Thank you for purchasing a Sealey product. Manufactured to a high standard, this product will, if used according to these instructions, and properly maintained, give you years of trouble-free performance.



  • WARNING! It is the user’s responsibility to check the following: Check all electrical equipment and appliances to ensure that they are safe before using. Inspect power supply leads, plugs and all electrical connections for wear and damage. Sealey recommends that an RCD (Residual Current Device) is used with all electrical products. You may obtain an RCD by contacting your local Sealey stockist. If the product is used in the course of business duties, it must be maintained in a safe condition and routinely PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested.

For electrical safety information, it is important that the following information is read and understood.

  • Ensure that the insulation on all cables and on the appliance is safe before connecting it to the power supply.
  • Regularly inspect power supply cables and plugs for wear or damage and check all connections to ensure that they are secure.
  • Important: Ensure that the voltage rating on the appliance suits the power supply to be used and that the plug is fitted with the correct fuse – see fuse rating in these instructions.
  • DO NOT pull or carry the appliance by the power cable.
  • DO NOT pull the plug from the socket by the cable. Remove the plug from the socket by maintaining a firm grip on the plug.
  • DO NOT use worn or damaged cables, plugs or connectors. Ensure that any faulty item is repaired or replaced immediately by a qualified electrician.

This product is fitted with a BS1363/A 13 Amp 3 pin plug. If the cable or plug is damaged during use, switch the electricity supply and remove from use. Replace a damaged plug with a BS1363/A 13 Amp 3 pin plug. If in doubt contact a qualified electrician. Class II products are wired with live (brown) and neutral (blue) only are marked with the Class II symbol;


  • Connect the BROWN live wire to the live terminal ‘L’.
  • Connect the BLUE neutral wire to the neutral terminal ‘N’.
  • After wiring, check that there are no bare wires and ensure that all wires have been correctly connected.

Ensure that the cable outer sheath extends inside the cable restraint and that the restraint is tight. DO NOT connect either wire to the earth terminal. Sealey recommend that repairs are carried out by a qualified electrician.


  • WARNING! Ensure Health & Safety, local authority, and general workshop practice regulations are adhered to when using this equipment.
  • Familiarise yourself with the application and limitations of the product, as well as the specific potential hazards peculiar to the polisher.
  • WARNING! Disconnect from the mains power and ensure the disc is at a complete standstill before changing accessories, servicing
    or performing any maintenance.
  • Maintain the polisher/sander in good condition (use an authorized service agent).
  • Replace or repair damaged parts. Use genuine parts only. Non-authorized parts may be dangerous and will invalidate the warranty.
  • WARNING! Keep all guards and holding screws in place, tight, and in good working order. Check regularly for damaged parts. A guard or
    any other part that is damaged must be repaired/replaced before the tool is next used.
  • Locate polisher/sander in a suitable working area, and keep the area clean and tidy and free from unrelated materials. Ensure there is adequate lighting.
  • Keep the polisher/sander clean for best and safest performance.
  • Before each use check abrasive attachments for condition. If worn or damaged replace it immediately.
  • Ensure there are no flammable or combustible materials near the work area.
  • WARNING! Wear approved eye safety protection, ear defenders and, if dust is generated, respiratory protection.
  • Maintain correct balance and footing. Ensure the floor is not slippery and wear non-slip shoes.
  • Secure the non-stable workpiece with a clamp, vice or another adequate holding device.
  • Remove adjusting keys and wrenches from the machine and its vicinity before turning it on.
  • Remove ill-fitting clothing. Remove ties, watches, rings, and other loose jewelry, and contain and/ or tie back long hair.
  • Keep children and unauthorized persons away from the working area.
  • DO NOT use the equipment for any purpose other than that for which it is designed.
  •  DO NOT operate the polisher/sander if any parts are damaged or missing as this may cause failure or possible personal injury.
  • WARNING! DO NOT sand any materials containing asbestos.
  • DO NOT switch the polisher/sander on whilst the head is in contact with the workpiece and avoid unintentional starting.
  • DO NOT get the polisher/sander wet or use in damp or wet locations or areas where there is condensation.
  • DO NOT allow untrained persons to operate the polisher/sander.
  • DO NOT operate the polisher/sander when you are tired, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.
  • DO NOT use the polisher/sander where there are flammable liquids, solids or gases such as paint solvents, etc.
  • DO NOT leave the polisher/sander operating unattended.
  • DO NOT carry the polisher/sander with your finger on the power switch.
  • DO NOT pull the cord to remove the plug from the power supply.
  • Use a qualified person to lubricate and maintain the polisher/sander.
  • When not in use unplug from the mains power supply and store in a safe, dry, childproof area.


IMPORTANT! Paint once contained lead as a traditional ingredient. Contact with the dust from the removal of such paint is toxic and must therefore be avoided. The following action must be taken before using the machine as a sander:

  • The user must determine potential hazards relating to age of paint to be removed. (Modern paints do not have lead content).
  • DANGER! Keep all persons and pets away from the working area. The following are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead paint dust: Expectant women, babies, and children.
  • We recommend personal protection by using the following safety items:
    • Paint Spray Respirator (Sealey ref. SSP1699)
    • PE Coated Hooded Coverall (Sealey ref. SSP266).
    • Latex Gloves (Sealey ref. SSP24).
  • Take adequate measures to contain paint dust, flakes and scrapings. Wear safety equipment, as in (3) above and thoroughly clean all areas when task is complete.
  • Ensure the paint waste is disposed of in sealed bags or containers according to local regulations.


Ergonomic design with comfortable soft grip handle. Variable speed control from 600-3000rpm in 7-speed settings make this suitable for both sanding and polishing. Alloy bevel gear head with protective cover coupled to a composite motor housing. Soft start, constant speed motor provides longer lasting performance. Carbon brush caps and mesh filters for simple maintenance. Supplied with Ø180mm backing pad, polishing bonnet and over-the-top D handle.


  • Model No: …………………………………………………….. MS925PS
  • Free speed: ……………………………………………….600-3000rpm
  • Motor Power: ………………………………………………………1400W
  • Pad Size:……………………………………………………….. Ø180mm
  • Supply: …………………………………………………………………230V
  • Thread Size: ………………………………………………….. M14 2mm



  • WARNING! Ensure unit is not plugged into the electrical supply before attempting any assembly.
  • Attach the ‘D’ handle (fig.1). Note: there is a mounting hole on either side to suit the application and/or operator.
  • Fit the backing pad by screwing it onto the spindle, locking the spindle by use of the lock button (fig.1)
    NOTE: the spindle is fitted with a left-hand thread.
  • The backing pad will accept hook & loop abrasive discs.


  • WARNING! Ensure you read, understand and apply the safety instructions in Section 1.
  • Ensure the power control switch is NOT locked on before plugging into the electrical supply.
  • To select the speed rotate the speed selector switch (fig.2) to the required setting.
  • To start the polisher: squeeze the trigger. If required, the trigger may be locked on by pressing the lock button. To release, squeeze the trigger again.
  • WARNING! The high speed settings are intended for sanding. If used for polishing an excessive amount of surface material may be removed.

Note: As the rubber support disc is flexible, when sanding it should not be used head on, but at an angle of approximately 10 to 20 degrees. Contact your Sealey Stockist for details of compound heads and lambswool bonnets.



  • WARNING! Before attempting any maintenance ensure the unit is unplugged from the mains power supply.
  • Keep the machine clean and dry. Clean with a damp cloth;
  • DO NOT use abrasive or solvent cleaners.
  • Clean regularly by blowing a jet of compressed air through side vents to ensure motor ventilation is kept clear.
  • WARNING! Wear approved safety eye protection and, if necessary, respiratory protection.
    NOTE. The following maintenance must only be carried out by a technically qualified person or an authorised Sealey service agent. Check carbon brushes by removing each side brush holder (fig.2).
  • Check to see if the brushes are worn or cracked (fig.3). If so, the brushes must be replaced to avoid sparking and damage to the armature. Always change brushes as a pair.
  • Use only genuine spare parts as these are specifically designed for the machine. Failure to do so may be dangerous and will invalidate your warranty.
  • After each 500 hours of use replace the gear head grease to prevent gear wear and possible drive failure.

Dispose of this product at the end of its working life in compliance with the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). When the product is no longer required, it must be disposed of in an environmentally protective way. Contact your local solid waste authority for recycling information.

Recycle unwanted materials instead of disposing of them as waste. All tools, accessories and packaging should be sorted, taken to a recycling center and disposed of in a manner which is compatible with the environment. When the product becomes completely unserviceable and requires disposal, drain any fluids (if applicable) into approved containers and dispose of the product and fluids according to local regulations.

Note: It is our policy to continually improve products and as such we reserve the right to alter data, specifications and component parts without prior notice. Please note that other versions of this product are available. If you require documentation for alternative versions, please email or call our technical team on [email protected] or 01284 757505.
Important: No Liability is accepted for incorrect use of this product.
Warranty: Guarantee is 12 months from purchase date, proof of which is required for any claim.

Sealey Group, Kempson Way, Suffolk Business Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. IP32 7AR 01284 757500 01284 703534 [email protected]

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