer goods using for common domestic use. The claim for service can be applied either at dealer’s shop where the product was bought, or at below mentioned authorized service shops. The end-user is obligated to set up a claim immediately when the defects appeared but only till the end of warranty period. The end user is obligated ta cooperate ta certify the claiming defects. Only completed and clean (according ta hygienic standards) product will be accepted. In case of eligible warranty claim the warranty period will be prolonged by the period from the date of claim application till the date of taking over the product by end-user, or the date the end-user is obligated ta take it over. To obtain the service under this warranty, end-user is obligated ta certify his claim with duly completed following documents: receipt, certificate of warranty, certificate of installation.

This warranty is void especially if apply as follows:

  • Defects which were put on sale.
  • Wear-out or damage caused by common use.
  • The product was damaged by unprofessional or wrong installation, used in contrary to the applicable instruction manual, used in contrary to legal enactment and common process of use or used for another purpose which has been designed for.
  • The product was damaged b\:j uncared-for or insufficient maintenance.
  • The product was damaged by dirt, accident of force majeure (natural disaster, fire, and flood).
  • Defects on functionality caused by low duality of signal, electromagnetic field interference etc.
  • The product was mechanically damaged (e.g. broken button, fall).
  • Damage caused by use of unsuitable media, fillings, expendable supplies (batteries) or by unsuitable working conditions (e.g. high temperatures, high humidity, quakes).
  • Repair, modification or other failure action to the product by unauthorized person.
  • End-user did not prove enough his right to claim (time and place of purchase).
  • Data on presented documents differs from data on products.
  • Cases when the claiming product cannot be identified according to the presented documents (e.g. the serial number or the warranty seal has been damaged).

Authorized service centers
Visit for detailed information about authorized service centers.

Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N Sirius User’s Manual – Optimized PDF
Sencor Bluetooth Speaker SSS 6400N Sirius User’s Manual – Original PDF

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