Seg Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location

Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location


  • BRAND: Seg
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Fast Charging, Waterproof
  • SIZE: 36 mm in diameter
  • SIZE:9*3.9cm


It has Extremely long battery life and quick charging. In order for your pet to receive more thorough care, one device is bound by several persons, and one pet is looked after by the entire family. When pets enter the range of an electronic fence, the positioning system will immediately sound an alarm. It is Easy to use, clever APP. modern waterproof and dustproof construction.


Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location (1)

If your pet is lost, all you have to do is just One-click navigation of the application and you will find your dog’s location.


Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location (2)

The function of the application is simple and easy to use, without complicated operation It can monitor, search and track pets. It is suitable for anyone to use.


Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location (3)

One device is bound to many people, and one pet is cared for by the whole family, so that your pet can get more comprehensive care.


Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location (4)

It has Deep waterproof design, enhanced environmental protection ABS, bathing, swimming, soaking, anti-bite, anti-drop, anti-loss.


Pet Locator, Anti-Lost, Small Tracker for Cat Pet Location (5)

It has Precise GPS + Beidou + lLBS + WiFi positioning, historical track playback, electronic fence.


How durable are pet trackers?

The claimed battery life ranges from two to three months, depending on how active your dog is (the more your dog moves, the more it geolocates, which drains battery).

How far can a pet tracker go?

Only about 30 feet (10 meters) away from you can use a Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on your pet.

How does a cat tracker operate?

The GPS tracks your pet’s location using satellites, and you can then access the app on your phone to see where they are.

How reliable are pet locators?

The Tractive GPS primarily uses GPS signals to pinpoint where your pet is. In ideal circumstances, GPS position accuracy is typically 7.8 meters.

How does a pet locator function?

It’s actually quite easy; the owner of the animal has a remote for the tracking base, and the animal has a tag on its collar. Simply using RF signals, the base remote locates the tag and notifies you if you are heading in the right direction in search of your missing pet.

Animal trackers’ sources of power

Devices are either powered on only when necessary or have a large battery.

Are trackers powered?

GPS tracking devices will need the following features in order to track and monitor unpowered assets: It must have a separate power source.

Can trackers be used offline?

Yes, you can use GPS tracking without an internet connection as long as your phone has offline maps.

If I unplug my tracker, what happens?

The device will automatically alert the management app when unplugged so that the fleet manager can take action to track the vehicle.

Do trackers experience battery issues?

Your GPS Tracker’s battery life will range from 7 days to 3 months between charges, depending on how you use it.

What can disable a tracking mechanism?

It’s true that obstructions to GPS signals include damp trees, aluminum foil, plastic containers, and even a tin box loaded with dense things.

Can you hack a tracker?

Multiple high severity vulnerabilities in a common GPS tracker found in millions of automobiles around the world allow threat actors to track the whereabouts of the vehicles, turn them off entirely, cut off their fuel, and remotely manipulate the devices.

Are trackers WIFI-enabled?

The location of your car is then determined by the tracker by observing how long it takes for satellite data to arrive. Simply said, GPS is used by automobile trackers instead of the internet to track location.

When a device is off, can it still be tracked?

Because it ceases sending signals to cell towers when a phone is switched off, it is challenging to trace an off phone.

Can a tracker be turned off?

A GPS tracking device can be disabled once it has been discovered. In addition to merely removing the battery, the GPS signal can be disabled. In order to prevent the device from continuing to transmit your location, it must be completely removed and disposed of.

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