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sE Electronics SE8 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone User Manual

sE Electronics SE8 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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We would like to thank you cordially for choosing this sE microphone! This manual contains some important instructions for setting up and operating your new equipment. Please take a few minutes to read the instructions below carefully. We hope you will enjoy working with it as much as we enjoyed designing and building it for you.

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Brief Description

The sE8 is a high-quality small diaphragm condenser microphone intended for a wide range of studio and live sound applications, from acoustic guitars to pianos to drums and beyond. Thanks to its custom design, hand-crafted true condenser capsule, and transformerless output, it delivers pristine sound quality and an even, well-balanced frequency response.

The electronics and the switchable attenuation pads ensure a high dynamic range, with high sound pressure level (SPL) handling capability and extremely low-noise components. The switchable low-cut filters eliminate rumble or footfall noise, and can also compensate for an excess of bass frequencies caused by the proximity effect. This enables the sE8 to close-mic many instruments including electric guitar speaker cabinets, brass instruments and drums.

Reliable operation even in demanding on-stage applications in difficult environments is ensured by the roadworthy all-metal design, robust construction, and high-quality manufacturing standards.


What’s in the box

Your packaging should contain the follow items. If anything is missing, please contact your sE Electronics dealer and let them know.

sE8 (Single)

  • sE8 microphone
  • mic clip (with thread adapter)
  • wind screen

sE8 (Matched Pair)

  • 2x sE8 microphone
  • 2x mic clip (with thread adapters)
  • 2x wind screens
  • stereo bar
  • metal case



The sE8 features a switch for the attenuation pads and a switch for the low-cutfilters.

Attenuation Switch

FIG 1 Attenuation Switch

The Attenuation Switch is located on the upper back side of the microphone. When switched on, the incoming signal is reduced by either 10 or 20 dB for capturing of loud instruments and/ or close-miking without distortion. Using the switch also helps prevent overloading the input stage of recording interfaces, mixing desks and microphone preamps.

Low-Cut Switch
The Low-Cut Switch is located on the front-right side of the microphone, and inserts a low-cut filter at 80Hz (top position) or 160Hz (bottom position). The switch’s center position removes the filter for a flat frequency response. Wind noise, plosives, footfall noise or rumble might affect the recorded signal, so enabling the low-cut filters reduces such unwanted noise and prevents distortion. Additionally, the low-cut filters also minimize the proximity effect when recording sound sources at a very short distance.

FIG 2 Low-Cut Switch



To ensure proper operation, the microphone requires a phantom power source providing 48 Volts according toIEC 61938.

Warning IconRisk of damage

Do not connect the microphone to any power supply other than a phantom power source (input with phantom power or external IEC standard phantom power supply) with a floating connector, using a balanced cable with studio grade connectors to IEC 268-12 only. This is the only way to ensure safe and reliable operation.


Safety and maintenance

Warning Icon Risk of damage
Please make sure that the piece of equipment to which your microphone will be connected fulfils the safety regulations enforced in your country and is fitted with a ground lead.

Cleaning the microphone
After every use, clean the microphone with a dry, soft cloth tissue and store it in a solid case or a zipper pouch.


Technical Specification

FIG 3 Technical Specification

FIG 4 Technical Specification

FIG 5 Technical Specification



In case you are experiencing any problems or have any questions regarding your sE product, please contact your dealer first for the fastest and more direct service. If an authorized service is required, it will be arranged by that dealer:

If you still have difficulties with support or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

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Product Compliance

Our international distributors & sales representatives:

This product conforms to the standards listed in the Declaration of Conformity. Please contact us if you want to order a free copy of the Declaration of Conformity. Technical data subject to change without notice.


Thank you for purchasing an sE product! You are automatically entitled to a two-year warranty, but can extend this to a full three years with registration. To register your new equipment and to read the full warranty details, please go here:
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