SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment

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Congratulations on the purchase of the SAUTER TPE-N test stand. We hope you enjoy your quality measurement system with its wide range of functions. If operated correctly, this high-quality product will give you many years of use. For questions, wishes or suggestions we are always at your disposal.

  1. Attaching the TPE-N to a TVO-S 1000/2000 test stand
    In order to be able to attach the TPE-N to a TVO-S 1000/2000 test stand, you must carry out the following steps as preparation:
    1. Fit the TPE-N running rails according to the drilling pattern of the TVO-S 1000/2000 base plate (marked red). These drill holes must be adjusted on both tracks of the TPE-N
    2. Now fix the TPE-N with the two screws supplied (marked yellow)

      SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment-fig2

    3. The next step is to mount the force gauge on the TVO-S 1000/2000. Use the adapter plates supplied with the TVO-S 1000/2000 and the screws provided. During assembly, clamp the TPE-N thread between the adapter plates (see red marking in the picture). The position should be as low as possible to have as much test travel as possible.

      SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment-fig3

    4. Now you can mount the clamp to the force gauge (here AE 500, red marking)

      SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment-fig4

    5. Now glue your test specimen on the TPE-N and clamp one end of the test specimen in the clamp of the force gauge. IMPORTANT: Glue the test specimen in the centre of the TPE-N.

      SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment-fig5

    6. As a last step, wire the test stand and the force gauge according to the operating instructions provided in order to start the test of the test specimen (possible with or without software, not included in the scope of delivery).

Technical data

  • Capacity: 500N
  • Maximum tractive force: 500N
  • Maximum length of the test specimen: Up to 200mm
  • Working temperature: 20±10°C
  • Storage and delivery temperature: -27°C up to 70°C
  • Relative air humidity: 15% up to 80%

How it works

Please check everything before commissioning!

The carriage of the device should be checked for easy movement by moving it back and forth without a suspended load.


  1. The surroundings of the TPE-N must be kept clean;
  2. The rail responsible for the movement should be kept free of liquids or objects.
  3. The TPE-N should always be stored dust-free and free from moisture when not in use.

Scope of delivery

  • TPE-N
  • Adapter plates with screws
  • Operating instructions

Documents / Resources

SAUTER TPE-N Peel Test Attachment [pdf] Instruction Manual
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