Bluetooth Speakers, 50W Loud Portable Speaker with Subwoofers, 30H Playtime, Ex-bass Technology



  • رابطي جي ٽيڪنالاجي: Bluetooth
  • اسپيڪر جو قسم: آئوٽ ڊور
  • برانڊ: KuccHero
  • مصنوعات جون طول و عرض: 14 X 4 X 7 انچ
  • شين جو وزن: 5 پائونڊ
  • بليوٽو: 5.0


The powerful Bluetooth speaker produces strong, punchy bass, clear highs, and finely defined mids at any volume. It has two high-sensitivity subwoofers and two tweeters. It is loud enough for medium-sized parties and outdoor gatherings is a power output of up to 50W. By pressing the EX-BASS button, you can feel the beat, enjoy strong additional bass, and spice up the party. Your laptop, phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices will all be able to connect wirelessly to one another and have a range of up to 66 feet thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With its built-in microphone, you may take calls right from the speaker. Through a 3.5mm audio wire, it can also play music from your desktop PCs, televisions, and other non-Bluetooth devices. The music may be played for up to 30 hours on a single charge, which is sufficient for the majority of outdoor activities. These outdoor Bluetooth speakers can also function as a power bank and provide on-the-go charging for USB-powered devices. They are excellent camping presents for both teens and adults.

Up to 100 Speakers can be paired. It’s simple to fill open areas like rooms, garages, patios, and backyards with powerful well-balanced sound. By connecting up to 100 KUCCHERO portable Bluetooth speakers with bass together, you can create a 360° HD stereo immersive surround sound system and enjoy clear, synchronized sound wherever.

ڪيئن استعمال ڪجي

You can use the Bluetooth speaker by following the given steps

  • پاور بٽڻ دٻايو.
  • اسپيڪر جوڙڻ لاءِ تيار آهي.
  • Click on the setting on your phone.
  • Go to the available device.
  • Click on the name of the speaker.
  • The speaker will be connected to your phone.
  • You can now easily play whatever you want to play on your phone.

وچان وچان سوال ڪرڻ

Can you charge a Bluetooth speaker too much?
Since it will stop charging when the battery is fully charged, it is OK to overcharge.
Why won’t my Bluetooth speaker work?
جيڪڏهن توهان جا بلوٽوٿ ڊوائيس ڳنڍي نه رهيا آهن، اهي شايد جوڙ واري موڊ ۾ نه آهن يا حد کان ٻاهر آهن. ڪوشش ڪريو پنھنجي ڊوائيسز کي ريبوٽ ڪرڻ يا پنھنجي فون يا ٽيبليٽ کي "وساريو" ڪنيڪشن جيڪڏھن توھان کي مسلسل بلوٽوٿ ڪنيڪشن جي مسئلن جو سامنا آھي.
مان ڪيئن ٻڌائي سگهان ٿو جڏهن منهنجي بلوٽوٿ اسپيڪر ۾ بيٽري مڪمل آهي؟
توهان جي اسپيڪر جي سامهون LED لائيٽن جي هڪ قطار هڪ ڀيرو ان کي پلگ ان ٿيڻ کان پوءِ آن ٿيندي ۽ چارج ٿيڻ تائين جاري رهندي.
Is it OK to always have a Bluetooth speaker plugged in?
The battery will be harmed even if you leave the Bluetooth speaker connected the entire day. Even when the battery is fully charged, charging the speaker constantly might cause the battery to overheat and explode.
How long does a fully charged Bluetooth speaker last?
The battery life of a Bluetooth speaker varies based on the exact model in issue and its manufacturer. On average, you can anticipate a speaker to function for between ten and twenty hours on a full charge.
بلوٽوت اسپيڪر تي بيٽري ڪيتري وقت تائين رهي ٿي؟
A portable speaker’s battery life typically lasts between 6 and 12 hours, however, some may go up to 24 hours.
مان پنهنجي بلوٽوٿ اسپيڪر جي بيٽري کي گهڻي وقت تائين ڪيئن ٺاهي سگهان ٿو؟
Your best options are a portable battery pack and rapid charging capabilities. Shorter battery life can be compensated for by rapid charging. The fact that it can take a dead battery and resuscitate it for an appropriate length of time in a half-hour or less makes this function, which is not available on all speakers, really handy.
Can a Bluetooth speaker’s battery be changed?
Turn the Bluetooth speaker’s bottom downwards, remove the anti-slip pad, reveal the maintained screw, remove and unscrew it, and then heat the battery on the audio motherboard using a soldering iron until it falls off. Finally, solder fresh wires and complementary plugs together.
Can my Bluetooth speaker be used while it’s charging?
Yes. Without endangering the battery, you may use your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging. When using the speaker for the first time, you should fully charge it while it is off so that you may check the battery life.
Does a speaker need to be turned on in order to charge?
Using the speaker while it is charging might cause it to take longer to finish. The speaker should be turned off while it is charging, as advised.


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