RoHS Smart Bracelet User Manual
RoHS Smart Bracelet

Compatible system and requirement

  • Android Icon Android 4.4 or above
  • IOS icon ios above 8.5 iphone5s
  • Bluetooth Icon Bluetooth 4.0


Please charge the smart band fully before first use. Charge 1-1.5 hours if the smart band cannot turn on. The smart band are unable to use while in charging mode.


Note Icon Note : If the equipment is not used for a long time, make sure to charge the bracelet once every 3 months.

Connection Instruction

Download the App

  1. Method1 : Scan the code below to download the APP.
  2. Method2: Please ensure the bluetooth is on,and open “Wearfitr”.Click the selection of link to bracelet,find the device name in the list and click it.Then enter the main interface.

    Scan QR code download 

The bracelet function specifications

  • Time Icon Time: Time, date, remaining power are shown on the watch face. (Once smart band connected to the device, time will be synchronized with device time. The time cannot be set on the smart band).
  • Status Mode Icon Status mode: Record user steps daily, walking distance, calories consumption
  • Heart rate measuremen IconHeart rate measurement:  measure heart rate hourly, or measure heart rate manually. Press and hold to enter into heart rate measurement interface.
  • Blood pressure measurem Iconent Blood pressure measurement: measure blood pressure hourly, or measure blood  pressure manually. Press and hold to enter into blood pressure measurement interface
  • Blood oxygen measureme Iconnt Blood oxygen measurement: measure blood oxygen hourly, or measure blood oxygen manually. Press and hold to enter into blood oxygen measurement interface.
  • Sport mode Icon Sport mode: Press and hold on the sport mode interface to enter the sports selection page. There are five different sport modes for selection. Running indoor, running outdoor, cycling, sport walking, and exercise modes. Press and hold in the mode to start record exercise time, calories burnt. Press to pause, press and hold to return.
  • Weather Icon Weather: The real-time weather condition will be synchronised with your device data and shown on the time display interface. The smart band needs to be connected to the APP and the device GPS function needs to turn on .
  • More Icon More: Do not disturb (Press and hold to cancel or turn on vibration), music (press and hold to enter music control panel, press to switch, press and hold to confirm), timer (press and hold to enter timer, press to pause or start), find my phone (press for 5 second to enter phone finding mode→press to start→find the phone according to the ringtone and vibration→press to stop). Please make sure the phone and the smart band are connected and within operating range.
  • Settings Icon Settings: Turn off (press and hold to turn off, press to switch), reset (press and hold to reset, press to switch), about (press and hold to check the firmware version, MAC address, press and hold to return or return after five second)
  • Others Icon Others: Charging alert, alarm reminder, sedentary reminder, incoming call display shake to take picture, system update, WeChat/QQ/Text message notification .


  1. Can’t find bracelet and can’t connect with it?
    •  Please ensure the bluetooth is ON and the system of mobile phone is Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.4 or above.
    • If it still unable to connect, enter the phone settings —> Application Management—) Authorization Management—) Application Rights Management—>Find application [WearFit]—> Allow all permissions as “allowed”—> Enter the phone settings and select GPS location and turn on GPS function. —>Restart the phone->Try to connect.
    • Please ensure bracelet is fully charged. Do feel free to contact us if it can t work normally with plenty power.
  2. The APP shows no connection after bound with bracelet, or it is connected but the power is 0%?
    In this case, the App is not bound with bracelet successfully, please rebind
  3. Can’t connect the device with APP?
    Pull down and refresh main interface, it will manually to synchronize the data, then it can display data in the APP. Auto—sync data will only be synchronized at first binding. Then it will automatic synchronize of data hourly. In addition, don t forget to open hourly measure—ment. Otherwise histogram has it any data.
  4. Pull—down and refresh APP,the data is not loaded?
    App settings Restore the factory settings->Click restore factory settings->Turn off the bracelet->Restart bracelet->Match with APP. Then data can be loaded out.
  5. The bracelet time is not synchronized after connecting with the phone?
    Mobile phone settings—’Application management/rights management—>Open permissions of APP—’Reconnect the bracelet—’Pull down and refresh it at main interface of the APP.

Basic parameters

OLED screen size

0.96″ inch

Bluetooth version


I P67

Battery type

Polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity


Charging time

1.5-2 hours
Strap size


Charge Method

Clip charging

Wristband, Charging Clip, User Manual


  1.  If there is a product quality problem or the use of products Is not clear, please contact our store by direct mail, we will deal with it quickly.
  2. The measurement results of this product are for reference only, not for any medical purpose and basis. Please follow the doctors instructions and do not rely on the measurement results for self diagnosis and treatment.
  3. The waterproof grade Is IP67, which can be used for daily life waterproof. But the bracelet can not be used for diving and put under water for long time. In addition, this product does not prevent hot water, because steam will affect the bracelet.
  4. Our company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without notification. Some functions are different in the various software version, which is normal.


Documents / Resources

RoHS Smart Bracelet [pdf] User Manual
Smart Bracelet

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  1. I purchased a smart bracelet but it did not come with a charger can you advise as the bracelet does not have a charging port.

  2. If my rohs watch is lost in another country, can it be found?
    En cas de perte de ma montre rohs dans un autre pays est ce qu’elle est retrouvable

  3. The bracelet that I bought doesn’t have a charger and the device doesn’t have a charging port. What is the procedure for charging and connecting the device?

    1. I had the same problem. There is no slot or obvious place to charge. You can find a really good video on-line for how to charge a RoHS smart watch. You need to remove the watch band. You will find a tab with copper pieces. Then insert the tab in the USB port of any charger.

      1. Thansk Al. I just received mine today and its not turning on. I am looking for charger and get online to see anyone with the same problem. Good thing I found this.

  4. I have a RoHs 3ATM smart watch it came with no instruction where do I find instruction on internet How do I pair it with my apple phone

  5. I have downloaded the apps and the bluetooth was able to connect to the watch. However, the apps still says it is disconnected.

    Is the app Fitpro correct or does it have any updates?

    1. allegedly the time sets to the phone once it is paired. I cannot get mine to pair up and if your time is not correct you are likely not paired up as well. Still tinkering but not optimistic that I will solve this. I have done all I know how to do and info online seems to be scarce.

  6. I’ve downloaded the app, I’ve charged the bracelet and I cannot get the bracelet into pairing mode. I open open the menu for that and I cannot get it to actually start scanning. Is there a trick, like I have to hold the button-down for 5 minutes 1st? I got this for my for my son and I’ve had nothing but problems with it and there is no contact information for the company to seek assistance. HELP!!

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