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REVAIR RA80006 Reverse Air Dryer


RevAir Serial Number:
RevAir Education:
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REV 3.1

20200825 | RA80006 | REV 3.1

Distributed by
RevAir, LLC
Macedonia, Ohio 44056 | United States |
[email protected] or (440) 462-6100

Model#: RA90001, RA90003

Thank you for purchasing RevAir, the World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer.

Visit our self-service support portal online at
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[email protected]          (440) 462-6100

If you have any questions about your RevAir products, contact Customer Support through any of the above methods.

Most questions can be answered over the phone by our trained RevAir Customer Support team.

To expedite your request please have your serial number and details of where/when you purchased your device available when contacting Customer Support.

The serial number can be found on the rating plate located on the back of the Base Unit.

Write your serial number on the front page of this manual for future reference.

REVAIR RA80006 - RevAir Serial Number 1


  1. RevAir Serial Number (S/N:)


Important Safety Instructions


When using an electrical device, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

REVAIR RA80006 - Warning WARNING REVAIR RA80006 - Warning




01. This device is for household use only and not commercial processes.

02. Never use while sleeping.

03. When this device is used by children, or individuals with limited physical, sensory or reasoning capabilities, close supervision is necessary.

04. Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.

05. Do not use RevAir as a vacuum cleaner or for any vacuuming purposes such as picking up and/or collecting small items or debris.

06. Do not insert anything other than hair into the wand.

07. CAUTION: Prior to using RevAir do not use oils, do not saturate hair with hair care products or water to the point of dripping. Any excess substance on or in the device can cause damage and void your warranty.
Contact RevAir Customer Support at [email protected] or (440) 462-6100 for questions regarding the use of leave-in products.

08. Do not operate this device outside or where oxygen is being administered.

09. CAUTION: At Reverse-Air Speed Level 1, use Low ( I ) or No Heat ( O ) only. High Heat p;7( II ) should only be used when the Reverse-Air Speed Dial is set at Level 2 – Level 7.

10. Do not place the wand on any surface during use.

11. If the device is used in a bathroom, unplug after use. The proximity of water presents a hazard even when this device is switched off.

REVAIR RA80006 - Warning 1

12. WARNING: Do not use this device near bathtubs, showers, basins, or other vessels containing water.

13. Do not handle any part of the plug or device with wet hands.

14. Do not put any liquids on or into the RevAir Base, Hose, or Wand.

REVAIR RA80006 - Warning 2

15. Do not operate this device with an extension cord.

16. Only plug this device into a 120V/60hz 15amp outlet.

17. Do not operate this device with a voltage converter.

18. This device has a manual, resettable ALCI safety feature to prevent electric shock. If your device turns off, unplug it from the power outlet, and press the RESET button. Plug it into the power outlet once again, and power on.

If it still does not work, check to see if the power outlet has a resettable safety device that needs to be reset. Alternatively, try another outlet to determine whether it is an electrical issue rather than a device issue.

Should these methods fail, contact RevAir Customer Support at [email protected] or (440) 462-6100.

19. To ensure the ALCI safety feature is working properly, perform the following steps each time you use this device.

  • With the unit unplugged, press the Reset button on the ALCI plug.
  • Plug the device into an AC outlet, press the Test button.
  • The Reset button will pop out.

This verifies that the safety feature is operating properly. If the Reset button does not pop out, do not use the device. Contact RevAir Customer Support at [email protected] or (440) 462-6100 for repair.

20. For additional protection, the installation of a residual current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA is advisable in the electrical circuit supplying the bathroom. Ask your installer for advice.

21. Do not force the plug’s polarized pin into power outlet/socket if it does not fit.

22. Do not unplug by pulling on the cable. To unplug, grasp the plug housing, not the cable.

23. Do not stretch the cord or place the cord under strain. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Do not wrap the cord around the device. The cord should only be wrapped around the intended Cord Wrap Plate.

24. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced or repaired by RevAir, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

25. This device includes over-temperature sensors. If the unit becomes overheated during use, the heater will stop and the Lighted Handle will blink quickly.
If the unit continues to overheat due to a dirty or clogged filter, the heat and the Reverse-Air motor will shut down until the unit has cooled sufficiently.

26. Hair sections too large can limit airflow and result in the heater turning off by triggering the over-temperature sensor. If the heater turns off, the unit will continue to operate, however, the heat shut-off will be indicated by a change in vacuum sound during use.
Reduce the hair section size to increase the airflow around the hair and through the Wand. This should eliminate the activation of the over-temperature sensor shut-off.
Contact Customer Support if any problems persist.

27. CAUTION: The Air Outlet (Base) and Heat Chamber Air Inlet (Wand) surfaces may be hot. Keep the Air Outlet at least two feet away from walls, fabrics, or any surface.

REVAIR RA80006 - Caution

28. Do not allow anything to block airflow to the Air Outlet on the device Base or the Heat Chamber Air Inlet on Wand.

29. Inspect your device before each use. If you notice any damage such as cracks or separation of the housings, stop using immediately, and contact Customer Support.

30. Refer to the Device Care section of this manual for routine maintenance instructions.

31. Do not disassemble this device as incorrect reassembly may result in an electric shock or fire. Contact RevAir Customer Support at [email protected] or (440) 462-6100 when service or repair is required.

32. If this device is not working properly, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or has come into contact with water, do not use it. Contact RevAir Customer Support at [email protected] or (440) 462-6100.

33. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

RevAir changes the way you dry, stretch, and straighten your hair.

Patented Reverse-Air technology gives the power and flexibility to style hair in a healthy, natural way, without high heat or chemicals in a fraction of the time needed with traditional methods.

Please visit to discover more about your unique hair type and to connect directly with our RevAir Advisor Team.

IN THE BOX RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

Your RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer arrives assembled and ready for use. The following is included:

Heat Producing Wand
(detachable from hose)
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Heat Producing Wand

(attached to filter cover panel)
REVAIR RA80006 - line

NOTE: Hose shown shortened for illustration purposes only.

REVAIR RA80006 - Hose

Reverse-Air Base Unit
(includes the RevAir Keep Safe drawstring bag)
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Reverse-Air Base Unit

Removable Filter Basket
(resides inside the base unit)
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Removable Filter Basket

Using Your RevAir Device

Before you get started

Designed to work on all hair types, RevAir’s patented technology is customizable so you can achieve the best results for your unique hair. When considering your hair type; wavy, curly, coily, or straight, also consider its length, width, and density.

Think too about the hair’s porosity – is it damaged by chemical treatments such as coloring, bleaching, or relaxing? These are all important factors in determining the Reverse-Air speed and heat levels needed to produce the best results for your unique hair. Be prepared to experiment a bit to get it perfect for your hair type.

REVAIR RA80006 - Powering RevAir iconPowering RevAir

REVAIR RA80006 - Powering RevAir 1Unwind the electric cord from the Cord Wrap Plate. The plug is equipped with an ALCI safety feature.

Press the TEST button – you will hear a click, and the RESET button will pop out. Press RESET and you are ready to insert the plug into a wall outlet.

Only insert into a 120V/60hz 15amp outlet.

REVAIR RA80006 - Powering RevAir 2Once the Base Unit is plugged in, the device is now ready to be powered on.

Locate the Main Power On/Off Switch at the top of the Base Unit directly below the Handle.

Once switched to the On position, the Handle will illuminate.

REVAIR RA80006 - Powering RevAir 3On the back of the device, there is a Circuit Breaker.

Should there be a power surge or short, the breaker will trip, turning off the power to the unit.

The face will be white when it is tripped. If this happens, unplug the unit from the wall and push to reset the breaker.

If the issue continues, contact [email protected] or (440) 462-6100.

REVAIR RA80006 - Reverse-Air Speed iconReverse-Air Speed (tension level settings)

REVAIR RA80006 - Reverse-Air Speed 1Reverse-Air provides the tension needed to stretch and straighten hair. Different hair types require different levels of Reverse-Air speed/tension. If the speed is too high for your hair, it could slightly tangle therefore it is important to experiment to find personalized settings that work best for you.

In general, healthy and thicker hair (thick strands) tend to work well on higher levels. Those same levels may not suit damaged or fine hair (thin strands). Also, shorter hair may manage better than longer hair at higher levels. There are no rules to Rev, so start low and slow and test your way up.

Testing the Tensions Settings:

We recommend you begin with clean, towel-dried hair. Before feeding hair into the powered-on device, be sure the Reverse-Air Speed is set no higher than Level 2.

After 10 seconds, pull the hair out of the wand to check the level of dryness and to and to see if any tangles are beginning to form at the end of the section.

If you do not see any tangles forming, and think you need additional tension, move up to the next speed setting for an additional 10 seconds. Repeat until you find your ideal tension level.

REVAIR RA80006 - Temperature ControlTemperature Control (heat level settings)

REVAIR RA80006 - Temperature Control 1

II = High Temperature (800 watts)
O = No Heat | Cold Shot
I = Low Temperature (400 watts)

The effectiveness of Reverse-Air means less heat is needed than blow-drying. So, even on high ( II ), RevAir heat is relatively low.

Still, your hair may require even less, so we recommend you experiment with both high ( II ) and low ( I ) settings.

As a finishing step, turning heat to the no heat setting ( O ) duplicates the cold shot found on most blow dryers.

Note: The Wand includes an internal sensor to monitor heat levels minimizing heat exposure. The heat will not turn on unless the Base Unit is powered on.

How to Rev Your Hair

New Technology Means New Techniques

How you Rev is likely to be as unique as your hair. So, take your time exploring different techniques to see what works best for you.

First, determine your best heat and speed level settings*. Next, follow these steps to Rev your hair: *See “Before You Get Started” section on page 11 to determine your best Rev settings.

  • REVAIR RA80006 - Rev Your Hair Detangle & comb through freshly washed and conditioned hair.
  • Section your hair. Think through your section pattern and either pre-clip or manage your sections as you progress.
  • RevAir works best on clean, damp hair in conjunction with any Tribology hair primer.
  • CAUTION: Prior to using RevAir, any leave-in product should be applied sparingly. Do not saturate the hair with leave-in hair care products or water to the point of dripping. Do not apply oils or sticky fixatives to the hair prior to Reving. Any excess substance on or in the device can cause damage and void your warranty.
  • Power on the Base Unit. Set the Temperature Control (Wand) and Reverse-Air Speed Dial (Base Unit) to the level ideal to your hair


NO HEAT? With the Wand set to ( I ) or ( II ), and the Base powered on, if you do not feel any heat at the Wand Mouth, double-check your Wand to Hose connections are secure. See pages 19-20 for Wand connection troubleshooting.

If you continue to experience issues, please email [email protected] or visit

REVAIR RA80006 - Rev Your Hair 2The Wand includes a sensor to monitor heat levels. Should a section of hair be too large in volume, the Heat Chamber will shut down indicating the section size should be reduced.

Removing the section of hair from the Wand will allow cooling. Simply remove the section and retry with less hair. The Heat Chamber will resume automatically.

Note: The shut-off will be indicated by a noticeable change in sound from the Heat Chamber Blower during use.

How to Rev Your Hair

type and condition. CAUTION: When using Reverse-Air speed Level 1, use Low ( I ) or No Heat ( O ) only. High Heat ( II ) should only be used when Reverse-Air Speed Dial is set at Level 2 or higher.

  • Take your first section ­- gathered from about a 3-inch by 3-inch area of scalp, slightly more or less depending on how dense/thick your hair is. Too much hair will limit the airflow while too little hair will compromise the Reverse-Air velocity and smooth flow. Those with average hair density are likely to be able to complete their head in 7-10 sections.
  • Feed the section of hair into the Wand until the Wand Mouth reaches your scalp. Slowly move the Wand mouth across the scalp, or lightly dab, as to reach all the roots of that section. The heat generated from the Wand kept firm or close to your scalp, will dry the section’s full length.
  • Do not pump the Wand, repeatedly moving the Wand up and down the length of the hair is not necessary, and may compromise smooth airflow along with your final results.
  • Drying time varies by hair type and texture, but the common range is from 30 to 90 seconds per section.
  • After about 30 seconds, pull the Wand about 2 inches from the scalp to feel if the root is still damp. When dry pull the Wand away allowing the section to fall free. Repeat this process section by section until complete.
  • Note: Hair should not be left in the Wand for more than 120 seconds continuously. Check hair periodically throughout the drying process.
  • Pro Tip: For added volume, we recommend Reving one section at the crown by pulling the section slightly forward and straight up.
Storing Your RevAir

REVAIR RA80006 - Storing Your RevAir 1 To store your RevAir once finished, wrap the Hose twice around the Base Unit going clockwise. The Wand should reach the Wand Docking Hook on the left side of the Base Unit.

Secure the Wand to the Wand Docking Hook via the Wand Docking Groove on the right side of the Wand.

REVAIR RA80006 - Storing Your RevAir 2

Another option for storage is to leave the Base Unit where it is used and place the Wand into the RevAir Get a Grip Wand Holder (sold separately). Learn more at

Parts & Functions RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

1. Temperature Control                                         Fig. 1.0

  • High ( II ), Low ( I ), and No Heat ( O ) settings
  • No Heat ( O ) setting allows cool air to seal in shine

2. Main Power On/Off Switch                              Fig. 2.0

3. Reverse-Air Speed Dial                                      Fig. 2.0

  • In addition to the Off setting, 7 additional speed settings on the dial allow adjustment of Reverse-Air tension

4. Filter Panel                                                        Fig. 2.0

  • Panel remains connected to Hose
  • Rotate Filter Panel Latch counter-clockwise to remove Filter Panel

5. Stainless Mesh Filter Basket                              Fig. 2.0

  • Filter Notch must align for proper insertion
  • Filter Basket must be installed for Base Unit to function

6. Lighted Handle (Warning Notification)             Fig. 2.0

  • Glows steady when power is on
  • Lights a slow flash sequence to notify that the Filter and/or Filter Panel is not correctly locked in place (Base Unit will not operate)
  • Lights a fast flash sequence if the Base Unit overheats (Base Unit will still operate, but heat will shut off until cooled down)

Heat Producing Wand Fig. 1.0
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Fig. 1.0

Reverse-Air Base Unit Fig. 2.0
REVAIR RA80006 - line

NOTE: Hose shown shortened for illustration purposes only.

REVAIR RA80006 - Fig. 2.0

7. Heat Chamber Cover                                        Fig. 3.0

  • Filters incoming air into the Heater

8. Wand Docking Groove                                     Fig. 3.0

  • Line up with Wand Docking Hook (Fig. 4.0.9) located on the Base Unit for secure storage

9. Wand Docking Hook                                        Fig. 4.0

  • For easy storage of Wand on Base Unit

10. Air Outlet                                                        Fig. 4.0

  • Never block the Air Outlet or place close to a wall or surface, doing so may cause the unit to overheat
  • Do not touch the Air Outlet area, as it may be hot

11. Exhaust Filter                                                  Fig. 4.0

  • For noise suppression and additional air filtration

12. Cord Wrap Plate                                              Fig. 4.0

  • For manual cord storage

Heat Producing Wand Fig. 3.0
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Fig. 3.0

Reverse-Air Base Unit Fig. 4.0
REVAIR RA80006 - line

REVAIR RA80006 - Fig. 4.0

Looking After Your RevAir Device
  • Do not perform any maintenance or repair work other than what is described in this RevAir Operating Manual or advised by the RevAir Customer Support team.
  • Always disconnect the ALCI plug from the wall outlet before inspecting for issues.
  • If the device will not operate, first confirm the wall outlet has power and that the ALCI plug is properly inserted into the outlet.
Device Care

We recommend emptying your filter every 2-3 uses, and washing your filter after every 5 uses. Check the Mesh Filter Screen for residual product build-up. Hold the filter up to a light, when your filter is clean, light will be clearly visible through the filter screen.

Removing hair and dust from your Stainless Mesh Filter Basket is not enough. Cleaning the Filter Screen is key.

Accessing your Filter.

  • First unplug the Base Unit.
  • Next, Unlock the Filter Panel at the base of the Hose by rotating the Filter Panel Latch counter-clockwise.

REVAIR RA80006 - Accessing your Filter 1

  • Remove the Hose and Filter Panel.
  • Slide out the Filter Basket.

REVAIR RA80006 - Accessing your Filter 2

Washing your Filter.

Manual Method Supplies Needed:

  • Toothbrush or small soft scrubbing brush
  • Mild Dish Soap
  • Warm Water

Dishwasher Supplies Needed:

  • Mild Dish Detergent
  • Dishwasher

Washing your Filter.

REVAIR RA80006 - Washing your Filter

  • Remove any hair or dust that has accumulated within the Filter.
  • With the Mesh Filter Basket out of the device, try filling with the Filter with water. If the water does not drain quickly, your Filter Basket needs a thorough cleaning. You can also hold the Filter up to the light, if the light is not visible through the Filter Screen this is also an indication that scrubbing is needed.
  • Manual method: Using mild dish soap, warm water, and a small brush, such as a toothbrush, clean both the inside and outside of the Filter Screen.
  • Dishwasher method: with the open side up, run the Filter Basket through a wash cycle in the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Let the Filter Basket completely air dry before reinstalling into the Base Unit.

Washable Foam Liner Insert (sold separately)

  • Scrubbing the Mesh Filter Basket can be time-consuming, now you can save time by adding a Washable Foam Liner to a squeaky clean stainless Filter Basket, making cleaning a breeze.
  • The Foam Liner acts as a barrier to protect the stainless steel Filter Basket and minimize build up on the mesh.
  • RevAir recommends cleaning the Foam Liner every 5 uses by removing any loose hair, rinsing with warm soapy water, and air drying. Foam liners are sold in packs of 2, providing a spare while the other is drying.
  • Note: Before inserting the Foam Liner into the Stainless Mesh Filter Basket, be certain to start with a freshly scrubbed Filter Basket.
  • Washable Foam Liners are available for purchase at

REVAIR RA80006 - Washable Foam Liner Insert

for additional accessories and replacement parts, visit:

Reinstalling your Filter into the Base Unit.

  • Slide the Stainless Mesh Filter Basket into Base Unit, aligning the Filter Tab with the Filter Basket Groove.

IMPORTANT: The Filter Tab must line up with the intended groove to fit in properly. Without Filter Basket installed, and the alignment of the Filter Tab in its groove, the Base Unit will not power on.

REVAIR RA80006 - Reinstalling your Filter

  1. The Filter Tab on the Filter Basket should fit flush within the Filter Groove that is located at the bottom of the Base Unit.

Reconnecting the Filter Panel after Filter cleaning.

  • Attach the Hose to the Base Unit by sliding bottom Filter Panel Tab into the Groove located at the bottom of the Filter opening of the Base Unit.
  • Gently push Filter Panel forward so it is flush with Base Unit and securely covers Filter opening.
  • Once the Filter Panel is firmly in place, turn Filter Panel Latch clockwise to lock the Filter Panel into Base Unit.
  • The exterior of the Base Unit, Hose and Wand may be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Never use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers on any portion of your RevAir.

REVAIR RA80006 - Reconnecting your Filter Panel 1REVAIR RA80006 - Reconnecting your Filter Panel 2

Cleaning the Exhaust Filter.

We recommend you clean the Exhaust Filter once per month.

  • To remove the Exhaust Filter simply pinch the sides together and gently pull to remove the filter from its housing within the Base.

REVAIR RA80006 - Cleaning the Exhaust Filter

  • After removing the Exhaust Filter, shake off any dust and rinse well with warm (not hot) water. Do not wring or twist.
  • Gently shake out any excess water, place on a cloth or paper towel, and allow to air dry.
  • When completely dry, insert the Exhaust Filter back into the Base, in the original orientation.
  • While gently pinching the sides, press the filter back into the Base.

Unlocking the Wand from the Hose.

  • While holding the Strain Relief in one hand, and the neck of the Wand in your other hand, complete a sharp counter-clockwise turn to unlock the wand from the hose.
  • Carefully pull the Wand from the Hose.

REVAIR RA80006 - Unlocking the Wand 1REVAIR RA80006 - Unlocking the Wand 2REVAIR RA80006 - Unlocking the Wand 3

for additional accessories and replacement parts, visit:

Cleaning the Wand and/or Hose interior.

REVAIR RA80006 - Device Care 1

  • If you find it necessary to clean the interior of your Wand or Hose, we recommend using a damp microfiber towel or sponge brush.
  • After removing the Wand from the Hose, gently swab the interior of the Wand and/or Hose.
  • Do not run water or cleaner through the Wand or Hose.
  • Do not force anything through the Wand or Hose to avoid internal damage to the components.
  • Allow all components to air dry completely before reassembly.

Reattaching the Wand to the Hose.

  • Align the Key on the Hose with the Groove on the Wand.
  • While holding the Strain Relief on the Hose in one hand, and the Wand Neck in your other hand, push together firmly.
  • Complete a sharp clockwise turn to lock the Wand into place.

REVAIR RA80006 - Reattaching the Wand 1REVAIR RA80006 - Reattaching the Wand 2REVAIR RA80006 - Reattaching the Wand 3


NO HEAT? With the Wand set to ( I ) or ( II ), and the Base powered on, if you do not feel heat at the Wand Mouth after reassembly, double-check your Wand to Hose for secure connections.

If you continue to experience issues, please email [email protected] or visit

Cleaning the Heat Chamber Cover.

  • We recommend checking and cleaning your Heat Chamber Cover as you notice hair, dust, or lint accumulation or build-up on the screens.
  • First, unplug the Base Unit.
  • Twist Heat Chamber Cover counter-clockwise to remove.

REVAIR RA80006 - Heat Chamber Cover 1REVAIR RA80006 - Heat Chamber Cover 2REVAIR RA80006 - Heat Chamber Cover 3

  • Remove any accumulated hair and/or lint from both Heat Chamber Screens by lightly brushing with a small dry brush such as a soft toothbrush.
  • For deeper clean, scrub screens with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft-bristle brush. Allow the Heat Chamber Cover to completely air dry before reinstalling the cover.
  • Replace the Heat Chamber Cover by aligning notches, pushing the Heat Chamber Cover on, and turning clockwise until secure.
Disposal Information
  • RevAir products are made from high-grade recyclable materials.
  • Recycle this product at your local recycling center.
Never Be Without • One Year Warranty

Register Your RevAir Device for Warranty

To validate your RevAir warranty, go to, choose warranty, and complete the online form. You may also call (440) 462-6100 to validate your warranty.

You will need your serial number found on the rating plate located on the back of your Base Unit.
This must be activated within 30 days of receiving your device or your warranty may not be valid.

REVAIR RA80006 - RevAir Serial Number 1


  1. RevAir Serial Number


What the Never Be Without Warranty Covers

The Never Be Without limited RevAir warranty of your device warrants that your product is free from all defects in workmanship and material, under normal use, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

How it works:

  • If our advisors can’t get your device up and running via over-the-phone troubleshooting, the replacement will be set in motion.
  • If our advisors identify the fault being limited to a specific part, a replacement of the faulty item will be sent to you.
  • If the team determines the fault is not limited to a specific part, you will be sent a complete replacement device. Along with it, you will receive a prepaid shipping label. You’ll then be able to pack your faulty device in the shipping box you’ve just received, attach the label and return it free of charge within 30 days.

Note: If we do not receive the faulty device within 30 days you will be invoiced for the full charge of the replacement unit plus shipping and handling.

What is NOT Covered by Your Never Be Without Warranty

  • Normal wear and tear, such as power supply cord or plug breakage.
  • Damage or malfunctions caused by negligence, misuse, abuse or use not in accordance with the Operating Manual, including:
    • Dropping
    • Using with an incorrect voltage supply
    • Lack of proper maintenance
    • Damage caused by substances (oils, hair care products, water)
  • Tampering, including attempted repair or repair by an unauthorized party.
  • RevAir will, at its own election, repair or replace defective parts as covered by this warranty. As policy, RevAir will not refund the consumer’s purchase price outside of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Acquiring Warranty Service

  • Warranty service shipments must include forms provided to you by RevAir Customer Support, along with a valid proof of purchase/original receipt. Please contact [email protected] or (440) 462-6100 for requirements.
  • Prior authorization is necessary for all warranty requests. RevAir cannot accept any warranty products without a return authorization. Return acceptance is at the sole discretion of RevAir. It is the right of RevAir to replace your device with a refurbished item of equal or greater value.
  • Helpful Hint: Retaining your original packaging will aid in the safe shipment of your RevAir, in case of warranty service.

RevAir, LLC
Macedonia, Ohio 44056
[email protected] or (440) 462-6100

Additional Limitations & Exclusions

Any implied warranties, liabilities, or obligations, including but not limited to any warranty of fitness for particular purposes or merchantability, shall be limited to the duration of this warranty. In no event shall, RevAir be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages, nor any damages beyond the cost of the product, for breach of this or any other warranty express or implied whatsoever. State to state, specific legal rights may vary. //

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for Tips & Tricks, as well as the latest RevAir innovations, visit us at:


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REVAIR RA80006 Reverse Air Dryer for Dries Hair Straight and Smooth [pdf] Instruction Manual
RA80006, Reverse Air Dryer for Dries Hair Straight and Smooth


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