S-BOL TF-A03 Silent 32 Inch Tower Fan with Remote Control

PARTS NAMES-BOL-TF-A03-Silent-32-Inch-Tower-Fan-with-Remote-Control-1

  1.  Remote Control
  2.  LED Display
  3.  Rear cover
  4.  Air outlet grille
  5.  Base
  6.  Switch panel

Remote control
MODE function/POWER/TIMER/Oscillation/SPEED


  • Before using this product, please read the instructions carefully and follow the safety operating rules.
  • Please keep the warranty certificate and sales receipt. If possible, please put the package and instructions in a safe place for future reference.
  • This product is not suitable for children under 8 years old and those with weak physical, sensory and intellectual abilities or lack of experience and knowledge. Unless they have been supervised or instructed about the safe application of the product and its risks.
  • Children should not play with this product. The product shall not be cleaned and maintained unless the child reaches the age of August and receives supervision.
  • Do not allow children under 8 years of age or irresponsible people to leave their products and power lines unattended, especially when the product is still on the wall or cooling down.
  • Check that your power supply is consistent with the display on the device. Do not leave equipment unattended during use
  • Always check whether the equipment is damaged. If there is any sign of damage to the wire or product, do not use it. In this case, it should be repaired by qualified electricians. If the wire is damaged, it must be replaced by qualified electricians to avoid danger. This equipment can only be used in the manner indicated in this instruction.
  • Do not immerse the equipment in water or any other liquid, and avoid splashing on the equipment. Do not use this equipment near high temperature. Do not hang the power cord on the edge of the sharp edge of the table or touch the surface of the high temperature.
  •  Do not use equipment with extension lines.
  • When the equipment is not used, cleaned or replaced, please turn off the equipment and remove the power plug from the power supply.
  • Do not use the appliance outdoors and place it in a dry environment.
  • Do not use accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer. They may pose a risk to users and damage electrical appliances.
  • Never pull or move electrical appliances to ensure that the wires are not entangled in any way. Don’t wind the wire around the appliance or bend it.
  • Before installing the base or any other parts or dismantling, be sure to unplug the power cord. Make sure the assembly is correct before inserting the equipment. Never attempt to start the device without a protective shield. Before unplugging the power supply, make sure that the electrical appliance is switched to the “0” position.
  • Do not insert fingers, pencils, or anything else into the fence.
  • Do not touch equipment with wet or wet hands
  • Always put the equipment on a stable plane. In the process of using, it is also necessary to ensure that the surface can bear the weight of the device. Adequate space should be provided for air circulation. (At least 20 cm)
  • During use, the equipment should not touch curtains, clothing, towels or other flammable materials.
  • Do not use this equipment where curtains may be drawn. If the equipment is used in an inappropriate manner, it may pose a danger to the user, in which case the producer is not liable for any possible damage.
  • Do not allow equipment to be used for a long time while you are away. You must turn it off before you leave.
  • Do not point the device at the patient or the sleeping person. When cleaning equipment, do not disassemble protective devices and check “clean area”.
  • Before installing the equipment, make sure it is pulled out. Place the rear base on the bracket.
  • Push the power cord through the center of the base and insert it into the wire box.
  • Clamp the base tightly and adjust the position of the bracket.
  • Then tighten the nut and place the equipment on a dry, hard and horizontal plane.

Remote control

  •  To start the remote control, use the CE2025 battery. Open the battery compartment cover and insert and cover with +/-correspondingly.
  • You can operate the fan through panel control or remote control at a distance of 10 meters. The following shows which switches perform which speed and wind functions.
  • Before any cleaning operation is performed, please disconnect the power supply line between the equipment and the power supply.
  • To remove the dirt from the plastic surface, use a soft wet cloth.
  • Do not use gasoline, diluent or benzene to clean the equipment. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the protective shield without removing them.
  • Do not immerse the equipment in water or other liquids.
  • In off-season storage, it is important to keep the equipment in a safe and dry place. It is important to protect equipment from dust. We strongly recommend the use of initial packaging to store equipment.
  • In order to protect the environment and protect human health, waste electrical and electronic equipment should be treated according to the following specific rules.
  • Taking into account the impact of the user, as indicated on the label or package symbol, your equipment should not be treated as an unclassified urban waste. Users should take it to the municipal collection point for waste collection according to the instructions, by recycling, recycling or using other wastes.

FUNCTIONS AND USES-BOL-TF-A03-Silent-32-Inch-Tower-Fan-with-Remote-Control-2S-BOL-TF-A03-Silent-32-Inch-Tower-Fan-with-Remote-Control-3


  • STEP 1: Unscrew the bottom mounting nut.
  • STEP 2:The two bases are parallel to each other and the four holes are stuck in the middle of the power cord and inserted into the bottom of the product.
  • STEP 3: Align the two protruding dots at the bottom and put them in STEP 4:Tighten the bottom mounting nut
  • STEP 5: Screw the four screws properly to prevent shaking
  • STEP 6:Put the power cord card slot and install it.


  1.  Place the fan on a stable surface and ensure that the grilles for the supply and removal of the air are unobstructed.
  2.  Connect the power plug to a suitable outlet.
  3.  POWER: turn ON the FAN by pressing the “POWER ” button; the product start to work with a low speed (green led turn on). Turn OFF the FAN by pressing the “ OFF” button.
  4.  Select the desired speed by pressing the “SPEED” button until the desired speed LED is lit.
  5.  Press the “ TIMER” button to set timer from 0.5 hour to 7.5 hours (step 0.5 hour).
  6.  Pressing the “MODE” button will select either Normal/Nature/Sleep.
  7.  Press “ OSC” button to start and stop the oscillation function. Led light will turn on/off in the control panel.


  • Product: Tower Fan
  • Model: TF-A03
  • RATED VOLTAGE: 220-240V


“Implementation of Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”, pertaining to reduced use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, as well as to waste disposal”. The symbol of the crossed-out wheelie bin on the equipment or on its packaging indicates that the product must be disposed of separately from other waste at the end of its service life. The user must therefore take the dismissed equipment to suitable separate collection centres for electrical and electronic waste, or return it to the dealer in case they purchase a new device of equivalent type, at a one-to-one-ratio. Suitable segregated collection of the equipment for subsequent recycling, treatment or environmentally-friendly disposal helps prevent damage to the environment and to human health, and encourages the re-use and/or recycling of the materials that make up the equipment. Abusive disposal of the product by the user shall result in the application of administrative fines in accordance with the laws in force.

Documents / Resources

S-BOL TF-A03 Silent 32 Inch Tower Fan with Remote Control [pdf] Instruction Manual
TF-A03, Silent 32 Inch Tower Fan with Remote Control

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