sanwa GMABT127 Wireless Mouse User Manual
sanwa GMABT127 Wireless Mouse


Thank you for purchasing this Ergonomic mouse.


  • The company is not liable for any damages, such as live motion defects, data loss, etc., caused by using this product or software.
  • This product is not guaranteed to be compatible all devices supporting Bluetooth.
  • This product is intended for use in general workplaces and homes. The company does not assume responsibility in the event of damages caused by using in any other places.
  • Refrain from using in environments where medical instruments and systems directly or indirectly related to human life are required, and where a high level of safety and responsibility is required.
  • Refrain from using directly or indirectly with equipment and computer systems in which a high level of safety and responsibility are required.
  • Do not use this product on airplanes as it may interfere with the airplane communication system.
  • Please consult your doctor before using this product if you use a pacemaker or other medical device.

Warnings Regarding Health

Operating the mouse, trackball, and keyboard for long periods of time can lead to pain or numbness in hands, arms, neck, shoulders, etc. Serious damage may be incurred if such use is repeated. If you feel pain or numbness while operating the mouse or keyboard, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if necessary. Take regular breaks from daily computer work to avoid strain on hands, arms, neck, shoulders, etc.


Interface Bluetooth5.0(BLE) Class2
Frequency Range 2.402–2.480GHz
Profile Bluetooth5.0/HOGP(HID over GATT Profile) Bluetooth3.0/HID (Human Interface Device Profile)
Wooden desk (nonmagnetic material) / approx. radius 10m, Steel desk (magnetic material) / approx. radius 2m
Resolution 800.1200.1600.2400count per inch
Reading method Optical sensor system (Blue LED)
Buttons 2 buttons, 2 side buttons, wheel button (scroll), connection switching button
Size/Weight W90.4 x D109.3 x H64.5mm; approx.130g

Compatible models

Windows (DOS/V) PC, Chrome OS PC, Android smartphone / tablet, Apple/Mac series, iPad series, iPhone series *Built-in Bluetooth module, compatible with Bluetooth mouse.

Compatible OS

Windows 10.8.1 .8.7, Chrome OS, Android 7.0 or later, macOS 10.14-10.15, iPadOS 13.4 or later, iOS 13 or later

Name of Parts

Name of Parts

  1. Left button / Right button
  2. Wheel button (scroll button)
  3. LED
  4. Connection switching button
  5. Back / Forward Button (only on Windows) *cannot be used on Mac series
  6. Charging port
  7. Power switch
  8. Optical sensor (Blue LED)
  9. Pairing button
  10. Charging cable
  11. USB A connector
  12. USB Type-C connector

How to charge

  1. Connect the charging cable supplied with the mouse to charge it. Connect the USB Type-C connector to the charging port of the mouse and the USB A connector to a USB port such as a PC as shown below.
    How to charge
  2. Charging is complete when the LED turns off. Please unplug the charging cable.
    Symbols Charging time is about 3 to 4 hours.
    The status of charging can be seen with the following LED.
    How to charge

Connection with Mouse

  • Pairing method for the first time
    1. Turn on the power switch on the back of the mouse, press and hold the pairing button for about 3 seconds.Then the LED lamp will change to fast flashing and enter the pairing mode.
    2. On the device side, it is displayed with the following two model names, select one of them and complete the pairing by operating the device.Model name: “SANWA MABT127 5.0” or “SANWA MABT127 3.0”
  • After Pairing Operation is complete When the power switch on the mouse is turned “on”, it will be connected to the device automatically.

Multi-pairing Setting Method

It supports multi-pairing that can register up to 3 terminals and switch connections.

  1. When the power switch on the back of the mouse is turned on, the LED will slowly blink 6 times.
  2. Press and hold the connection switching button for about 3 seconds, the LED will blink slowly 6 times in sequence: red -, green —> blue. Each color can be paired with one terminal.
  3. Select the LED color you want to pair, then press and hold the pairing button for about 3 seconds. The rest of the process is the same as above.

About the Button Assignment Function

To use the button assignment function, you need to install the driver from our website.

QR Code

  1. Scan the QR code on the right or access to our website and click “Download here”.
  2. The driver download will start automatically.
  3. Open the downloaded [SANWA Mouse Function Setting Setup.exe] to display the installation screen. Select the installation destination and click “Install”.
  4. Click “Close” when you are done.

Count switching function

If you press and hold the right button and wheel button at the same time for about 3 seconds,you can switch the cursor speed between 800, 1200, 1600, and 2400 counts.


Q.Mouse (mouse cursor) doesn’t move.

  1. Check to make sure the pairing has been severed.
  2. Make sure that the mouse’s power has not been switched to OFF.
  3. The battery level may be low, so try to charge in time.

Q.If the mouse is not moved for some time, it takes a few moments to start up. The mouse (mouse cursor) doesn’t move.
A.If the product is not moved for some time, it enters sleep mode to conserve the battery. Pressing the button on the mouse will restore movement, but it will take a few seconds.

Warranty Term

1 year


EN : [email protected]

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sanwa GMABT127 Wireless Mouse [pdf] User Manual
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