SCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock SCHLAGE-0274192-Ease-S2-Smart-Lever-Lock-pro


Exterior AssemblySCHLAGE-0274192-Ease-S2-Smart-Lever-Lock-FIG-2Interior AssemblySCHLAGE-0274192-Ease-S2-Smart-Lever-Lock-FIG-3Preparing for installation

Mesure the dimensions

Adjust the match ball


1. Install latch on the door, ensuring the pin side of the latch is facing away from the door jamb/frame. Ensure the spindle is square. If you drilled a hole, securely tighten the post before mounting on the door.
3. Position the inside mounting plate to sit flush on the door, ensuring the cable and spindle go through the holes in the mounting plate. Secure both assemblies using 8/32 screws provided. Make sure the exterior assembly is vertically aligned. If you added the cross bolt, securely tighten the post to the exterior Ease unit with the additional screw provided.
4. Attach cable assembly to the interior assembly PCB by lining up notches on top of cable connector to slots on PCB connector. Press the connector firmly until completely connected.
5. Install interior assembly on the inside mounting plate. Secure using 4 screws through the interior assembly onto the mounting plate.6. Install batteries and battery cover.7. Insert the cylinder into the lever.8. Using a flat head screwdriver, ensure the turnplate is set vertical.9. Insert the key into the cylinder and ensure the key is horizontal. Check to hand to ensure the lever is pointing towards the hinges. Push the lever onto the lever spigot until it clicks into place.|10. Install the internal lever ensuring the handle points towards the door hinges.11. Install strike into door jamb.


Do not install batteries until the lock is completely installed on the door. Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to the product and void the factory warranty. The accuracy of the door preparation is critical for the functioning and security of this product. Misalignment can cause performance degradation and lessening of security. Finish Care: This lockset is designed to provide the highest standard of product quality and performance. Care should be taken to ensure a long-lasting finish. When cleaning is required, use a soft, damp cloth. Do not use lacquer thinner, caustic soaps, abrasive cleaners, or polishes as these can damage the coating and result in tarnishing.


  • Fake PIN code:
    Random numbers that are added before or after the user PIN. This prevents the user’s PIN from being exposed.
  • Master mode:
    The master mode could be entered by entering [**Master PIN Code #] to program the lock.
  • Master PIN code:
    The master PIN code is used for programming and for feature settings.
  • Passage mode:
    The lock can be switched to passage mode by toggling the switch on the internal side. In this mode, it is unlocked inside/out and you may enter freely. You may still lock the unit externally by holding any key for 2 seconds. It will resume passage mode when unlocked via PIN or key override until the passage mode switch is shifted to the locked position. Note: Enabling and disabling passage mode can only be done on the internal side of the unit via the switch.
  • Reset button:
    After reset operation, the lock will be restored to factory default settings, all user credentials will be deleted. Refer to page 11 for instructions on how to reset your lock.
  • Shutdown time:
    The lock will shut down for a default of 3 minutes and not allow operation after the wrong code entry limit (5 times) has been met. When the unit is in shutdown, the light will flash if you are trying to use the keypad.
  • Silent mode:
    Disables the tone sound.
  • Status indicators:
    Located on exterior assembly.
  • User PIN code:
    The user PIN code operates the lock. The maximum number of user PIN codes is 20.

Hardware specificationsSCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock t -3

Look Operation


  1.  Beeps sound only when sound is enabled.
  2.  If the indicators show 3 red lights and 3 beeps, your setting has failed. The system will exit master mode. Please enter master mode to try again.
  3.  Refer to page 9 for guidelines on setting PIN codes.

Setting PIN codes

  1.  Master PIN Code (4~10 digit): The default master PIN code is “12345678”, please modify it after installation. If you forget your master PIN code, you can reset your lock back to factory settings (refer to page 11 for instructions).
  2.  User PIN Code (4~10 digit): User PIN codes can be set up through the master PIN code. Up to 20 user PIN codes can be stored.
  3.  Both master and user PIN codes don’t support the following combination of numbers.

How to Use

Normal mode

  1.  Enter the master or user PIN code, followed by #, then rotate the lever to open the door. The door will automatically re-lock 7 seconds later. If you wish to deactivate the 7- second auto re-lock feature, switch to passage mode (page 10).
  2.  Alternatively, use the backup key provided.

Passage Mood

  • Rotate the liver directly to open the door
  • Press any key on the keyboard.

Unlock with Fake pin code

Emergency  power

  • If the unit is locked and you require emergency battery power, located on the bottom of
  • the external unit is a micro USB port (refer to the exterior assembly diagram on page 3). Using a micro USB cable and charged power bank, you can power the lock to regain access as required.

Factory Default SettingSCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock t -3

  • If you need to reset your lock, the reset button is located under the left-most battery in the battery casing. Use a pointed object, press and hold the reset button for over 5 seconds until you hear a beep.

Get Mobile Acces with Schlage Adobe

  • For an enhanced experience and additional functionality, try using the Schlage Ease™ with the Schlage Abode mobile application. Simply download the Schlage Abode app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Manage and control
  • your lock with the ease of your smartphone with greater control and access.

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SCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock [pdf] User Guide
0274192, Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock

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