Ruijie RG-EG105GW All-in-One Business Wireless Router


The device and software will be upgraded constantly without prior notification.

Preparing for Installation

Package Contents (The Ethernet cables are customer-supplied.)

Item Quantity
RG-EG105GW(T) Router 1
User Manual 1
Power Adapter 1
Warranty Card 1
Mounting Bracket (With 4 Foot Pads) 1
CA3 x 24 mm Bolt 2
Expansion Anchor 2

Installing the Router

Installing the Router on a Wall
  1. Drill two holes on the wall. The center-to-center distance of the two holes is between 30 mm (1.18 in.) and 38 mm (1.50 in.) .Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-01
  2. Tap the expansion anchors into the holes. Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-02
  3. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall with its two holes aligned to the expansion anchors. Please note that the arrow symbol on the bracket should point downwards ( ,!. ) •Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-03
  4. Drive two screws into the expansion anchors to secure the bracket. Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-04
  5. Secure the router on the mounting bracket. Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-05
  6. After installing the router, connect the power cord and Ethernet cables to the router.Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-06
    1. DC=12V: Power plug
    2. WANO: Configure the WANO port to establish an Internet connection.
    3. LANO-LAN3: Connect the LANO-LAN3 ports to the switch, the access point or other network devices with an Ethernet cable .
      (Note: If the LAN port is connected to the AP directly, a power supply module needs to be installed on the AP.)
    4. Reset Button: Press the Reset button for less than 2 seconds to restart the device. Press the Reset button for over 5 seconds to restore the router to factory settings (Release the button when the system status LED blinks).
    5. Mesh Button: Press the Mesh button for less than 2 seconds to perform Mesh pairing.
    6. USB2.O Port
  7. Connect the power adapter to the router after verifying that the router is correctly installed and the cables are properly connected. When the system status LED is solid on, perform configuration on the router.

Installing the Router on a Workbench
The router can be also installed on a workbench vertically and horizontally, as shown in the following figures. Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-07

System Status LED
LED Status Description
System Status LED (Blue) Off The router is not powered on.
Fast flashing The router is starting up.
One short flash The network is unreachable.
Two short flashes
  1. The router is restoring factory settings.
  2. The router is upgrading the software. During the process, the router cannot be powered off.
Solid on The router is working normally.
Off Mesh pairing is not implemented. / Wireless relay is not set up.
Flashing alternately Mesh pairing is in progress.
One bar on The Mesh signal strength is low. / The wireless relay signal strength is low.
Two bars on The Mesh signal strength is medium. / The wireless relay signal strength is medium.
Three bars on The Mesh signal strength is high. / The wireless relay signal strength is high.
Network Configuration

Method 1 (Recommended)
Scan the QR code in the manual or on the device to download the Reyee Router APP. Perform the intelligent networking and complete the network configuration based on the instructions on the APP.

Ruijie-RG-EG105GW-All-in-One-Business-Wireless-Router-08Method 2
Connect the PC to the SSID (default: @Ruijie-XXXXX) broadcast by the router or connect the PC to the LAN port of the router with an Ethernet cable. Please visit http:/1192.168.110.1 by browser to perform configuration. (Google Chrome browser is recommended.)


Q: How can I restore the device to factory settings?
A: Power on the router and wait for 2 to 3 minutes until startup is complete. Press and hold the Reset button on the router for over 5 seconds until the system status LED is fast blinking, and then release the button. After the system status LED is solid on, the router will broadcast the SSID @Ruijie-XXXXX, indicating that the router is restored to factory settings.

Q: Can I connect multiple routers with the Ethernet cables?
A: Yes. The wired connection is more stable. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port (yellow) of the secondary router and connect the other end to the LAN port (black) of the primary router.

Documents / Resources

Ruijie RG-EG105GW All-in-One Business Wireless Router [pdf] User Manual
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