Pyle Home PICL52B Radio Alarm Clock Speaker System-User Guide

Pyle Home PICL52B Radio Alarm Clock Speaker System


  • Brand Pyle
  • Compatible Devices IPhone 3GS, IPod Nano
  • Color Black
  • Product Dimensions 25 x 8.75 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight 65 pounds
  • Model PICL52B
  • Department Docking Stations

What’s In the Box

  • Radio Alarm Clock Speaker System

Product Description

This clock radio with iPod/iPhone dock connector is the perfect accessory for your bedroom. It also makes a great gift for the college student. It’s equipped with an FM radio, clock, and it’s compatible with almost all iPods and iPhones – it can play your iPod’s music through the built-in speakers and charge your device. Store up to 10 preset stations. The LCD display shows the time in 7 user-selectable colors. Dual alarms with snooze function and gradual wakeup. 40 watt speakers. Runs on 110 V AC, with a DC 3V battery backup (not included.) Color: black.


  • FM Stereo Radio PLL Digital Tuning System – 30 Pins iPod Docking Connector – Buzzer or iPhone/iPod songs
  • 10 Preset radio station memory – Compatible with iPhone 3GS & 4G, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod 5G, iPod Mini, iPod Nano & iTouch, (all Generations) – Total Power Output: 40 Watts
  • LCD Display with 7 Auto Changing Color Back-light – Battery Charging after iPhone/iPod Unit Docked-in (available for all iPod Models with 30 pin connector port) – AC Adaptor Operates, with DC 3V Battery back-up (Not included)
  • Back-light Color Select – Clock Display with Sleep & Snooze Function
  • Volume +/- Control – Dual Alarm, Gradual wake up by Radio/iPod

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Warranty & Support

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How does a radio alarm clock work?

It resembles a typical electronic clock or watch but contains two additional parts: a circuit for decoding radio signals and an antenna for picking up radio signals. The circuit determines the correct time using the radio signals and modifies the time that is displayed on the clock or watch accordingly.

What is inside an alarm clock radio?

The term for it is electromagnetic induction. The current flow in this coil is induced by this coil. In any case, the wire and cable here will carry the electricity to the alarm clock.

How can I shut off the alarm on my radio?

To cancel the alarm, press the ALARM SET A or ALARM SET B button on the AM/FM clock radio. When the ALARM A or ALARM SET B indicator disappears from the upper left corner of the display, ALARM A or ALARM SET B will no longer be operational.

What’s the process of a radio alarm clock?

It has two additional components in addition to the two that make up a normal electronic clock or watch: an antenna and a circuit for decoding radio signals. Using radio signals, the circuit establishes the proper time, and it adjusts the time that is shown on the clock or watches accordingly.

How can I set my alarm clock again?

Usually, you may reset your alarm clock by doing the following: Deactivate the radio alarm. Using a little screwdriver, the battery cover may be removed from the bottom. After a ten to twenty second wait, replace the battery.

How do you turn off an LED display for a pitch-black night?

Turn the tuning knob (located on the right knob) counterclockwise.

What does DST on a clock mean?

DST is displayed on the screen, and the clock display changes to reflect it (summer time).

What’s going on with my radio-controlled clock?

Try to wind the clock. Most radio-controlled clocks have an integrated antenna that is made to pick up the signal best whether it is aimed directly at or away from Anthorn. To help find the best reception, some clocks provide a signal strength indication. If you can, change the location of your clock.

How long does a radio-controlled clock take to automatically set?

After the battery is properly installed and the clock starts receiving signals, it will automatically set itself to 12 o’clock. Once the clock has correctly received and processed the DCF signal, it will automatically show the correct time (which takes 3 to maximum 12 minutes).

How can an analogue alarm clock be turned off?

The fourth stationary hand on the clock face, after turning the alarm-set knob to that point, should show the time you wish your alarm to sound. Move the “Alarm ON/OFF switch” to “ON” to activate the alarm. To turn off the alarm after it has sounded, slide the “ON/OFF switch” to “OFF.”

How can I utilise the Bluetooth speaker’s alarm?

If a Bluetooth device is connected, all audio and alarms in Bluetooth mode will be integrated with it.

How do I get my alarm back on time?

Try setting an alarm with the alarm sound that comes standard. ALMOST AFTER ERASING SPOTIFY, TEST YOUR ALARM: Try wiping Spotify out of your phone. Consider sleeping with your smartphone face up. Make a timed alarm for a few minutes from now and connect your phone to a power supply.

On this phone, where is the alarm setting?

Before setting an alarm on Android, open the Clock app. You may reach your App menu by sliding up from the bottom of the screen if it isn’t already on your home screen. Open the clock application and select the “ALARM” tab in the top-left area.

What occurs as the clocks advance?

If you set your alarm for the same time it was prior to the time change, you will sleep for an hour less. The good news is that if you work a night shift that night, you can get away with working one hour less.


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