Наушники Califone E-2 E2 с полным набором функций/руководством по эксплуатации


Califone E-2 E2 Earbuds



  • Размеры упаковки 
     9 х 6 х 1 дюймов
  • Вес предмета 
    1.00 фунтов
  • Технология подключения 
  • Тип соединителя
    3.5mm Jack
  • Тип управления 
    Контроль громкости
  • Материалы 
    ABS пластик
  • Особые возможности 
  • Бренд 


The changeable ear cushions and inbuilt volume control of the Califone E2 Ear Bud Headphones allow for full-bodied sound reproduction. Tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, desktop, and laptop computers all work with stereo earbuds. The lightweight design of these earbuds makes them portable. includes a 3.9-foot straight cord with a 3.5 mm plug that is tangle-proof.

With an increasing amount of language learning being done online and with mobile devices (such as with iPads, Nooks®, and Chromebooks®), the importance of an audio component continues to grow. Both PARCC and Smarter Balanced also integrate the use of audio for testing purposes. Growing text-to-speech functions also underscore this trend. This lightweight stereo Ear Bud headphone delivers a full-bodied sound. The E2 works with iOS, Windows, and Android-based platform devices and is compatible with tablets, smartphones, netbooks, notebooks, desktops, and laptop computers.

  1. Прочный АБС-пластик устойчив к ударам в целях безопасности
  2. Шумопонижающие ушные вкладыши помогают уменьшить внешние звуки окружающей среды, чтобы учащиеся могли лучше выполнять задание
  3. Встроенный регулятор громкости
  4. Tangle-proof 3.9 straight cord with 3.5mm plug ideal for use with tablets and smartphones.
  5. Replaceable ear covers

“Project Intercept”

Please contact us immediately if you experience any issues with your headphone. Our “Project Intercept”
The customer service program will quickly repair or replace items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email [электронная почта защищена]

Посетите наш website to register your product and to learn more about the complete Line of Califone’ audio-enhancing and visual technology products including

Wired and Wireless public address systems, wireless microphones, headphones &headsets, group listening centers, multimedia players, document cameras, computer peripheral products, and installed classroom infrared systems. We are proud of helped teachers enhance student understanding and achievements since 1947, with your satisfaction as our first priority. This E2 headphone cases a 90-day warranty with service support available through authorized dealers nationwide.

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