SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device FEA

SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device

SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device PRO


  1. SOL device is charged with an USB cable.
  2.  Please keep in mind that you should fully charge the device before using it.
  3.  Please recharge the device if it isn’t used for a longer period of time .
  4.  The box contains SOL facial cleansing device (rechargeable), 1 silicone head (replaceable) 2 replaceable brush heads (1 brush for soft skin and another brush for normal skin), 1 micro USB cable, user manual.
  5. The device is water resistant, please pay attention to the silicone cover at the bottom of the device where the charging USB jack is always closed.
  6. Please read the user manual before starting the cleansing routine and before start the device and keep it for future use.

Product structure

SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device 1

How to use the 4 modes ?
SOL is suitable for all skin types, you can choose one of the 4 modes according to your needs, effectively removing dead cells and impurities. After the cleaning program you will have a deep cleansed skin.

  1. With a single push, the Sol device starts and so you can start the normal cleaning program (can be used with all 3 heads)
  2.  Press twice to change the program to the deep pore cleansing program (can be used with all 3 heads)
  3.  Press 3 times to change the program to the delicate massage and cleansing program (can be used with all 3 heads)
  4.  Press 4 times to change the program to massage and cleansing program. (can be used with all 3 heads)
  5. Press 5 times to return to the first program
  6.  If you press 2 seconds continuously in any program you can turn the device off.
  7. Being a smart device it has the function to memorize the last time used program.
  8. When the device displays a flashing light 5 times and shuts down, it means that it has no battery and must be charged.
  9. Sonic cleansing & firming massage: this elegant facial cleansing brush has 4 modes for your choice: mild cleansing, cleansing, gentle massage and massage. The sonic cleansing can help you minimize pores visibly and reduce the dark circles. The firming massage makes you obtain firmer feeling contours. It’s highly recommended to use it 2 times per day.
  10. Three interchangeable brush heads:the silicone, the short hairbrush (for normal skin) and super soft brush heads (for sensitive skin) are suitable for all skin types. The silicone brush head is not only medical-grade and quick-drying, but also completely nonporous and resistant to bacteria build-up. The 2 soft clean brush heads, which are also called sensitive face brush heads, have exceptionally gentle touch and excellent cleansing results. Remember to replace the brush head every 3 months.
  11. with your last cleansing mode next time. The pulsations will pause every 15 seconds to remind you of cleansing a new zone during 1-min cleansing time.  Smart skin care device: this 4-in-1 beauty device has intelligent habit memory which makes it start

SOL – Generalities

The device has a modern design and incorporates the ultimate technology, it is easy to use, designed to bring you relaxation wherever you are, it is better than washing your hands with your skin. It helps in removing makeup much better than using wet wipes. The massage mode further stimulates the absorption of skin care products. You will have smoother and radiant skin after using it twice a day! The device has anti-aging effects, visibly reducing wrinkles and circles. It also visibly reduces the signs of aging on the face, neck. The vibrations of the device will redefine the contour of the skin face and will create a lifting effect on the face and neck area.

  •  Please use it with a special cleaning foam dedicated to your skin type,
  •  It can be used on cleansed skin, with foam or skin cleansing gel at any time of day.
  •  In the box you will find all 3 cleaning heads.
  •  The vibrations of different intensities depending on the selected program have the role of cleaning the pores in depth and at the opening of the pores, in order to complete your care routine properly we recommend applying a moisturizing cream or a moisturizing serum in order to smooth and obtain the maximum results.
  •  It promotes blood circulation, brings to the surface the impurities of the pores and skin. Over time it reduces pores and improves the physical appearance of the skin.
  • The device is charged via USB cable, it is compact and convenient, it is designed to save energy and protect the environment.

How to use?

SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device 2

  1. SOL is recommended to be used after you remove your make-up;
  2. Put the desired brush on the device, pull straight up to remove the brush from the device, choose the desired brush and secure it by gently
  3. Apply the cleansing gel/foam to the brush or the damp skin
  4. Turn on the machine by pressing the ON / OFF button
  5. Select the desired program by pressing the on / off button
  6. We recommend using the device starting with the “T” area, that of the forehead, gently lowering and by circular movements towards the nose and eyelids area, continuing towards the cheeks and completing the routine of cleaning your skin with the chin
  7. Start the desired program with circular movements that you repeat in the mirror and on the other side of the face. In the nose area we recommend to use from the bottom up each side, when you reach the eye area we recommend to use the device gently, to reduce the intensity so as not to penetrate the eye cleaning solution or to cause
  8. The device should be used on each face area separately, so after 15 seconds, you will notice a brief pause of the pulses, this is the signal to change the application
  9. Rinse the face with plenty of water after the cleaning routine is completed (after 1 minute).
  10. Apply your favorite skincare products (creams, serums) all over the face


  •  SOL is a device that vibrates continuously once it has been switched on. Allows the 4-step setting of the desired cleaning program.
  •  In the box you will find 3 cleaning brushes designed for all skin types (greasy, sensitive, normal, mixed)
  •  If the device is not used it will automatically shut down after 1 minute, for safety reasons and for environmental protection.
  •  The recommended time of use is about 1-2 minutes per session, it can be used up to 2 x daily, in the morning and in the evening.
  •  A complete facial cleansing brush system: Kit includes 3 facial-cleansing brush: 1 replaceable silicone head and 2 replaceables brush heads (1 brush for soft skin and another brush for normal skin). These heads are suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Gently apply on the face and the sonic vibrating power can effectively clear the hidden dirt, grease and other residual make up.
  •  The waterproof design of the SOL device is not only compact & convenient, but also offers a unique cleansing experience.
  •  USB charging, 380mA large capacity battery, the durability for one-fully charged can last for 20-30days. In approximately 2-4 hours the device can be fully charged.
  •  The Sol device has 14400 vibrations / min , it perfectly matches on your facial contour.
  •  4 operating programs: gentle cleaning, deep cleaning, soothing and invigorating massage. You can customize the skincare routine and adjust the programs as you wish.

How to clean?-

  1.  Press the button ON/OFF for 3 seconds, to stop the device.
  2. Rinse the top of the device and clean the product with a soft cloth.
  3.  Close the protection cover and store the device in a dry and ventilated place.


  1.  Please read the manual before using and keep the manual for the future use.
  2.  Charging the device is done using the USB cable, charging from the discharged battery stage to the full charging stage takes approximately 3-4 hours.
  3.  The flashing LED that lights up 5 times and then turns off the device, indicates that the device no longer has a battery and that it must be charged.
  4.  During charging, the flashing light will appear, when the light remains constant then the device is fully charged. We do not recommend leaving it for more than 24 hours to charge to protect the battery.
  5.  The device has a function to store the program, when you start it, it will automatically enter the mode you last used.
  6.  The device will be turned off automatically if it is not used for more than 1 minute.
  7.  The device can also be used on the neck.
  8.  Stop using the appliance if you feel irritation or pain.
  9.  The device is waterproof, however please pay attention to the silicone cover at the bottom of the device where the charging socket is always closed.
  10.  Place the product in a dry, ventilated place to avoid direct exposure to the sun and make sure there are no corrosive chemicals.
  11.  The material for cleaning the device may be cotton.
  12.  Maintenance Note: Please use skin care products in moderate quantities, as they may get into this device near the silicone cover at the bottom of the device and may damage it. After use, it is recommended that you clean this device with a clean cloth.
  13. . Do not use the device when it is charging!
  14.  To avoid any danger, keep out of the reach of children.
  15.  Avoid exposing the device to the sun. Make sure you store it in a cool, dry place.


The device suddenly has no vibration, does not work, what is the reason? □  Check that the device is turned on.

□  Check that the device has closed the cover of the USB charging socket

□  Check that the device is turning on correctly.

□  Restart the device after you switch it off.

When you use it, the vibration stops sometimes, is it normal? □ Yes, this device adopts an intelligent technology, after every 15 seconds of use in contact with the

skin it stops for a second to indicate that you must change the application area.


Can I use this device every day?

□ Yes, the vibration intensity of this device is smartly designed. It can be used up to 2 times per




I have a severe rash or irritation at the skin level, can I use the product?

□ This device is made of high quality materials however we do not recommend using the device

in case of skin with severe lesions or rash. It is recommended for people who face mildly irritated skin, allergies, acne, blemishes, dark circles and other problems.


Is it recommended to use daily?

□    The device can be used at any time, after 1 min / session, for the best good results

Technical specifications

Voltage 3.7 V
Power 1.5 W
Waterproof IPX7
Stand by time 60 days
Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 7.6 cm

Warranty card

Name _______________________ Purchase date ______________
Phone _______________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________

  1.  The warranty period is one year, effectively from the date of purchase.
  2.  The warranty scope only refers to the problems of Sempasi branded products caused due to the production, technique and quality.
    1.  The cases of the following circumstances, even during the warranty period , should also be repaired by user cost:
    2.  the damage caused by usage, maintaining and storage not according to the user manual;
    3.  the damage caused due to incorrect operation, such as power is not normal or others accidental events (eg:drop) ;
    4.  the damage caused by dismantling of maintenance from people who are not responsible to Sempasi;
    5.  those who cannot present this warranty card and a valid purchase invoice;
    6.  those warranty recorded information not conform to the actual commodity remark, or altered identification happens
    7.  damage due to force majeure (such as lighting, earthquakes, fire, flood, etc)
    8.  the device is used on animals
  3.  When contacting brand distributor or manufacturer for warranty repair, please present the warranty card and purchase invoice
  4.  During the warranty period ,the manufacturer will replace the faulty part free, but the freight out and home should be borne by the customer .
  5.  The warranty card shall be filled in block letters in clear written, no alteration allowed, please keep well, if lost there will be no duplicate provided.
  6.  The final interpretation of the warranty card belongs to the Sempasi brand.
  7.  Due to the reason of product upgrade, or package upgrade, the information contained in this warranty is subject to change without notice.

Documents / Resources

SEMPASI 551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device [pdf] Instruction Manual
551580 Intelligent facial cleansing device, 551580, Intelligent facial cleansing device

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