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Roku Ultra User Guide [RCB16] User Manual

Roku® Remote
important Product Information

The Roku Remote which accompanies this Important Product Information (“Remote”) provides you with the ability to control your compatible Roku streaming player (“Player”)’. All you need to do is set up a Roku account, activate your Player and pair your Remote with the Player as set forth in the Quick Start Guide for your Player.

What’s included

What’s included

NOTE: You will need a High Speed HDMI® Cable for HD TVs or a Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable for 4K and HDR TVs.




STEP 1: Connect to TV
Connect your streaming player to an HDMI port on the back of your TV using a High Speed HDMI® Cable (not included). To stream 4K or HDR choose an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2. Use a Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable (not included). For help determining which port supports HDCP 2.2, visit

Connect to TV

STEP 2: Connect to power
Use the included power adapter to connect your streaming player to a wall outlet.
Connect to power

STEP 3:Power on TV and
select input Use your TV remote to power on your TV and select the input you used to connect your streaming player. For help on how to select the correct input, visit

Power on TV and select input

STEP 4:Insert batteries
On the back side of the remote, slide open the battery cover. Insert included batteries placing the negative (-) ends in fi rst. Your remote should pair with your streaming player automatically. For help pairing your remote, visit

NOTE: To enable the private listening feature of your streaming player, plug the headphones into your Roku remote. Your TV will be muted when headphones are plugged in.

Insert batteries

STEP 5: On-screen setup and activation
Follow the instructions on your TV screen.Activate your streaming player by using your computer or smartphone to link to a Roku account.

On-screen setup

IMPORTANT: Make sure you type into the browser being careful not to misspell or add extra characters. Typing this incorrectly may take you to fraudulent websites.

Common questions
Why do I need to create a Roku account?
Before you can start streaming, channels must be downloaded and installed on your streaming player. To accomplish this, your streaming player must be linked to a Roku account. With a Roku account, not only can you add channels from the Roku Channel Store, but you can also manage your subscriptions, view your purchase history, and update payment method. For more information, visit

Why do I need to enter a credit card?
Saving a payment method makes it easy to rent or buy movies on demand, subscribe to popular services, and enroll in free trials. Charges will not be made without your authorization. For more information, visit

What should I do if my streaming player is not connecting to my wireless network?
Your streaming player connects to your wireless network the same as your laptop or smartphone. If these other devices can access the internet, then your streaming player should be able to do the same. Make sure to select the same network name, and enter the same password you use with the other devices. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive and easy to enter incorrectly. For more help, visit

Can I take my Roku streaming player with me when I travel?
Yes. You can bring your streaming player and watch your favorite entertainment when you travel. Remember to also bring the power adapter, remote and any cables you use to connect your streaming player at home, and make sure your destination has a good internet connection. You will also need a computer or smartphone with wireless capabilities and a web browser to help get your streaming player connected to the network. For more details, visit

Safety Precautions/Use 8: Handling
To help ensure safe and enjoyable operation of the Remote. please follow these guidelines:
Observe all warnings. precautions and instructions.

Do not operate the Remote using any vigorous or forceful motions or gestures.
Keep the Remote and headphones ut of the reach of small children.
Do not allow liquid. small particles or other foreign objects to get into the Remote or headphones.
Do not expose the Remote and headphones to liquid. smoice or steam.
Do not expose the Remote or headphones to high temperatures. high humidity or direct sunlight.
Do notplaoetheRen’ioteonthefioororina place where they may cause someone to trip or stumble.

Permanent hearing loss may occur if headphones are used at high volume. To prevent possible hearing loss. limit the amount of time you use headphones at high volume. For more information on product safety and troubleshooting. please go to support.

Important Tips About Battery Handling

Inserting batteries: Be sure to insert each
battery negative (-) side first. pushing it into
the coil and then into the compartment. Never
Insert batteries positive (+) side first

Replacing batteries: Always replace dead batteries with two brand-new batteries from the same manufacturer. Never use damaged batteries.

Disposal of batteries: Always dispose of batteries following federal guidelines or local ordinances. Do not dispose of used batteries in an open fire.

Warning Sign: If your Remote gets warm/hot during use. discontinue use and contact Roku Customer Support immediately at supportroku. com. There is a risk of explosion if a battery is replaced by an incorrect type.

Voice Search
For Remotes which support voice search. the Remote allows you to use your voice to search for content on certain Players using voice search.

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Roku Ultra User Guide [RCB16] Manual [PDF]

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  1. How do I use my VCR when hooked up to the Roku Ultra? Need to correct the clock on the VCR and play some recordings. Thank you, Mary

  2. How to have sound on tv and also have sound through earbuds?
    When I plug earbuds in tv sounds goes off. I want to have sound for earbuds and tv at the same time, so two people can listen at different sound levels.

    1. Once the Roku program is running, the sound will come from the TV when the earplugs are unplugged; however, I don’t know how to receive sound from the earplugs and the TV simultaneously.

  3. My Roku is locking up, it will not respond to anything, I get no response, I have to plug and unplug to restart the unit to get it to respond, once corrected it resumes non-responsive action

  4. The remote turns on the TV with the menu at the bottom, but after that none of the buttons work, and it turns itself off. I’ve tried resetting the Roku and replacing batteries.

  5. roku activating site does not work and you are smart eniough to know that. the scammers are circling your site like hungry sharks.
    any help phone line hooks you up with a smooth talking crook

  6. Can you explain the microSD slot and why would you want to put a card in there, and do you need to format it or …… how do you use it?

    1. That slot is to increase the devises storage memory. If you add too many channels then as you use them you may experience the device re-loading the channel. Adding the sd card prevents this since it adds more capacity to store more channels.

  7. I try to go to Roku Ultra Discover GO, Travel GO, History Go. . ., and I get Red Keys on channel saying that I need to ‘Subscribe’. When I call the cable company, they tell me to call Roku!

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