SAMSUNG Flip Printing Software 
User Manual

SAMSUNG Flip Printing Software User Manual

Before Getting Started

1-1 Overview of Samsung Flip Printing Software

This software is designed to automatically configure a computer as a printer server so that printing can be performed using Samsung Flip. Use Samsung Flip Printing Software to print more easily.

1-2 Rules used in this user manual

This user manual refers to software and device names as follows.

  • Samsung Flip Printing Software → Software
  • Samsung Flip → Flip
1-3 Install Requirements


  • CPU: Dual Core 2.5 GHz or greater (Quad Core or higher is recommended)
  • RAM: 4 GB or greater
  • HDD: 1 GB or greater

Supported operating systems

The following operating systems are compatible with the Software.

  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
1-4 Required preparations

Turning off the power-saving mode

If the computer where the Software is installed is in power-saving mode, connecting to the printer server or performing a print function from the Flip may not work. Turn off the power-saving mode on the computer to ensure proper use.

  1. From Apple menu, select System Preferences > Energy Saver.
  2. Set Computer sleep to Never.

Printer connection

Connect the printer to the computer on which the Software is installed. The printer can be connected using either USB or a wired or wireless network. Refer to the printer user manual for details on how to connect.

book icon Flip does not support virtual printers, pull printing type printers, scanners, and fax devices.

Server resource

For the computer with the Software to function as a printer properly, it requires at least 50% occupancy rate of CPU and RAM. If the current available resources do not meet the required level, go to Applications, select Utility > Activity Monitor, and then close unnecessary applications.

Using the Software

2-1 Installing the Software
  1. Run the install file (Samsung Flip Printing Software Setup.dmg) and click Samsung Flip Printing Software Setup.pkg
    – The install file can be downloaded from or
  2. When the install window appears, read the instructions and click Continue.
  3. Agree to the terms of use agreement and click Continue.
  4. Enter your computer login password and click Install.
    – The install file can be downloaded from
  5. Enter your computer login password and click Install Software.
    SAMSUNG Flip Printing Software - Enter your computer login password and click Install Software
  6. Enter a SSL port to connect and click Install.

    book icon• For Flip 1.0, only port 443 can be used for SSL connections.
    • Flip 2.0 can use any port as a SSL port.

  7. Click OK on the confirmation screen.
    With the SSL port set, FlipCupsServer port is automatically assigned.
  8. Required programs automatically install one after another.
    – The entire install process takes approximately 5 minutes. The time may vary, depending on the computer settings.
    SAMSUNG Flip Printing Software - The entire install process takes approximately 5 minutes
  9. To finish the install process, click Close.
    book iconThe current software version does not support the automatic update function.
2-2 Uninstalling the Software

If a problem is found in the installed Software, uninstall the Software as follows.

  1. Uninstall NetPrinting from the list under Applications
    – The Software will uninstall.
  2. From Apple menu, click Restart to restart the system.


If printing does not work using Flip, check the following.

If Flip displays a message indicating a printer failure

Check the printer, connected to the printer server, for power supply, paper feed, connection, and other conditions.

If Flip cannot connect to the printer, or printer functions do not work

Check the Flip and printer server for network connections.

  • Check to make sure that a valid static IP is in use.
    book iconIf using a dynamic IP, the Flip should reconnect to the IP each time the printer server IP changes. This may affect the network connection.
  • If the printer server uses multiple IPs, a connection may not be established automatically. If this is the case, manually enter the printer server IP from the Flip to establish a connection.
  • If no response is returned after a ping test between another computer and the printer server, check the firewall settings for the printer server.
  • If the system is protected by antivirus software, the assigned SSL port may be blocked in the firewall settings. Enable the ports in the anti-virus software settings.
  • Check that the printer and Flip are connected to the same network.

If the printer server power is off

Turn on the computer where the Software is installed.

If the printer server conflicts with another server

If another web server is installed on the same computer connected to the printer server, the computer may not function as a printer server properly due to port conflict.
To prevent port conflict, it is recommended that another web server not be installed on the same computer.

book iconTo install another web server from the same PC, use a port that is different from the one assigned as a SSL port.

If a cropped image is printed

Flip can only print on A4-size paper. Make sure that A4-size paper is loaded in the paper tray and that paper size is set to A4 in printer settings.

If the ratio of a roll page on Flip is different from the printout

In Flip 1.0 the roll page layout matches the aspect ratio of A4 paper, and the printout is as displayed on the screen.
For Flip 2.0, the width of the roll page in landscape orientation is greater A4, and the page margin on the other side is greater when printing.

How to check that the printer server works

To check the printer server status, launch the diagnostics tool (/Applications/NetPrinting/DiagnosisTool. app) and click Start. The tool diagnoses the print server connection and automatically saves the results.

Pass indicates that the print server is operating normally.

book icon• The diagnostics tool is provided with version 1003 and later.
• Select the item from the results for details.



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