Paul Neuhaus 6991-55 Q-AMY Ceiling Light LED


Segtage/ encaixe

Como luz de tetoPaul-Neuhaus-6991-55-Q-AMY-Ceiling-Light-LED-fig-1

Conexão elétrica

230 voltage/conexão de 50HzPaul-Neuhaus-6991-55-Q-AMY-Ceiling-Light-LED-fig-2

Ensinar controle remoto

See O-remote control manualPaul-Neuhaus-6991-55-Q-AMY-Ceiling-Light-LED-fig-3


Redefinir o lamp, fábrica novaPaul-Neuhaus-6991-55-Q-AMY-Ceiling-Light-LED-fig-4

This device fulfills the fundamental requirements of Directive 2014/53/EU (Radio Equipment Directive) of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union dated 16.04.2014 on items of radio equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity. The full declaration of conformity can be requested from the address given below. When raising any technical questions, please cite the batch number (XXXX-XX-XX-XXXXX-XXX). You will find it on the Q light ttings type plate.



Substituição da bateria



Paul Neuhaus GmbH
Olakenweg 36 D-59457 Werl
telefone: + 49 (0) 2922-9721-0 + 49 (0) 2922-9721-9120
[email protegido]

Documentos / Recursos

Paul Neuhaus 6991-55 Q-AMY Ceiling Light LED [pdf] Manual de Instruções
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