Rakuten Kobo N249 Clara HD e-book Reader

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  • Brand: Rakuten Kobo
  • Model Name: Clara HD
  • Model No. N249
  • Display Technology: E-Ink
  • Screen Size: 6 Inches
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 8 GB
  • Battery Life: 3 Hours
  • Included Components: Clara HD
  • Color: Black SleepCover
  • Item Weight: 180 Grams
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
  • Supported File Format: BMP, GIF, RTF, PNG, HTML, JPEG, MOBI, TXT, CBR, TIFF, PDF, EPUB, CBZ


  • The ideal reading partner
    Without glare, read In contrast to your tablet or smartphone, the 6 “Screen is glare-free, you can read outside in the sun just like on regular paper.
  • Enjoy a natural reading experience that mimics print
    A 6 “Reading is made even more enjoyable by the high-definition touchscreen’s absence of glare.
  • Obtain the ideal illumination, day or night
    A better night’s sleep is made possible by ComfortLight PRO’s blue light suppression.
  • Take 6,000 eBooks with you wherever you go
    Kobo Clara HD can store even the biggest libraries because of its 8GB of storage.

How can Kobo Clara HD improve your reading experience?

A battery life of several weeks Built-in OverDrive for obtaining library books Use Pocket to read and save articles. Margin, font, built-in dictionary, and other customization options

Quick User Guide

Set up your eReader

  1. Press and hold the power button to start.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi and follow set-up instructions.Rakuten-Kobo-N249-Clara-HD-e-book-Reader-fig-3
  3. Follow the instructions to sign in or create a new account.Rakuten-Kobo-N249-Clara-HD-e-book-Reader-fig-2
  4. Charge by connecting to a power source.Rakuten-Kobo-N249-Clara-HD-e-book-Reader-fig-1

User Support


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Extend your eReading experience

Download the free Kobo App so you can read on your smartphone or tablet too. We’ll sync your bookmarks, so you can start reading on one device and pick up on another without losing your spot http://kobo.com/apps


Can you secure this with a password?

PIN protection is a setting on my new Clara HD that I may enable.

Is a charger included with the Kobo Clara HD?

No, it includes a USB cord.

Can you put this thing in your pocket?

Definitely larger pockets, but not smaller ones. For confirmation, please compare the measurements of your preferred pocket to those listed for the item.

Can I use this device to edit my Google Docs online?

No. It is merely a book or magazine reader.

Can we emphasize this?

Sure you can emphasize this.

Can I read Russian e-books?

According to the text encoding. However, it ought to work perfectly with UTF8. The best places to look for other encodings are forums or the manufacturer.

Is it a tiny USB or USB-C?

You can use Micro-USB with this eBOOK

Would you mind telling me if I can use this device to listen to audiobooks like those on audible, m4b, or mp3?

If purchased from Overdrive or the Kobo shop, the answer is yes (same as kindle e-readers)

Is it simple to download nook and amazon books to a kobo? Can you explain the procedure in a nutshell?

Ask an Amazon employee via “chat” to validate the Kobo device’s capability to read Kindle e-books before placing an order.

Can we use it to read PDFs?

Yes, PDFs will be supported. It’s not very well because you have to zoom all the way around it, but it will work. For that use, the Aura One (7.8″ screen) performs significantly better.

Can the font size be changed?

Yes. In actuality, there are far more font size options than on the Kindle. Size, line spacing, and margin width can all be adjusted using sliders.

My son lives in New Zealand, but the library there does not accept Kindle e-book devices. did they suggest the Kobo, Suggestions?

I own a Kobo and a Kindle. I prefer the Kobo over the Kindle. This is the third Kobo I’ve owned, and the batteries last longer. I can’t keep my Kindle charged.

Is this compatible with Sunlite?

Absolutely, it functions in all types of lighting. It is not like a phone screen, which is clearly visible in the daylight.

Kobo Clara includes overdrive, or does it not? If not, which Kobo model has overdrive built in?

Yes, the Kobo Clara HD has an overdrive.

Does this have a USB cable included?

Yes, USB is included along with this e-Book reader.

Download this PDF Link: Rakuten Kobo N249 Clara HD e-book Reader Quick User Guide

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