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ROYAL Back Up Camera User Manual

Back Up Camera

User Manual


Wireless SolarPower RearVision
100% DIY, intalls in minutes



Thanks for your choosing BC3000 product, which provides value and quality. Please read this User Manual carefully before using the product.

Wireless SolarPower RearVision can display image behind the vehicle and can be used when backing up or any time you want to view behind the vehicle (even while your vehicle is in park).

* Due to product upgrades or technical updates, the instruction manual may sometimes be changed in need. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify and update product specifications without prior notice.



1. All-in-one camera with built-in battery and solar panel

2. 4.3 inch monitor(with Touch button)

3. holder of monitor

4. Power cord for Rearview (USB Charging 5V 2A)

5. DC charging cord

6. Screw (4pcs)

7. Screw & Tool (For Monitor Holder)



Remove the whole Wireless SolarPower RearVision BC3000 packing or assembly and make sure all components are included.

Charge the All-in-one camera’s built-in battery

  1. Connect the supplied DC cord to the charging port of the Camera.
  2. Plug the cable USB port into any standard USB charging adapter with an output rating more than 1000mA.
  3. Charge 4 to 5 hours.

Under normal use, the All-in-one camera maintains a charge with exposure to sunlight. A battery status indicator is provided on the monitor when the camera is in use. If you’re storing your vehicle in a garage ( or not exposing the camera to sunlight on a regular basis) for more than one month, you may need to recharge it via the DC charging port.

Check the wireless function
  1. Shake the camera in the air.
  2. Touch the Monitor buttom quickly and check the image after the monitor is powered.

* Camera has to be waken up from sleeping status by little vibtation.

* In the process of use, there is wireless interference from outside.
If no connection normally, the device will shut off automatically 10 seconds later. Then please touch the “Touch for Rearview” button to turn it on.



Camera Installation

Camera Angle

To adjust the camera angle for ideal angle if the default angle (such as position A) is not ideal, just use your fingers to hold the camera house and move the Lens to position B, position C, or other position.


* Please note when rotating the camera: hold the license plate holder with one hand, and the outer frame of the camera with the other hand and rotate up or down to make the best Angle.



1. Two ways to mount the monitor

1) Socket on the window shield: Fix holder bracket B (see figure 1) to the monitor via screw tool, choose and clean a right place on the window shield. With the suction lever in the released position, press the suction cup against the windshield. Press the suction lever toward the suction cup to lock the mount. To adjust the angle of monitor, loosen the collar on the ball joint, retighten in the desired position.
2) Stick on the dash board: Fix holder bracket A (see figure 2) to the install position of monitor via screw tool, choose and clean a right place on the dash board, tear the paper of the monitor holder’s sticky tape, put and press the holder on the dash board.

2. Connect the monitor and car ignition lighter hole with power cord.


Using the device BC3000
1. Switch your 12-volt DC power port on with your ignition, the monitor will start work accordingly, the video signal will be sent from camera and will be displayed on the monitor.

The image is set to time out in 30 seconds (default). However if you wish to shut the image off manually, just touch the “Touch for Rearview” Button on the monitor again anytime to stop at once.

2. If you want to see the backup image when driving your car , just touch the “Touch for Rearview” Button on the top of monitor.

3. When the vehicle is shut off, power is removed from the monitor and the monitor will shut off automatically, and the camera will stop work.


* If you want the RearVision BC3000 to keep working after 30 seconds (for example, you cannot finish reversing your vehicle during the first 30 seconds), you have to touch the “Touch for Rearview” button on the monitor once again.

* After you have been staying inside vehicle quietly (eg. sleeping) with vehicle engine stopping, you want to see the backup image but only put your vehicle key on the ACC -ON position (no starting the engine), there will have no image on the monitor after touching the touch button.
So you have to give the vehicle a light vibration (such as re-open and shut vehicle door, or tap somewhere lightly), then touch “Touch for Rearview” button to start work.


Function of the monitor backup buttons

1. The middle button—–[MENU/OK]:
Short Press to enter monitor menu setting.
Long Press (press and hold for 3 seconds) to confirm the chosen item in the menu setting interface.

2. The Up button—[ADD]:
Short Press to change/add parameter value at the menu setting interface.
3. The Down button—[DEC]:
Short Press to change/decrease parameter value at the menu setting interface.

Only Short Press DOWN button [DEC] to switch the Parking guide Lines display modes (Display or No display)!


Menu Operations:

1. Main Menu

While the monitor is showing the backup camera image, short press the middle button [MENU/OK] to enter the main menu interface, and 4 options are available (Including Pairing, Image Parameters, Image Mirror, Software Information).


Meaning Pairing Image Parameter Image Mirror Software Information
Operating Default setting, no need to operate again. To adjust Brightness Contrast, Color. Operation details as Image Parameter info. Set Upwards/Downwards or Original/Mirror Image. Operation details as Image Mirror contents. Select “Software Info”, press [ADD] or [DEC] key to display software version information.

2. Image Parameter

While the monitor is showing the backup camera image, short press the middle button [MENU/OK] to enter the main menu interface. From the 4 options(Pairing/ImageParameter/ImageMirror/Softwarelnformation), select Image Parameter, long press the [MENU/OK] button again, 3 Images(Brightness/Contrast/Color) setting interface are shown bellow:
(Brightness/Contrast/Color settings are similiar)


Brightness        Contrast              Color


1) Brightness setting
Select Brightness icon, press [ADD] or [DEC] button on the interface to adjust the brightness as shown bellow:



2) Contract setting
Select Contract icon, press [ADD] or [DEC] button on the interface to adjust the contract as shown bellow:


3) Color setting
Select Color icon, press [ADD] or [DEC] button on the interface to adjust the color as shown bellow:


3. Image Mirror

Select the “Image Mirror” icon and long press the middle button [MENU/OK] to enter the mirror setting interface, short press [ADD] or [DEC] button, to set rightwards or leftwards image. After setting, short press [MENU/OK] twice continuously to exit the setting, the image setting will be saved for future use.

While the monitor is showing the backup camera image again, short press [MENU/OK] to enter the main menu interface, select the “Image Mirror” icon and long press [MENU/OK], to set upwards or downwards image. After setting, short press it twice again continuously to exit the setting.

(It is best to have a video image displayed when making the selection).
(Short Press means press and hold 1 second, and Long Press means 3 seconds).


07. INTERFACE ICON & Meaning

Signal strength Solar charging All-in-one Camera battery capacity


When the built-in battery power is going to be lower enough because of using up, you have to charge the battery by DC to USB cord. Otherwise, the camera will not work, and the monitor cannot connect it.


Battery Icon is on the top right corner of the screen, indicates the relative capacity of the built-in lithium battery of the camera when a video image is present.

Signal strength of the received image is on the top left corner of the screen when a video image is present.

Red Indicator Light
When the monitor is powered on and still stay standby mode, the Red indicator Light doesn’t work. When touching the “Touch for Review” button, the Light will blink quickly. When the monitor works, the light will extinguish.

Wireless Camera
The Camera & Video transmitter are built-inside the WSU43 device, and is equipped with the built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which is connected with the solar panel.

When the monitor is turned on, work command is sent to the camera, upon receive this signal, the camera will work from standby mode at once, and send image video to the monitor for 30 seconds.

A DC to USB charging cable is provided to charge the battery initially prior to mounting on your vehicle, as well as to recharge if needed.



Operational Current(when transmitting): <280mA
Sleeping Current: <0.06mA
Pixels: 960×576
View Angle: 110°
Image Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS
Image Quality: Max 30 fps
Camera Assembly: IP 68


Frequency: 2400~2485.5 MHz
Transmission distance: 328ft (100m) ax.
Working Temperature: 14°~140°F (-10°~60°C)

LCD Display Screen Size: 4.3 inches
Power Cord Fuse: 1A
Operation Current: <150mA
Effective Pixels: 480×272



If the monitor doesn’t turn on when power is applied:

  1. Check to make sure the power source is active (if your cigarette lighter is switched with vehicle ignition, your monitor will only work when the vehicle is running or the key in the ON position).
  2. Check to make sure the fuse and power cord are in working order.

If the monitor doesn’t display images within a few seconds of touching the starting button:

  1. The battery in the camera may be depleted and require recharging.
  2. In the process of use, there is wireless interference from outside. so if you can’t turn on the product over 15 seconds after touching the botton, please touch the Touch for Rearviw botton again to turn it on.

If the video image is poor:
Check that the camera lens is clean from road grime, snow, or ice.

If the video image does not last 30 seconds:
Recharge the battery in the camera.

If no image after touching “Touch for Rearview” Botton in quiet (no vibration at all) environment, such as testing the WSU43 in office or laboratory.

Vibrate the camera, touch the powered Monitor “Touch for Rearview” button quickly (not over 3 minutes from vibration) to wake up the sleeping camera, make it enter standby status and receive the command from the monitor.

* Under the actual situation of installation, test, and use of vehicle, the environment is different totally. Little vibration must happen when open vehicle door, people touching the vehicle, even the engine work.
So the camera will stay at standby status.



Don’t clean or wipe the All-in-one Camera with solvents or chemical materials. If necessary, remove dirt or stains using a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution.

Fuse Replacement
  1. Turn the cap on the tip of the power plug counterclockwise (no tools needed).
  2. Remove the cap, center pin and fuse.
  3. Replace the fuse with a new 1-am fuse.
  4. Replace the center pin and cap. Turn the cap clockwise.

The Wireless SolarPower RearVision is designed to provide years of service. The RearVision WSU43 should be recycled or safely disposed of at a local recycling center.




BC3000 Wireless SolarPower RearVision is intended to assist responsible driver, but it doesn’t relieve a driver from full responsibility for operation of the vehicle. It is the driver’s sole responsibility to avoid contact with any objects, animals, especially persons. By installing and/or using BC3000 Wireless SolarPower RearVision, you agree that you are solely responsible for the operation of your vehicle, the Rear Vision supplier is not responsible for any property damage, personal injury, or loss of life that may result from the operation of your vehicle.

Some USA states or local government may have regulations or laws that restrict the use of anything that might impair the clear view of a license plate. Check local laws for explanation.




ROYAL CONSUMER INFORMATION PRODUCTS, INC. (“Royal”), at 1011 U.S. Highway 22 West, Suite 202 Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA WARRANTS that your NEW Product is free of defects of workmanship and materials. If there is a defect or malfunction of this product, Royal will repair it free of charge as follows:

PARTS: New or comparable rebuilt parts in exchange for defective parts for ONE (1) YEAR from date of customer purchase.

LABOR: Royal provides labor warranty for (90) ninty days from date of end-user purchase. Product must be sent postage prepaid and insured to Royal in accordance with the warranty procedures outlined below. At completion of the repair, the consumer will be responsible for the cost for any parts or services no longer covered under the warranty.



This warranty does not apply to persons who purchased this product second-hand or used.

This warranty does not include adjustments, parts and/or repairs required by circumstances beyond the control of Royal, including but not limited to fire or other casualty, accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, abnormal use or battery leakage damages.

THERE ARE NO OTHER EXPRESSED WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS STATED HEREIN. AFTER THE PERIOD OF EXPRESSED WARRANTY SET FORTH HEREIN, THERE ARE NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND THOSE EXCLUDED INCLUDE THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Royal shall NOT be held liable for CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES resulting from any failure, defect or malfunction of this product. Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.


Please do the following:

  1. Send a copy of your original sales receipt showing original purchase date, along with your mailing and shipping addresses, the model name of the product and a note describing the nature of the problem and a note describing the nature of the problem to:
    Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc.
    Warranty Processing
    50 Hilton Street
    Easton, PA 18042-7391 USA
    Do Not Return the Product to This Address!
  2. You will receive a return authorization number via U.S Mail within 7-12 business days from the date your return request is received if it is determined that there is a basis for a replacement product. The return authorization form you receive will list the return procedures, applicable charges, if any, and the correct shipping address for the returned product.




For questions on use of this product or this warranty call
1-800-272-6229 (in the U.S. and Canada) or in Mexico call 01-800-849-4826, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You can also e-mail Royal at:


Back Up Camera

© Copyright
Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc.
2020, All Rights Reserved.




1011 U.S. Highway 22 West
Suite 202
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Made in China

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