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SALTER SAK220633 Electronic Kitchen Scale Instruction Manual

SALTER SAK220633 Electronic Kitchen Scale Instruction Manual

Please retain instructions for future reference.

Safety Instructions

BATTERY WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children.

  • This product contains no user servicable parts. Only a qualified electrician should attempt repairs.
  • Do not place, store or use the product near direct sunlight or direct heat sources or in a damp/ high humidity environment.
  • This product is a high precision device; handle it with care.
  • This product is intended for domestic use only.
Battery Safety

This qrodvct is svqplied ith 3 xW batteries. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as those recommended should Le used with this product.
Batteries are to âe inserted with the Forrest polarity.
Exhausted batteries should âe removed from the product to aroid leakage.

Care and Maintenance

Wipe the exte io of the scale with a soft, damp cloth and allow it to dry throughly.
Never immerse the scale in water or any other liquid.
Do not use harsh or abrasive clearing detergents or scovrers to clean the scale, as this could cause damage.

Instructions For Use

Before First Use

Remove the plastic isolator tab from the flattery compartment (if present) prior to use.
Make sure the batteries are inserted following the correct polarity.
Position the scale on a firm flat surface.

Switching On the Electronia Kitchen Scale
To switch on the ssale, press [-ZER0]. Wait until the display shows ‘0’.

Converting Weight Units

Press [UNIT] to change #etveen g, lb: oz, ml and fl. az. The nl and fl. az
measures are suitable for all \¥ater based liquids, e.g., \¥ine, stock or milk.

Using the Add and Weigh Feature
To weigh se¥er8l different ingredients in one fio\YI, press [-ZERO] to reset the
display Letveen each ingredient.

Switahing Off the Electronic Kitchen Scale
To switch off the s¢ale manually, press [-ZERO]

for 2—3 seconds. Auto svit¢h off will o¢cur if display shows ‘0‘ for 1 minute or the same weight reading for 3 minutes.

Warning Indicators

Lo or : Low power; ¢henge the â8tteries.
Err or 0-Ld or EEEE: Max weight capacity exceeded; remove some weight from
the platform.

Negative Io8d; press [-ZERO] to return to ‘0′.


Product code: GENKITCHEN5
Display: LED
Battery 3 x1.5 V VAA batteries
Units: g, lb: oz, ml, fl. oz

Disposal of Waste Batteries and Electrical and Electronia Equipment

This symbol on the product, its batteries or its packaging means that this product and any batteries it contains must not be disposed of with household waste. Instead, it is the user’s responsibility to hand this over to an applicable collection point for the recycling of batteries and electrical and electronic equipment. This separate collection and recycling will help to conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative consequences for human health and the environment due to the possible presence of hazardous substances in batteries and electrical and electronic equipment, which could be caused by inappropriate disposal. Some retailers provide take-back services which allow the user to return exhausted equipment for appropriate disposal. It is the user’s responsibility to delete any data on electrical and electronic equipment prior to disposal. For more information about where to drop batteries, electrical and electronic waste off, please contact the local city/municipality office, household waste disposal service, or the retailer.

Documents / Resources

SALTER SAK220633 Electronic Kitchen Scale [pdf] Instruction Manual
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