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REU-AM3237 PCD10 pipe cover
Installation guide

REU-AM3237 PCD10 Pipe Cover

Before installation check for damage, do not install any damaged items, and check all components have been supplied. Read these instructions to get an overview of the steps required before starting. With Rinnai’s current range of water heaters, assembly can be done by the homeowner—this is because assembly does not require taking the cover off the water heater. The pipe cover is approximately the same width and depth of the water heater and conceals approximately 450 mm of pipework below the unit.

Kit contents

1 Front bracket right (B) 9 Screw M4 INF (decorative screw) x 2
2 Front bracket left  (A) 10 Truss and tapping screws x 6 (Ø4 x 8)
3 Front lower bracket 11 Plastic washer x 6 (M4)
4 Side panel right 12 Plastic clips x 2
5 Side panel left 13 Truss machine screw x 2 (M5 x 8)
6 Wall mounting plate right (R) 14 Mounting plate screws (long) x 2 (Ø4.8 x 32)
7 Wall mounting plate left (L) 15 Wall plugs x 2
8 Front panel

Warning-icon.png Important
Before installing the pipe cover turn off the power, water, and gas to the water heater.

  1. On the water heater, remove the two screws positioned at the back rear, on either side of the unit. This is so you can attach the side panels.
    Attach the left and right front brackets
    (1, 2) with the truss machine screws  (13) under the mounting brackets at the bottom of the water heater.
    The left front bracket is marked with an ‘A’. The right front bracket is marked with a ‘B’. Install so that the symbols are facing inside—note orientation in the image.
  2. Attach the right side panel to the right front bracket with the clip (12), and screin place. Repeat for the left side panel and left front bracket.Rinnai REU AM3237 PCD10 Pipe Cover - fig
  3. Attach the front lower bracket to the right and left side panels with the truss and tapping screws (10), and plastic washers (11). There is one screw and washer for each side. Align marks ‘C’ (left hand side) and ‘D’ (right hand side)
  4. Attach the wall mounting plates to the side panels (one screw either side) with a loose connection so the gap between the wall and water heater can be determined. Select the appropriate holes for the mounting plates, and secure to the wall using the mounting plate long screws (14), and plugs (15). Secure screws.
  5. Connect the front panel (8) to the front lower bracket via the slots and then to the front right and left brackets using the M4 decorative screws (9).

Warning icon Caution
Make sure the front cover is securely fixed. If the decorative screws are loose or the lower section is not securely properly, the front cover may come off in strong winds.
Rinnai REU AM3237 PCD10 Pipe Cover - fig 2

(For factory use)
OPU28-1600(00)Rinnai REU AM3237 PCD10 Pipe Cover07000002304190

Documents / Resources

Rinnai REU-AM3237 PCD10 Pipe Cover [pdf] Installation Guide
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