SEALEY Multifunctional Pen Light with UV and Laser




Product Material


UV Light

Pure Lighting & Strong Penetration
It can detect pet fungus, clothing, baby products, cosmetics, hygiene products, detergents paper money, oil leakage, antique jade, and identify whether it is repaired, etc.


USB-C Input


  • USB-C charging port
    The green light flashes during charging and five lights are on when fully charged.SEALEY-Multifunctional-Pen-Light-with-UV-and-Laser-fig5
  • Battery Power
    Each light represents approximately 20% of the power.

Button Instruction


ON/OFF Button
Press the switch to turn on the flashlight, short press the switch within 3 seconds, the light source switches in turn

  • the bottom spotlight is on
  • the COB floodlight is on
  • the top UV is on

Short press for more than 3 seconds to turn off


Laser Button
Double click the switch to turn on the laser light. Short press to close.

Magnetic Clip
Can be absorbed on any metal surface 120° rotation to meet various lighting needs


Charging Instructions Continued

  • The multifunctional UV detection laser pointer lamp is a fully rechargeable USB work light so you don’t need to buy any batteries.
  • Batteries come 80-90% charged so they can be used right away, however it is recommended that you fully charge the battery when received.
  • Try and charge the battery BEFORE it’s fully discharged.
  • Once fully charged, be sure to disconnect the USB charging cable.
  • Keep the battery away from extreme temperatures, especially heat.
  • DO NOT attempt to open battery

Children under 6 years old should not use this product without adult supervision.

Documents / Resources

SEALEY Multifunctional Pen Light with UV and Laser [pdf] User Manual
Multifunctional Pen Light, Pen Light with UV, UV and Laser

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