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ROWENTA DW9230 Steam Force Steam Iron User Manual




fig.1                                              fig.2


fig.3                                                      fig.4


fig.5                                                   fig.6


fig.7                                             fig.8


fig.9                                              fig.10


fig.11                                            fig.12

fig.13-a                                           fig.13-b


  • Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for further references.
  • Never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to a power source; if it has not cooled down for approximately 1 hour.
  • The iron must be used and rested on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • When you place the iron on the iron rest, make sure that the surface on which you place it is stable.
  • Always unplug your appliance: before filling, or rinsing the water tank, before cleaning it, after each use.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling down.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • The appliance must not be used if it has fallen to the floor, shows evident of damage, leaks or fails to function correctly. Never dismantle your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it inspected in an approved service centre.
  • The surfaces which are marked with this sign and the sole plate are very hot during the use of the appliances. Don’t touch these surfaces before the iron is cooled down.
  • If the electric power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by an Approved Service Centre in order to prevent any danger.
  • The voltage of your electrical installation must correspond to that of the iron (220-240V). Always plug your iron into an earth socket. Connecting to the wrong voltage may cause irreversible damage to the iron and will invalidate the guarantee.
  • If you are using a mains extension lead, ensure that it is corrected rated (16A) with an earth, and is fully extended.
  • Do not unplug your appliance by pulling on the cord.
  • Never immerse your steam iron in water or any other liquid. Never hold it under the tap water.
  • Never touch the electric cord with the sole plate of the iron.
  • Your appliance gives off steam, which may cause burns, especially when you are ironing close to the edge of your ironing board.
  • Never direct the steam towards people or animals.
  • For your safety, this appliance conforms to the applicable standards and regulations (Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental Directives).
  • This product has been designed for domestic use only. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply.

Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled.
Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.

Keep these instructions

  1. Auto off
  2. Shot of steam button
  3. Steam ON / Steam OFF
  4. Cord
  5. Handle
  6. Spray trigger
  7. Thermostat control light
  8. Water tank
  9. Self clean button
  10. Spray
  11. High precision tip
  12. Sole plate
  13. Filling inlet
  14. Temperature control dial
  15. Rear Cover

Small in size , Steamforce combines power and performance thanks to the compact steam generator built inside the iron. With unparalleled steam generation capacity reaching 220g/min and variable steam of up to 50g/min, Steamforce pushes up to 35% more steam** into the fibres of your fabric. This extra steam at the heart of the fabric is the secret of perfect ironing and long-lasting results.
The movement sensor is an intelligent system which temporarily stops steam being released when the iron is not moving, even when it is placed horizontally. This function eliminates wasted steam while you are handling the clothes !


IMPORTANT Before doing anything else, remove the sticker on the side fig.1 Warning! Before using your iron with the steam function for the first time, we recommend that you operate the steam in a horizontal position for a few moments, away from your linen, i.e. press the Shot of Steam button a few times.
During the first few uses, a harmless odour and a small amount of smoke may be noticeable.
This has no effect on the use of the iron and will cease quickly.
Upon the first use, you may notice small particles coming out of the sole plate. This is part of manufacturing process and is not harmful to you or your garments. It will disappear after several uses. You may accelerate this by using the self cleaning function (fig.13a – 13b

) and shaking the iron gently.

Your iron has been designed to operate using untreated tap water. If in doubt, check with your local water authority. However, if your water is very hard, you can mix 50% untreated tap water with 50% distilled or demineralised water.

IMPORTANT Heat concentrates the elements contained in water during evaporation. The types of water listed below contain organic waste or mineral elements that can cause spitting, brown staining or premature wear of the appliance: water from tumble dryers, scented or softened water, water from refrigerators, batteries or air conditioners, pure distilled or demineralised water or rain water should not be used in your iron. Also do not use boiling, or bottled mineral water.

1 • Filling the water tank
  • Before filling the water tank, unplug the iron fig.2
  • Set the temperature control dial fig.3 on position (Min.)
  • Open the filling inlet fig.4. Fill in water up to the Max. mark. fig.5. Close the filling inlet and return the iron to the horizontal position.
  • You can plug in your iron fig.6.
2 • Setting the temperature

Your iron is equipped with the Autosteam function, it automatically adjusts the steam amount and the temperature based on the selected fabric for optimum results.
Select the fabric to be ironed on the thermostat dial. For perfect results, an optimum position for each fabric has been pre-defined. This position is marked on the dial. You can also set your iron based on the international temperature measurements •, ••, •••. Ensure your thermostat dial is positioned on these settings.
When your iron reaches the required temperature, the thermostat indicator turns off fig.7. You can start ironing.

Nylon (Synthetic fibres, e.g. viscose, polyester) NYLON
linen LINEN

IMPORTANT The iron takes longer to cool down than to heat up. We recommend that you start with fabrics to be ironed at a low temperature. For mixed fabrics set the temperature for the most delicate fabric. At the first heating-up of the cold iron please wait until the Thermostat indicator goes off the second time. Then the set temperature is reached and you can begin ironing.

TIP: Always spray starch onto the reverse side of the fabric to be ironed.

3 • Dry ironing

Set the iron on for an ironing without steam, ideal for delicates or perfect finishes.

4 • Steam ironing (Autosteam & Steamforce)

Set the iron on for steam ironing. Your iron is equipped with an integrated compact steam generator which pushes up to 35% more steam into the fabrics. The steam quantity and the temperature will adjust automatically to the selected fabric.

5 • Shot of steam (from temperature setting (••) upwards)

Press the shot of steam button to generate a powerful jet of steam concentrated at the tip fig.8. This precision shot allows steam concentration in the front area to remove stubborn creases. Wait a few seconds between each shot before pressing the button again.

IMPORTANT Leave an interval of a few seconds between each shot and wait until the flow of steam has finished before standing the iron on its heel.

6 • Vertical shot of steam (from temperature setting (••) upwards)

Hold the iron vertically and press the shot of steam button to remove creases from suits, jackets, skirts, hanging curtains etc. fig.9. Wait a few seconds between each shot before pressing the button again.

IMPORTANT Never direct the steam at persons or animals!

TIP Hold the iron 10 to 20 centimetres away from the garment to avoid burning delicate fabrics.

7 • Spray

Press the spray button to moisten difficult creases fig.10. You can use the spray function at any temperature.

8 • Anti-Drip system

It prevents water dripping out of the sole plate when the temperature is too low.

9 • Auto Off function
  • For your safety, the electronic system cuts off the power and the auto off indicator light flashes fig.11 when:
    – The iron remains motionless for more than 8 minutes on its heel
    – The iron remains flat or on its side for more than 30 seconds To restart the iron, just move it gently until the warning light stops flashing.
10 • Emptying

Unplug the iron fig.2. Pour away remaining water fig.12.
Set the temperature control dial fig.3 on position Min. Set the iron on dry position .

11 • Storing

Allow the appliance to cool down before winding the cord around the heel. Store the iron on its heel in a dry and safe place fig.14.

IMPORTANT Do not wind the cord around the hot soleplate. Never store your iron placed down on the soleplate.


Remove the plug from the wall socket and let the iron cool down before maintenance and cleaning.

12 • Anti-scale system

Your iron contains an anti-scale cartridge to reduce scale deposits.
This considerably prolongs the operational life of your iron.
The anti-scale cartridge is an integral part of the water tank and does not need to be replaced.

13 • Cleaning the iron

When the appliance has cooled down, wipe the iron down with a damp cloth or sponge. A non abrasive cleaning agent can be used.
Alternatively the ROWENTA cleaning kit ZD100 D1 can be used. After cleaning the soleplate, use the Self Clean function to remove residues of the cleaner from the steam holes.

IMPORTANT Do not use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents or objects to clean the soleplate and other parts of the iron.

14 • Self Clean (prolongs the life of the iron)

WARNING : Do not use descaling agents even if advertised for steam irons. They will permanently damage your iron.

The Self Clean function flushes dirt and scale particles out of the steam chamber.

  1. Fill the water tank with untreated tap water up to the max mark and heat the iron to the ••• temperature. Switch off the steam.
  2. Unplug the iron and hold it over a sink horizontally.
  3. Push the self clean button for 1 minute fig.13a-13b and shake the iron gently: steam will now begin to build up. After a few seconds water will emerge from the sole plate, rinsing dirt and scale particles out of the steam chamber.
  4. Plug in the iron and allow the iron to heat up again. Wait until the remaining water has evaporated.
  5. Unplug from the mains and allow the iron to fully cool down. When cool, the sole plate can be wiped with a damp cloth.

TIP Use the Self Clean function approx. every 2 weeks. If the water is very hard, clean the iron weekly.

Problem Cause Solution
The iron is plugged in, but the sole plate of the iron remains cold. No mains supply. Check that the mains plug is properly inserted or try plugging the iron into a different socket.
Temperature control set too low. Set the temperature control to a higher temperature.
The automatic electronic auto off is active. Move your iron.
Thermostat control light goes on and off. This is normal. When the thermostat control light goes on and off the iron is heating up.
None or too little steam is being emitted. Temperature control set too low. Turn the temperature control to the steam area.

Not enough water in the water tank. Fill the water tank.
Anti-Drip is active (§ 8). Wait for the sole plate to reach the correct temperature.
Brown streaks come through the holes in the sole plate and stain the fabric. Residues in the steam chamber or on the sole plate. Use the Self Clean function then clean your iron.
Use of chemical descaling agents, perfumed or scented additives. Do not add any descaling agents, perfumed, or scented additives to the water in the water tank.

Use the Self Clean function and clean your iron if you have used the above.

Fabric fibres have accumulated in the holes of the sole plate and are burning. Clean the sole plate with a non-metallic sponge.
Your linen is not rinsed sufficiently or you have ironed a new garment before washing it. Ensure linen is rinsed thoroughly.
Use of starch. Always spray starch onto the reverse side of the fabric to be ironed and clean your iron sole plate afterwards.
Pure distilled /demineralised or softened water is being used. Only use untreated tap water or mix half tap water with half distilled/demineralised water. Use the Self Clean function and clean your iron.
Iron is leaking. Overuse of shot of steam button. Allow more time between each shot.
Sole plate temperature too low. Set the temperature control to a higher temperature.

If you have any product problems or queries, please contact our Customer Relations Team first for expert help and advice:
0845 602 1454 – UK
(01) 677 4003 – Ireland
or consult our website –

Subject to modifications !

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ROWENTA DW9230 Steam Force Steam Iron [pdf] User Manual
DW9230, Steam Force Steam Iron



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