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robern R³ Seriesrobern R³ Series


tools required

Parts Suppliedparts supplied

Model CB-RC2026D4FP1, CB-RC2026D4FB1, CB-RC2426D4FP1, CB-RC2426D4FB1model

Model CB-RC2426D4FP2, CB-RC2426D4FB2model-1

Model CB-RC2036D4FP1, CB-RC2036D4FB1, CB-RC2436D4FP1 CB-RC2436D4FB1model-2

DANGER: Risk of electric shock. Electrical materials may need to be relocated.

Recess- Mount Installation

  1. Draw the perimeter of the cabinet.mount-1
  2. Cut at the marked lines with the appropriate tool.mount-2
  3. Frame the cutout opening.mount-3
  4. Place and hold the cabinet in the cutout.mount-4
  5. Level, then secure the cabinet with 1-1/2″ the framing studs.mount-5
  6. Optional door adjustmentmount-6
  7. Cover screws with the caps, and the “hinge adjust holes” with the nameplate.mount-7
  8. The height of the shelves can be adjusted in ½” (13 mm) increments.mount-8
  9. Install the shelves.mount-9

Surface Mount Installation

  1. Drill hole in bar.surface 1surface 2
  2. Level and mark. Drill with a 3/16” bit for anchor. Insert anchors.surface 3surface 4
  3. With assistance, rest the cabinet on the mounting bar and hold in place.surface 5
  4. Install the mounting clips.surface 6
    Mark, then set the cabinet aside. Drill with a 3/16” bit for anchor. Insert anchors. Secure with screws provided with the anchors.surface 7
  5. Install the mirrors-4 #8 x 3/8”.surface 8

Documents / Resources

robern R³ Series [pdf] Installation Guide
robern, R3, CB-RC1620D4FP1, CB-RC1620D4FB1, CB-RC1626D4FP1, CB-RC1626D4FB1, CB-RC2026D4FP1, CB-RC2026D4FB1, CB-RC2426D4FP1, CB-RC2426D4FB1

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