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حفاظت جون هدايتون

  • پاڻيءَ کان پري رکيو.
  • ڪنهن به اوزار طرفان استعمال ڪيو ويو آهي ويجهي نگراني ضروري آهي
    children or people with a physical/mental disability.
  • If product becomes damaged, dispose of as electrical waste
    according to local, state and federal requirements. Repairs
    ڪوشش نه ڪرڻ گهرجي.
  • Use appliance only for intended use as described in this instruction book.
  • هن چمڪ جو ذريعو ماخذ نه آهي. جڏهن هلڪو ذريعو پنهنجي آخري زندگي تائين پهچي ٿو ته پوري لائومينيئر مٽجي ويندي.
  • ھن اوزار ۾ بيٽريون شامل آھن جيڪي غير متبادل آھن

اسٽوريج هدايتون

  1. Please turn the switch to OFF position before storage
  2. Be sure direct sunlight does not strike mirror when left unattended.
  3. Place the mirror in cool and dry area.
  4. For safety, please make sure the mirror is out of reach of children.

خاص خصوصيت

  • This lighted makeup mirror uses Lifetime Energy Saving LED bulbs. Replacement bulbs are not required
  • Brightness adjusting switch
  • Selectable warm, cool and daylight
  • Fold away from easy storage
  • USB charging more environmentally friendly

دٻي ۾ ڇا ٿيوanko P_43148608 Flip Lid Mirror-fig1

مصنوعات جي تفصيل

ايل ايم جي مقدار ڊي سي جلدtage موجوده
78 ايم ايل 3.7V 700mA

How to use the mirroranko P_43148608 Flip Lid Mirror-fig2

  • The mirror is powered by 1500mAh li-polymer battery, please make sure it is fully charged and turn switch to ON position before use
  • Put your fingers on the power switch on the mirror base, the mirror will be lighted upanko P_43148608 Flip Lid Mirror-fig3
  • Put your fingers on the light button to switch between warm, cool and daylight.
  • Keep your finger on the power switch, you can adjust the light brightness as per your needs.anko P_43148608 Flip Lid Mirror-fig4
  • Touch the power switch again, the lights will be turned off.

How to charge the mirror

  1. Connect the Type-C USB port with a 5V power supply or computer by the provided USB cable.
  2. When charging, the indicator will light up. When the mirror is fully charged, the indicator will turn off automatically.

دستاويز / وسيلا

anko P_43148608 Flip Lid Mirror [pdf] ھدايت وارو دستور
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تبصرو ڪيو

توهان جو اي ميل پتو شايع نه ڪيو ويندو.