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Machine for coffee grinding and dosage

ROCKY-SD Rocky SD Coffee Grinder

Dear Customer,
First of all, thank you choosing RANCILIO.
We are confident that the product you have purchased will come up to all your expectations-just as all our other products are designed to do. The product that you are about to use is the outcome of painstaking research and tests. The Rancilio’s consistency assures quite sure that the equipment we have supplied you with, is the most functional, safe and satisfactory of its kind to be found on the market, as regards both its design and its efficency. The booklet of instructions for its correct use and maintenance will help you to get the best possible service out of your machine. We trust you will find our explanations clear and we may continue, in the future, to count you among our esteemed customers.


Treatment of waste from electric/electronic equipment
Dispose of the product in accordance with current regulations concerning differentiated waste disposal in dedicated waste disposal areas.
Do not treat as simple urban waste.
For any information please contact the manufacturer at the address specified in the user manual.
RANCILIO ROCKY SD Rocky SD Coffee Grinder - icon The product complies with the requirements of the new directives introduced for the environmental safeguard and must be disposed of appropriately at the end of its life cycle.

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NAME: Machine for coffee frinding and dosage

The label illustrated on the cover of this instruction manual corresponds to the identification label placed on the machine Fig. 2.
Label identification (Fig.1):

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Model and version
  3. Voltage
  4. EC conformity mark (if required)
  5. Serial number
  6. Boiler data
  7. Machine total absorption
  8. Protection level
  9. Motor power
  10. Heating element power
  11. Frequency
  12. Conformity marks
  13. Year of manufacture

Warning signal. The instructions which refer to this signal must be followed with great care in order to avoid accidents or damage to the machine.

This manual is an integral and essential part of the product and must be delivered to the user. The warnings contained in it must be read carefully, as they supply important indications relating to the safety of installation, use and maintenance. Keep this manual for future reference.


  • The packing elements (plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, nails, cardboard, etc.) must not be left within the reach of children, as they are potential sources or danger.
  • Check that the data on the machine corresponds to those of the electrical supply network, before connecting the equipment.
  • It is advisable to unwind the supply cable for the whole length to avoid twisting or damages. Do not place the cable near water, liquids or heat sources. The cable must not be damaged.
  • Should the cable be damaged, contact qualified personnel to replace it by means of a special tool.
  • It is inadvisable to use adapters, multiple sockets and/or extensions. When their use is indispensable, only products with certificate of quality (e.g. IMQ, VDE, +S, etc.) may be used. Check that the voltage capacity limit indicated on the adapters exceeds the absorption capacity (A = ampere) of the equipment.
  • In doubt, request an accurate check of the plant by qualified personnel. The wiring system must comply with the following safety regulations:
    – efficient earth connection;
    – section of conductors suitable for absorption capacity
    – efficient earth leakage protection circuit breaker.
  • Do not install the machine in the proximity heat sources (oven, cooking stove, fireplace, etc.) and in conditions in which the temperature may not go below 5°C. IT  MUST BE PROTECTED AGAINST FREEZING CONDITIONS.
  • Keep the packed machine in a dry place, not exposed to atmospheric agents and in conditions in which the temperature may not go below 5°C. Do not stack more than  three items of the same kind. Do not place heavy items on the packaging.
  • In an emergency (fire, anomalous noisiness, ove-rheating, etc.) disconnect the plug, turn off the gas and water taps.
  • Do not leave the machine exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, sun, etc.) and do not install in damp rooms such as bathrooms.
  • In the event of parts replacement, request original spares from an authorized retailer or dealer.
    Erroneous installation may cause damage to people and things for which  the manufacturer cannot be considered responsible.


2.1 Features
The machine is composed of a single structure for coffee grinding and dosage.
The machine has a cast aluminium structure and plastic panelling.
The coffee beans are held in a hopper fitted with a lid.
When the machine is turned on, the grinding device under the hopper is activated. The ground coffee is collected in the front container, from where the coffee doses may by taken by activating a hand lever.
2.2 Protections
All moving parts are inside the machine panelling.
In the bean container 1 (Fig.3) a protection is fixed with screws to protect your hands when filling and cleaning the bean container.
2.3 Aerial noise
In working place the noise level does not generally exceed 70dB(A).
2.4 Vibrations
The machine is supplied with rubber vibration suppressing feet. In normal working conditions, the machine does not produce vibrations harmful to the operator and the environment.
2.5. Specifications and composition (Fig.3)

  1. Bean container
  2. Main and coffee grinding switch
  3. Grinding button (SD)
  4. Grinding adjustment button
  5. Filter support
  6. Ground coffee exit chute (SD)
  7. Ground coffee dose lever
  8. Ground coffee container


Machine dimensions A=116    B =245 C=350mm.
Packing dimensions A=230    B=340 C=410mm
Packing volume 0,03 m³
Net weight 7 kg
Gross weight with packing 7,5 kg
No. of items 1
Grinder motor 1400W
Electricity supply See label data Fig.1
Bean container capacity 300 gr.
Gound coffe container capacity CA 200 gr.
Working place temperature +5° +45° C


The machine has been designed to grind coffee.
Any other use is to be considered unsuitable and therefore dangerous.
The user must always follow the indications contained in this manual. In the case of a failure or if the machine is not working properly, switch it off and do not attempt any direct repair. Contact the assistance service.

The user must not:

  • put his hands under the ground coffee container;
  • transport the machine or carry out maintenance operations with the plug connected and when the machine is warm;
  • pull the supply cable in order to disconnect the machine from the supply network;
  • use the machine if the supply cable is damaged;
  • touch the machine with wet or damp hands or feet;
  • wash the machine with water or vapour jet;
  • dip the machine in water or other liquid;
  • use the machine when there are children in its proximity;
  • allow the machine to be used by children or incapable person;
  • obstruct the suction or heat despersal grilles with cloths, ect.;
  • leave the side doors open;
  • place container with liquid on the machine

It is forbidden to install or use the machine if it is be wet or damp.
It is always necessary to request an accurate check by qualified personnel in order to find any possible damages to the electric components.

4.1. Counter-instructions
This machine may be used only for the purposes for which it was designed. It cannot be used to dispense products other than coffee or any non food products.
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by unsuitable, erroneous or irrational use of the machine.


5.1. Packaging
The machine must always be transported in a correct position following the instructions on the cardboard box.
Do not turn over the machine or lay it down on a side.
The box also contains separate accessories and a technical documentation which must be saved for further consultations.

  • Open the top part of the packaging, remove the accessories and then remove the machine from its packaging.
  • Check if the machine, the accessories, the electric cable and the plug are in perfect condition. Should one of these parts be damaged, immediately contact the retailer.

The packing elements (plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, nails, cardboard, etc.) must not be left within reach of children as they are potential sources of danger. Do not dispose of the packing elements in the environment; consign them to firms authorized for their disposal,


The machine is delivered ready to be installed in accordance to the label data.
Ensure that the electrical supply system has the same features as the machine.
The electrical supply system must be equipped with a life saving device or a general automatic switch with an efficient earthing system. Should there be no electrical protection element, have a single-pole switch installed by qualified personnel, as envisaged by the current safety regulations with a contact opening distance of either equivalent or over 3 mm.
The earthing of the appliance is compulsory.
The constructor declines all responsibility in the event of the failure to respect the accident prevention norms.
Take care not to damage the supply cable by pressing, or crushing.
Do not disconnect the machine by pulling the cable, but detach by gripping the plug.
The machine is not to be positioned in any niches or similar difficult positions in order to prevent problems relating to operation, supply and maintenance.

  • The machine must be placed on a completely level surface, that is both dry and sufficiently stable and at a height of 80 cm from the ground.
  • Position the machine and connect the plug to the power socket.


The coffee grinder is tested by the manufacturer with an approximate grinding adjustment. It is recommended to re-adjust the grinding accoding to your requirements and  the kind of coffee to be used.

  • With the motor off and the bean container empty, press adjustment button (4) and turn the container (1) in a clockwise direction until the grinders touch;
    Never press grinding adjustment stop button (4) when the machine is operating.
  • Now turn the container 6/7 notches in an anticlockwise direction and release button (4), ensuring that it is perfectly blocked;
  • Start up the motor using switch (2) and only for SD model also press button (3) to make sure that the grinders do not touch each other;
  • Should the grinder scrape against each other, immediately turn the machine off and turn the container 2/3 notches in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Switch off the machine, open tank (1), pour a small quantity of coffee beans into it and grind using switch (2); then, for SD model, button (3).
  • Prepare a coffe, checking the delivery time, which should be between 25 and 30 seconds for the best grinding;
  • Check coffee quality and taste considering that coarse grinding produces light coffee without cream, whereas too fine grinding produces strong, dark cofee without cream;
  • If the coffee does not meet your requirements, adjust the grinding by turning the container in a clockwise direction for fine grindings and in an anticlockwise direction for coarse grindings (Fig.5);
  • Repeat this operation until you get the quality of coffee you wish.
    The machine does not need new adjustments when using the same kind of coffee; if you change th kind of coffee, re-adjustments must be made to the grin- ding.

Mod. ROCKY (Fig.6)

  • After setting the desired grinding level, place the filter holder into its seat and act on lever (7) to dispense the ground coffee directly into the coffee filter.
    Press once for one-cup filter and twice for two-cup filter.
    It is recommended to grind the quantity of coffee that is immedialely needed. When ground coffee is left for too long, it looses its freshness and fragrance. Never grind  already ground coffee.

Mod. ROCKY SD (Fig.7)

  • After setting the desired grinding level, place the filter holder into its seat and act on lever (3) to dispense the ground coffee directly into the coffee filter.
    Keep the button pressed until the desired dose is obtained.


The maintenance operations must be carried out with the machine off and cold and with the power plug disconnected.
Do not use any metallic or abrasive materials for cleaning such as scourers, metal brushes, needles and detergents but use a damp cloth or sponge.

8.1. Daily

  • Clean the outside structure and the ground coffee container.
  • Clean the dosing area under the coffee container.

8.2. Periodically

  • Empty the coffee bean container, clean it from any oily waste left by the coffee.

In the event of damage to the power supply cable, contact an authorized assistance centre for replacement as a special tool is required.
The scrap materials used for processing or maintenance should be placed in containers and sent to special collection centres, unless they are biodegradable or polluting.


9.1. Temporary

  • Grind the beans left and empty the container.
  • Turn off switch 2 (Fig.3) and unplug the machine.
  • Carry out the necessary maintenance operations (see paragraph 8).
  • Place the machine is a dry place, away from atmospheric agents and of exclusive access (avoid leaving it in the reach of minors or untrained persons).

9.2. Definitive
As well as the temporary placing out of action operations undertake to :

  • Cut the power cable,
  • Wrap cardboard or other material around the machine and consign to the authorized personnel (authorized refuse disposal centre or used material collection centre).


Check operations to be carried out by the user with the plug disconnected.
A) The machine does not start:
– check that the plug is connected;
– In case of power failure wait for the power to return and check if the earth leakage protection circuit breaker or the main switch is on;
– check the condition of the plug and the supply cable; if damaged have them replaced by qualified personnel.
B) It does not grind coffee:
– check that there are some coffee beans in the container;
– check th grinding adjustment (pragraph 7).
C) Doses are not regular:
– thoroughly clean the ground coffee container and the side under it (coffee nozzle);
– check that the movement of the dosing lever is correct and free.
For any type of problem or inconvenience not specifically indicated, disconnect the plug and contact our service centre without attempting any direct repairs.


Declare under our responsibility that the product: Coffee–grinder–dispenser for household use to which this declaration relates is, according to the provisions of the specific directives:

Makers directive
73/23/CEE, 93/68/CEE
Low Voltage Directive
89/336/CEE, 93/68/CEE, 92/31/CEE
EMC Directive it complies with the following norms:
EN 60335–1, EN 60335–2–14, EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3, EN61000-4, EN50366
Harmonisierte EN-Norme
RANCILIO ROCKY SD Rocky SD Coffee Grinder - signicher
The present declaration will become invalid should the machine be modified without our specific authorization.

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