Pyle PLHRDVD90KT Universal Car Headrest Mount Monitor




Only on selected unit models — Review product specs & features    for detailed info


  1. LCD Panel
  2. Open
  3. Pre/Rewind Forward
  4. Next/Fast
  5. Power
  6. Menu
  7. +
  8. DC 12V
  9. DC Jacket
  10. HDMI Read Port
  11. AV2 IN jack
  12. Earphone jack
  13. USB Read Port
  14. SD Read Port



  1. Power
  2. Earphone/AV2 jack
  3. SD
  4. DC 12V Jacket
  5. 5.HDMI PORT




  1. Remove the screws from bracket like below picture to install the bracket on iron tube.Pyle-PLHRDVD90KT-Universal-Car-Headrest-Mount-Monitor-fIG-4
  2. Put the plastic bracket parts in between two metal poles, at the same time, push 2 screws to fix up bracket.Pyle-PLHRDVD90KT-Universal-Car-Headrest-Mount-Monitor-fIG-5
  3. Hold up unit, insert the metal plate at the back of the unit into plastic bracket parts, then adjust it to the right angle and fix it tightly, at last lower the orignal car headrest to the appropriate position.



  • Mini Din Connector
  • Attach power cable to connect





  1. Do not put the machine in the rain or damp environment lest outbreak offire or any damage to machine.
  2. Do not repair the machine by youself. Please turn off the machine and inform us if any problem found, the factory or the agent will arrange specialized personnel to disassemble and repair the machine for you .
  3. Please keep the machine away from dampness, dust, oil and straight sunlight.
  4. Do not use diluents or other chemical cleaner when cleaning the machine. Please clean the machine by soft cloth with special cleaner.
  5. Please keep the machine in a good environment. The storage temperature for this machine is from -4°F to 140°F.
  6. This machine only supports DIVX/MPEG4/DVD/DVDR+/SVCD/VCD/DVCD/CD/MP3/WMA/CD-R/RW/HDCD+-R/JPEG or CD-ROM7.
  7. Please prevent the machine from the influence of other equipment.
  8. For your safety, please do not turn or operate this machine when driving as it may be illegal in some countries and regions.
  9. Safe power supply: DC12V (voltage range:10V-14V)


There may be some small and bright spots on the screen. This is a common technical matter and does not indicate any quality problem of this machine.





Dual Vehicle Headrest Mount Multimedia Disc Player System – Car Video Entertainment Display Monitors with Wireless Headphones (9.4’’ -inch)


Single Vehicle Headrest Mount Multimedia Disc Player  Car Video Entertainment Display Monitor (9.4’’ -inch)


Single Vehicle Headrest Mount Multimedia Disc Player Car Video Entertainment Display Monitor (10.5’’ -inch)



  • Universal Vehicle Headrest Mount Displays
  • Top-Loading CD/DVD Player
  • Audio & Video Entertainment System
  • Hi-Res Digital LCD Wide-Screen Video
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Headphone Jack, 3.5mm
  • USB Flash & SD Memory Card Readers
  • Convenient Removable Leather Screen Cover
  • Easily Attaches to Front-Seat & Back-Seat Headrests
  • HDMI Input Port & AV Connector
  • Connect Additional Device via RCA (Audio/Video) Wiring Harness
  • Built-in IR Transmitter for Wireless IR Headphone Use
  • Front Panel Button Controls
  • Integrated FM Transmitter
  • Includes All Necessary Hardware & Cables for Installation
  • Can be Hard-Wired or Powered via Included Plug-in
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Cable

What’s in the Box?

  • Headrest Mounting Brackets
  • Remote Control
  • Power Wiring Harness Cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Cable

Technical Specifications

  • Video System: PAL / NTSC Compatible Auto Switching
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 300:1
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • English OSD Menu
  • Maximum USB/SD Card Size: 32GB
  • CD/DVD Player Support: DVD/VCD/MP3/JPG/MP4/CD-R/CD-RW
  • Digital File Compatibility: MP3, MP4, MP5, JPG, MPEG4, WMA, AVI
  • Power Supply: DC 12V

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the item and HDMI cable or two DVD players with mounts, headphones, and remotes?

It comes with two DVD players, mounts, headphones, and remotes. Additionally, it includes everything needed to hardwire it if desired. I believe mine also included an HDMI cable so I could connect two if I desired.

Does MKV playback exist?

I’m not sure. But I regret having purchased this. 50% of the time it works.

Can I use an HDMI to link my iPhone and watch Netflix on both displays at once?

There is a good chance that utilizing HDMI to connect a smartphone won’t work. You could, however, attach a chrome cast or a fire stick to this device.

Can a Nintendo Switch be connected to these to play simultaneously on both screens?

This device has an HDMI port that can accept any additional HDMI interface. Nintendo should be consulted regarding device configuration.

How challenging is it too hardwire them?

Avoided hardwiring. Purchased backseat liners and covered the wires.

Can it be used for both a forward-facing and a rear-facing car seat?

Yes, you can easily modify it thanks to the headrest mount bracket.

Can I install one screen in two different cars?

Yes, you are permitted to utilize the other monitor for a different car.

Is there a method to restart DVD players that have stopped working?

The best course of action is to call customer support so they can help you from there, but if you can return it, do so. This device is terrible, and I had problems with it right away.

What is the largest distance that the bracket will still fit between the two headrest posts?

The bracket would fit because the posts are centred and it is adjustable.

On each screen, is it possible to view a separate movie?


What types of games are available?

Only standard non-Android games can be played on this device.

Do both DVD players have to play the same movie, or can they each play a different one?

This gadget performs both. You have the option of playing the same movie on both screens or a different movie.

I purchased this. Although it was said that it could play mp4 videos, I have never been able to get the ssd card to work with this. Does it support mp4 on an SD card?

Sincerely, I don’t know. It has only ever been used to play DVDs.

Can I connect the tablets to the internet?

These aren’t tablets at all. However, if you have internet access, you can use a fire stick.

Can three wireless headphones be connected?

Yes, you can connect this device to three IR headphones.

Can they charge using a single 12v connector plugged in simultaneously?

I purchased the dual 12v and connected both to it.

Why are all the reviews for some cable when I’m looking at a dual screen dvd kit for cars?

Because there are errors in the listing. The first item I bought and reviewed was an incredibly thin HDMI cable.

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